8 Best Macro Lenses (Unbiased review)

http://improvephotography.com/29832/best-macro-lenses/ I purchased and tested 8 different options for macro lenses for both Canon and Nikon. In this review I show you which give the best results, from extension tubes to dedicated macro lenses to close focus filters. In the end, my preference is for the Tamron 90mm macro and the cheap extension tubes.


Hoory Madani says:

It was great .Thank you for sharing

FreakHBB says:

Do you testet maybe Tamron 180mm macro f 3.5 😉 ? regards

michael b says:

good review… just wish you left links lots of extension tubes out there

Freddie Slaughter says:

How about the Tokina 100 f2.8 macro?

Pradeep Halder says:

Thanks that was great learning.

Sabbra Cadabra says:


Todd Roy says:

Why didn’t you test the tokina 100mm 2.8? I’ve been doing some looking and a lot of pros show it as better built, gets better pics and is really cheap.

David Vickers says:

Try your cell phone with one of these lenses,
I am very happy with the photos I get.

Rebecca Graham says:

This was SO helpful! Thank you! And I totally thought you were really in Costa Rica! You got me. 😉

Matthew Emillio says:

thanks for the vid, you’ve come to the same conclusion I did. I bought extension tubes and have been using them for a while. now I am looking at the tamron 90mm or the tokina 100mm, but since I am using a d5300, I don’t think I’ll use the tokina because of the af system.

Juan Jo says:

you left out the tokina 100?

Kurt G says:

Well presented review. Well explained and informative. Thank you

Vĩnh Tường Đặng says:

Great video.

Tammy Douglas says:

Funny because I love to use reverse ring! I just watched a video with Thomas Shahan, he’s using a reverse ring also, his pics are amazing. I can get sharper and closer than my tamron 90

Siegfried Gust says:

“8 Macro Options” would have been a better title as 4 of the options didn’t even have any refractive element in them. One tip for those on a budget, older used macro lenses tend to still be excellent optically. Macro lenses around 100mm focal length are still pretty much using the same design as 40 years ago.

Freddie Slaughter says:

I have a Nikon D7100, which lens would be best for me?

sclogse1 says:

The Contax N 120mm macro is considered to the the sharpest, most 3 dimensional lens there is.

F.G. Kaye says:

It would’ve been nice if you had tested the Nkon 50 mm Micro lens, TOO.

myrmecofourmis says:

I never use autofocus in macro anyway. I bet the sharpness of the extension tubes should depend a lot on the sharpness of the lens you used it with.

jynw29059 says:

great in depth review mate, one thing I can offer on top of your results is that the sigma 105mm is far better if your having to hand hold for macro in the field, I have them both and the  150 is a heavy lens when your trying to keep absolutely still, the 105 also seems a fraction sharper and cost so much less, if your going to go to the expense of the 150 for reach, get the 180if you only shoot on a tripod the issue goes away, but trying to get even a mono pod in place without disturbing your subject can be a nightmare

Donde Vivimos says:

kiron 105 2.8?

Joey Carrapichano says:

Poking the frog with a stick. Nasty.

Kelly Horne says:

I love my Tamron 90mm. I also have to say that I tried the cheap extension tubes and they are CHEAP! They would not connect well between my lens and my Nikon D750 well at all. After trying for several days to get them to work I sent them back (Amazon) and got a refund. Another year later I picked up the Kenko, much better feel and connection between camera and lens, the auto focus worked sooooo much better than the cheap ones.

zx spectrum says:

Sry but this is classic bait video…my macro photos with bridge camera and 5$ macro lens as bonus are better then most of yours on this video and i know thats not possible at all so whats point of this video? Buyin’ new shirt and move to Costa Rica?

Will G says:

How did you set up that background?

Thierry Ysebaert says:

Great explanation !!!

Soumyajit Ray says:

I would really love to hear your opinion on Rokinon 100mm F2.8 macro lens.

Liangshi Xu says:

i still dont understand what does the mm mean on the extension tubes.

if i have a 55mm. having using a 10mm on top of it will make it 65mm? and what about the apertura ?

Rick Mahoney says:

What brand of cheap extension tubes ? Thanks Rick

Alex Johnson says:

How is 60mm Nikon one compare to 105mm?

Matthew Wilkes says:

you should try the venus optics laowa 60mm macro if youdo another review, it’s a gobsmackingly sharp lens. full manual but well worth the very small outlay, its price is similar to the tamron.

Tamaz Locale says:

for dental photos, what do u thing is better tamron 90mm or nikon 105?

Mark Harris says:

This feels very much made up on the hoof. The very best macro lenses almost invariably have no AF and as someone mentioned below these are often older models. Even if it has AF you turn it off before putting it on any rails and if not using one then it’s much easier to body focus with the closest focus range selected. If you are getting a AF 1:1 macro then Canons 100mm is easily one of the best out there as review after review states. As for buying a frog purely for demonstration goes against every ethic any live subject macro photographer I know has, being sympathetic and skilful around photographing your subject in its natural environment is a big part of what makes macro so worthwhile. Anything else, like gluing an insect to a twig, is like cheating at golf, a total empty achievement and everyone knows what you have done. Why could they not get someone with a minimal understanding of the subject to do this item?

drubber007 says:

Sacrilege to have left out the Laowa V-DX 60mm f/2.8 Macro 2:1

sgvpotter says:

This is awesome!!! Great research, explanation, COST COMPARISON, examples… this is what a video should be like. Great Job! I teach HS and want to buy one but only need that macro shot only once in a while. This will save me the cost and i can spend the money on other stuff for my students.

Cooking Camera says:

that frog have poison

Eric Witte says:

I have the 60mm Tamron macro but haven’t done too much testing yet.

gary hopkins says:

tokina 100mm 2.8 is way better than any of those.

Rick Mahoney says:

The 105 mm Nikon is also a great portrait lens.

felipe umaña says:

am pretty sure u killed the frog with the lights…..the kind of photographer no one shall be…

Freddie Slaughter says:

How about the Tokina 100mm macro lens?

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