Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 Lens Hands-on Review

Is this the only 18mm lens that Sony E-mount users will ever need?
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Pricing reference:

Read more about the Carl Zeiss Batis 28mm f/2.8 on DigitalRev:

We tried the Carl Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 here in Hong Kong and almost creamed our pants in excitement. Kai brings this wide-angle beauty to the coasts of England to see if this is the definitive 18mm for Sony E-mount.

Main Features:

Smooth and reliable autofocus
Versatile full-frame lens
Excellent resolution and high contrast
Robust and weatherproof metal construction
Innovative OLED display

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Fred Eisenhauer says:

Oh, one more thing…. the Samyang 12 and 14 are wonderful. But this, with the autofocus and display, (well and IQ, of course), blow them away. If you think you don’t need autofocus because it’s wide, etc. .. rent one and see what you think. The photography experience with this lens is just in another league.

14RubixcubeWorld57 says:

instead of that I purchased the Sony E-Mount Laowa 12mm f2.8 FF

One Two says:

Has the 14-24 nikon been de-throned as the king of wide angle?

Shi Womino says:

Kai, I hope you will do a Pentax K-1 review

smartjajce says:

Lumix strap 🙂

Tfmusicmaker says:

these guys are not cool. they threw a rude comment on my video just because I commented on their video. i didnt say anything negative toward them. it was the video that they painted a camera they did in a video and I mentioned the paint job hurt my feelings. so they commented on my video that my video hurt there feelings. so now Im going to point this out on all their videos. Im not stopping until I get an apology. Way to piss off a former fan . you guys get your views from us. Remember that the next time you decide to cyberbully.

Gewglesux says:

I dont agree…. I think your photos are pretty good. and you have the Technical to back it up.

duncanalecfilms says:

Love Kai’s sense of humour at the beginning… ha

eglintonflats says:

After I’ve heard “Lenses, cameras without them woulod be pointless” I stopped watching.
Did you come up with this brilliant insight all by yourself?

Nature Relaxation Films says:

what was that plastic cover you were using to protect it from waves? looked awesome!

Kyle Cooksey says:

Great photos! But really, why aren’t you doing voice over work? You have a fantastic voice!

blackjohnny0 says:

Im using same FOV Samyang 12mm F/2.0 at a6000. 🙂

Asura Records says:

i unsub this channel now when i read kai isnt there -.-

Sonic sonic says:

Do a Speed Shooter series again please :)!

Waxy Parsnips says:

wonder if this Zeiss lens (or the one for a Canon mount) would have the same results? (especially on the APS C – 70D)

Ho Lee Fuk says:

im just suscribed to this channel. and im suprised to see that chinese speaks british accents. its been a while since im searching for this type of channel. great channel!

Roman Bordo says:

Guys, please help I can’t decide what take Zeiss Batis 18mm f/2.8 or Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm f/4 for SONY A7R. I do Video/Photo 60%/40%. The Main pros for 16-35, stabilization in the lens, as A7R doesn’t have it in the body and zoom, but I’m not sure about the image quality, especially after my Sony 55 F/1.8. Batis no stabilization and no zoom, but I’m sure about image quality and sharpness is exceptional. Please, any advice will be very appreciating. In future, of course, I gonna to change body on A7RII or SII.

Relentless says:

I love your videos, you have a great sense of humor too – keep it up!

Xuanngoc9736 says:

holy scheisse xDDDD

Zero Hour says:

Garbage A7R, I’m surprised it didn’t randomly shut off on you. Worthless camera.

Asoziales Netzwerk - Sektion Mittelrhein says:

LOL, “holy Scheissehausen?” Muharharharharhar.

Fred Eisenhauer says:

Two things I gotta say about this lens. I wasn’t sure if my use of such a wide angle lens would justify the cost and was hoping I didn’t make a mistake ordering one. Well, to say that it is special is an understatement. This lens is amazing. You do spend inordinate amounts of time marveling at the detail in your pics. I also have the 90 macro and the 55, which are wicked sharp. This one stays on my A7RII most of the time. It changes how you look at things and do photography. Wow, didn’t expect that. (I have other ultra-wide’s). So fantastic. Second point…. Try your local camera shop. I found one locally (in Michigan), and cancelled my backorder on B&H. They must be rationing them out to many stores rather than loading up the big players as many assume. Good luck.

John Kantor says:

That LCD screen that no one is ever going to use added about $300 to the price of that lens.

NickAM says:

Why is he wearing the same boots as half of the girls in my school?

Shamsher Walia says:

Where in UK was this shot?

Christopher O'Grady says:

2.8 isn’t fast enough. I’m in live with my Nikkor 20mm f/1.8. The look of a very fast ultra wide is so special. If someone cane make something along the lines of a 14mm f/2 I’ll sleep with them.

Thompter S. Hunson says:

His intro is ALMOST like I’m hearing Jeremy Clarkson opening a car test 😛

llevenosiix says:

Correct me if I am wrong but if you were to buy the 18mm and then use the APS-C on the A7 or just zoomed in to crop the sensor by 1.5x, wouldn’t you turn the 18mm into a 27mm lens, meaning that if you only bought the 18mm you would get the two lenses for the price of one? Likewise the 25mm x1.5 crop would also give you a 37mm equivalent lens? Hence you don’t need to buy both lenses just the 18mm and you get them both.

alienspy77 says:

Why do the British always sound so didactic/superior/obnoxious? lol This guy is extra obnoxious though.

Bryan Bourque says:

this or g master 24-70 f 2.8

Mikutai says:

Anyone know what camera Kia is using?

Juan Carlos Calvente Crespo says:

it would be nice to see it compared with sigma 20 mm art.

Marcos Vázquez says:

when will be aviable the review on the Pentax K-1?

GodAtum says:

better then the master series??

PC1549 says:


CoffeeSniffer says:

Enough Zeiss and Sony Zeiss Whatever Lenses! Review some Fujifilm Fujinon lenses such as Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR Lens! Cheers mate(s)

Fight says:

It’s high-tech as much as it’s ugly. And stop getting a hard on for bokeh. Just do DigitalRev with an old Mamiya and not with these step by step click toys.

mars GIA says:

what are you using to make the video ?

dpajc056 says:

nice photos Kai

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