Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8 lens review with samples (Full-frame & APS-C)

Yongnuo continue treading a path of manufacturing very affordable autofocus lenses, and this one is half the price of its Canon equivalent, potentially bringing classic portrait photography into the hands of beginner photographers, or anyone else on a low-budget. But does it work properly – and what’s the image quality like?

All pictures taken by me on Canon 6D and EOS M3 cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


steve blow says:

I love the design….

But so much Noise in AF mode…..
This AF system even Worse than the Unreliable Canon Micro USM ( cheap version of Ring USM)

What a Deal breaker

Joshua Eric Dandal says:

Make a review of the Yongnuo 100mm F2 please ^^

Gianna Giavelli says:

CFP one correction. the 85 mm on DX will still have 85mm compression not 135mm compression.

RJ Amparo says:

yongnuo 100mm f2 review please

wer2young2die says:

will this work on 35mm camera?

paul john bautista says:

hi olanning to buy this lens with may canon 1100d do you think it will work?

koalafrancehk says:

May I know where I can find those focus circles?

veronica gera says:

is it functional on canon 80d? or any crop sensor body?

Андрей Митишев says:

I would like to see as flikr sample photos 85mm 1.8 yongnuo

Philippe Vanagt says:

Don’t know where to put this question, but for all you canon users out there … I have a 2nd hand 550D camera and I’d like to stay on an APS-C format … but low light photography is a pain. I’ve recently used the 5Dm3 from work for half of a live-music event and the picture quality is so much better (obviously). Question now is … is there any APSC canon out there that lets you anywhere near the high ISO settings of the 5Dm3 ? On my 550D, anything beyond 800ISO is a waist of the shot; while the 5Dm3 .. ISO1600 or higher … no problem! I’ve been looking at 70Dm2 and 80D, but don’t know if any of those are a step up from my 550D / worth the money …

Onion Boy says:

The noise omg! but for its price i think its worth it.. i mean, for a beginner like me it’ll work just fine (:. Thank you for the video!

Jack Chow says:

The focus noise…. it’s half the price anyway

jesus gonzalez says:

Does this lens work with adapter MC-11 adapter for sony?

Agnes Omowonuola says:

How long does it take to get to the uk ? I want to order it asap

Janrod Labalan says:

af motor sounds like screaming monkeys. xD

adeprh says:

Thanks for that information; I found it cool
I won [Yongnuo YN 85 mm f/1.8] and I found it a useful lens with good price

Levente Domonkos says:

such a shame about that focus noise that puts me off im afraid, its just way too much :

Venkateswara Rao says:

Thanks for the review.. Very useful

Steven Conan Kresnardi says:

anyway , good review altough i didn’t really understand ( not a english native speaker ) , i want to ask you , how if i mounted this lens on my sony a6000 APS-C rather than a7mark2 ? is it produce a better bokeh than sony 50mm f1.8 OSS ? thanks

Hiro Taniguchi says:

cheeeeeeeeeeep!! Yongnuo has been updating products that canon is reluctant to do. Thanks Yongnuo but i don’t buy Chinese when it comes to camera gears.

John Aldred says:

That AF motor sounds like a dying Dalek.

Bedevere Curry says:

I love you

Intersting Creepy and F*** UP says:

If anyone wants to see what type of photos these lens produce on an APS-c camera, check out my instagram @jramon323
Follow me if you want photo tips or suggestions. I may not be the best out there, but I’m more then willing to help anyone and tell them what to avoid from my own mistakes I’ve made in the past.

Tosh SIMPKIN says:

Has anyone any idea what this lens is like with moving targets, for example, sports photography?

Ariie Stekmal says:

Why plug in eos 60d verry slow af

bopthellama says:

Is this lens an stm lens?

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