XEEN VS Rokinon $800 Lens VS $2,500 Lens!

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Rokinon Xeen 24mm T1.5 Lens for Sony E-Mount: http://bhpho.to/1WHM3mh
Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine DS Lens for Sony E-Mount: http://bhpho.to/1KyqdL6

Can you tell the difference between a 24mm Xeen Cinema Prime Lens over a 24mm Rokinon Cinema Prime Lens?

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Thiago Gonçalves says:

Armando, your name sound very Portuguese. Please send a Rokinon to your poor Brazilian friend! over here they cost 5 thousand reais (1800 dollars) :'(

Francisco says:

the zeen has a green look and the rokinon has a magenta look

Daisyslayer Films says:

Wow, I expected the Xeen to get more 3d, but it’s still just as flat as the Rokinon.

Tomas Hollan says:

I got the Rokinon 24mm for 175 USD used, and i’m really loving it!

yu says:

a rokinon lens feels somewhat cheap? damn, my kit lens must be real garbage then lol

P H says:

Great comparison but I really don’t think it was hard to tell at all the Xeen lense looked 10 times better . Great job great video x

Kasper Nørgaard says:

Could you make another test?
I am looking into another lens for my GH5. I have the 12-35mm f/ 2.8 from Panasonic.
I am looking at Rokinon 35mm f/ 1.5 M4/3, Olympus M.Zuiko 45mm f/ 1.8 or Panasonic 42.5mm f/ 1.7

1001Hobbies says:

I was surprised. I thought the Xeen was A in the first shot only, and was B the rest of the time as far as sharpness goes.

The color with the Rokinon was not quite as good as the Xeen in the later shots, but as you said, that can be fixed in post. Was the camera manually white balanced with each lens?

I see no reason that can justify the purchase of the Xeen for the price, unless one needs to blow up stills or really crop a lot for video.

I just got a Samyang (maker of Rokinon) 16mm cine prime for $240 in like new condition for my Nikon. Seeing a comparison like this really helps to instill even more confidence in my lens.

Chris Weiner says:

It looked like the Xeen consistently had more of a 3D pop than the Rokinon. Actors will literally pop up to life more with the Xeen. Totally worth the extra $$$

Ziyang Zhang says:

B is the cheaper one, I hope I am right, let me finish the video

tomas johansson says:

I went for B the entire video! and wow it came out to be the cheaper one!

gr8motive says:

Havent xeen anything better for that price…

alexshdvideo says:

Xeen looked better to me on virtually every shot, though half the time I was judging by the color rendition. With out a doubt, short term or if you have to ask what is the difference for the money get the Rokinon. If you making big money on bigger projects then get the Xeen. When I used a Panaflex we used $20,000 to $50,000 for each lens.. (had to rent them even on a big project that I was a small part of) but that was a $180,000,000 film for instance. So it’s all relative. But the 2 Rokinons I have at home are pretty darned good for about what a used Nikon/Canon old MF cost on Ebay, and so much easier to use on DSLR or modern digital cine than a Nikon/Canon AF lens.

David Bohata says:

I like the desaturated color of Sammyangs (Rokinons).

Chris Santucci says:

I would never shoot wide open with Rokinon. And I would never pay an additional $2K+ to be able to, and have less breathing (and have to buy a whole new set of filters). Nice to know Xeen isn’t just a rehoused DS lens.

ocubex says:

Nice review. I wanted the Rokinon (love for the underdog) to win but I must confess I preferred the overall look of A but that was with a lot of pausing to pixel peen. In general I don’t think the Xeen is 3 times better than the Rokinon.

Thanks for sharing this review.

Bad Dog Media says:

When you were talking about the outer edge of the hair being softer on the rokinon…. i thought it looked softer on the Xeen. Anyone else?
honestly though the difference between both seems very negligible. The only reason I’d get a Xeen…would be simply because it looks “cooler” on a camera. Other than that….save money for other stuff.

Ronin Editor says:

I mean, lens A clearly was better… I had no doubt which one it was, it wasn’t even close. It was just ‘richer’, has more weight to the image. Lens B fell apart and just looked kinda cheap, honestly, well… in comparison to A.

Lionel R says:

Are these lenses just for videography or both video and photos?

Jedy Munder says:

This test shows just how little noticeable difference there is between the two lenses. The Xeen certainly wins in construction and I’m sure durability but even the focus pull with the Rokinon’s focus breathing wasn’t too obvious (perhaps another example would have shown it up more?). If the story and script are well put together, I see no problem using the Rokinon lenses. I was at a film shoot last September where the DP used Xeen lenses and unfortunately the quality was wasted on the poor script and acting.

Brian Michael says:

I did pick the xeen 5 out of 6 times and the one time i didnt i was splitting hairs and wondered if you switched the lenses up..
it was more the edges and the quality of out of focus areas.. and with the fire though the bokeh was very similar the rokinon seems like it was focus breathing a bit whereas the xeen did not.
the quality of the rokinon is still good and i would still buy a kit.. after all I can get my hands on $2800 before I can $10k for a whole kit.
So, when comparing, yes the xeen does edge out the lesser expensive glass.. but the less expensive glass still looks good.
Ive seen the xeen compared to canon, zeiss and cook.. and will say that though the others edged out the xeen.. the xeen held out very well against the lenses that were twice to many times more expensive per lens.

It all comes down to budget, preference and will the lenses you buy do the job and aid you in telling your story as you’d like it to be seen..

Joel Evans says:

Well done review. I literally had that question. Yes, I can definitely see that the Rokinon broke up wide opened while the Teen looked tack sharp… but at three times the price, I’ll just stop down to a 2.8. and buy 2 more lenses. thanks

George T says:

nice video. my take: choice of lens is dependant on the size of the screen, the production is intended for. case in point, Xeen would be the choice if the video is to be shown on a large home theater projection screen

Christopher Dobey says:

I appreciate the review. The Rokinon appeared too have quite an aggressive magenta/cooler tint to it. A neutral grey card in a controlled LED lit scene would be very helpful to compare the tint of the two. Thank you.

Abraham Corona says:

GREAT video. Which Sony camera did you use to test the lenses?

Jason Muir says:


S.T. Davis says:

Same optics. This was pointless.

Giorgi Zautashvili says:

all comparison videos end up with the phrase: “It depends on the type of work that you are doing”. instead of saying, in this case, that Rokinon is plastic crap, compared to Xeen, but it’s still very good option if you are short on budget yet need a decent cine lens, REGARDLESS of the type of work you are doing, you are repeating the same phrase…

Anthony Asis Cinematography says:

why does the white balance change?

thomas schmidt says:

Love it. thanx

Dom Sigalas Music says:

Great comparison, keep them coming 🙂

Torrentious says:

The different was very clear!

FrankValchiria says:

the rokinon it’s alot of glass for that money.

Vio Rafael says:

Hi Armando, I wonder if you noticed that the Xeen has flickering, like a kind flicker of noise in the shot. Is that only on YouTube? When I was looking at the test shots, I thought that A was Rokinon because of the noise and B was Xeen because it was flatter in color (which gives you more freedom when color grading) and because the noise was gone, so I thought better quality. Then you reveal that A is Xeen and B is Rokinon and I thought, well, I’m getting the Rokinon! Anyway, could you please tell me if you see the noise in the source files?

derryk1 says:

Which would I buy….I would buy the Arri 28mm T1.9 Anamorphic.

Wanderlust HM says:

Very useful, thank you guy!

Jason Muir says:


Eric Fernando says:

focus test is like a cheat sheet, the xeen has much less lens breathing

Kodais Miller says:

Nice video… where did you get that iPhone case and is it a case or like a new body?

ZeoStorm says:

What lens were you using in this video to film yourself?


More than pixel peeping, for Cine lenses things like focus breathing are far more important. That’s one of the easiest ways to differentiate a cheaper DSLR rehousing from an actual Cine lens. Besides that you have color rendition, contrast, bokeh and some other things that you can only evaluate throughout the whole line up because you will want it to be consistent.

pendrin2020 says:

Absolute perfection. Finally, someone who understands that you can’t compare two completely separate images with separate lenses and call it a “Test”. You’re footage was great, and the presentation was fantastic. Not too much commentary, and what was there was actually meaningful. YOU HAVE MY SUB good sir!!!

David Kashner says:

Pronounced Scene. Not Zeen

George Barrett says:

Having used both as a 1st AC I find that it is much easier to pull precise focus on the teens compared to the rokinons especially on complex camera moves such as dolly push ins.

CYVstudio says:

Hey Thank you, Good video

I just want to say that when it’s come to getting a good lens, it is not only about the sharpness, but also the breathing when you rack focus matters, as well as the color rendering and the in-house of the lens, build quality etc.
Also when you’re using a matte box on set and you have to switch from one lens to another, may be another brand, the fact that you don’t have to adjust the follow focus that’s matter as well.

Kallus Garnet says:

the color shift on the Rokinon is horrible.

FutureStyles says:

Great video, love the style.

Ivan Schoeman says:

The Rokinon has has a purple overlay. Looks pretty bad comparatively but when not compared you wouldn’t even notice.

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