World’s Cheapest 35mm E-Mount Lens

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In this video I review the Fotasy N35 35MM F1.7 CCTV Movie Lens for Sony E-Mount NEX Mirrorless Cameras. This cheap e-mount lens is only about $30, and is a great option if you don’t mind the interesting distortion.

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Cholo Serrano says:

this lens is fun to use especially for its price; a lot of people may not like the flaws it has when looking at the photos it produces, but I actually think it’s what makes this lens nice. And for this cheap of a lens, a really nice vintage look can be done in post!

yannie sky says:

I love it!! it has a unique feels

clicyu says:


Tomer Chen says:

1st of the 135 comments

Pulpiño Viascón says:

Very nice video!, you record the video in handle?

mick jacob says:


Goutam Shankar says:


Imani Lindsay says:

Great video! Which lens did you use to shoot the close ups of the lens?

ItsWacks says:

Can this shoot bokeh?

Farida Ezzat says:

Will it work for a nikon f mount?

Alo R says:

Fotasy 35mm f1.6 is different than this, were you able to test that. i see people commenting that 1.6 is good with sharp centre and even edges are also good.

James Mayo says:

1st one

Imani Lindsay says:

Great video! Which lens did you use to shoot this video?

Cherilyn Cabanero says:


Jamal N says:

the bokeh is so harsh it almost looks like censorship

Bgvolley says:

Can you help me im looking for zoom lens for sony …cheap one could be adapted with adapter…

DannyRD says:

what a crap

Halfingr says:

I actually kinda liked the effect the lens had – like being sick.

Darryl patterson says:

Is this a lens ?

Aviatorspot says:

Cheap is not better. Edges are very blur/soft, not sharp. I would spend bit more to get a sharp lens.

Maxredz says:

do you think i could use this lens on a webcam logitech c930 i like to upgrade camara web whit better image whit blur efect in background.

YoungBlaze says:

i have the a6300 which one on amazon do i get the E mount one? or the Apsc?

Tobias Nilsson says:

Perfect for filming Dream sequences! 🙂

David B says:

My favorite lens is the Sel35f18, I bought it after I saw your great videos! I was just wondering if you ever heard of the Sel24f18Z, which is expensive but totally worth it. I might buy it because 35mm is just too long for daily recording… And I don’t want a third-party lens for filming ( because the difference between the Sel35f18 and the Sigma 19mm low light and AF performance is huge)

andymnc says:

try the Fujian model. Quite the same as per specs (35mm F/1.7), and as build quality, but it has cups on both sides and a little better quality talking about taking photos. I’m using it on a6300. Anyway, your review is accurate and all that u said it’s quite the same about the Fujian lens

M. Omer Shabbir says:

hi, does your lens or mount also shake? I just received mine, the lens wobbles from adapter.

Anirudh Agarwal says:


lowKut says:

Love your videos on the Sony alpha line as I am a newbie at this. Not certain if you done it already, but can you do a budget emount zoom lens at some point?

Tomer Chen says:

thank u for the review sounds like a nice lens to start with

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