Viltrox EF-M2 full review, with test download footage

Viltrox EF-M2: the full review, using a Canon 50mm 1.4 as the attached lens. Many of you asked for more details, so here you go!

VILTROX: (Ebay link, $160, fast shipping) (Ebay link, $149, slow shipping) (Amazon, $218)

Sample footage:


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Travology Media Production says:

Does the manual focus work with viltrox on Sigma 18-35?

MitchGFilms says:

The math doesn’t add up when you pair the Viltrox adapter with your 50mm. I have a Metabones XL .64x Speedbooster for my GH4, which turns my 50mm lens into a 64mm full frame equivalent. To find the full frame equivalent when using a Speedbooster, you need to use this equation: (Focal Length) x (Sensor Crop, which is 2x on Micro 4/3 cameras) x (.71x or .64x). The Metabones XL .64 turns a 50mm into a 64mm equivalent, whereas the Viltrox .71x turns your 50mm turns into a 71mm full frame equivalent.

crisisj00 says:

Can I use my canon m50 for this ?

Madagascar Multimedia says:

Just got mine…saved 400$, virtually no difference from the the metabones that i have. Hmmm i hope the reps @Metabones are doing something
about this.

Neon Lotus says:

can you use dual IBIS?

Mohammed says:

I bought the metabones ultra … then saw this … then cancelled it and bought the Viltrox … thanks dude!

Uncaged says:

Kudos for not being yet another Viltrox + Sigma 18-35 vid, sick of seeing that combination, not everyone is into zooms. Nice to see it used with a nice prime for a change

Kotak Topi says:

Just got my viltrox ef-m2 yesterday. The back lens (lens closer to the sensor) a bit wobble. If i shake the adaptor, lense wobbling a bit. Is it normal? I can’t test it with lens because my lens not arrived yet. Thx for sharing

Film Mongers says:

It’s a shame mine just causes a “lens attachment failure” anyone else experienced this?

Daren Schneider says:

Just to confirm, the Canon 50mm F1.4 is a full frame lense?

Tomas Logue says:

I seen a video that says the autofocus doesn’t work in video on the a6500. Is this the same experience you had with video ?

Marc Bontemps says:

Hello, thank you for your video! Is this adapter works with a Canon 50mm F1.8 or Canon 10-18mm and a GH4 for example? Thanks!

KenslyFresh says:

I notice you’re using a canon 50mm F1.4 but for some reason with my 50mm the Adapter doesn’t work and I don’t get Aperture control or Focus.

Humayun Ahmed says:

just wondering if it would work with 50mm /f1.8 STM, The compatibility list on ebay does not list it but wondering if any one have tried it.

Liga Persada says:

Sound too good to be true

ngaihong mok says:

Will it work on Gx9 and Tamron 18-400?

tosvus says:

Thanks! What does the little tab that can slide being used for? can’t find any info on this…

Japra Biangkerok says:

Thanks, always good videos from you! have you try this viltrox with your gx85? I’d like to know the performance please..

Aythami Warneck says:

does anyone knows if the tokina 100mm 2.8 at-x macro for EF canon will work with this adapter? I probaly should have bought the nikon version bcz unlike the canon ef the nikon version does include a mechanical aperture ring, now i need to get an electronic adapter, but im worried about the compatibility with these “cheap” adapters, and the metabones is way too expensive. What do you guys recommend me?

Luca Gori says:

hy, can i mount on Viltrox my 24/70 f:2.8 L Canon or my Canon 70/200 f:2.8 L ??? Thanks

snake1mi says:

Question, is the lens really that heavy that you need to fit a plate to it?

Derek Fraser says:

You need to see this video regarding the fix for the Panasonic autofocus issue.
If you use it in another video please give due credit to the originator YodaYeo

All Things DanDan. says:

Hey Tommy. Thanks for the video. I’ve been deciding between the two. Just to be clear the sigma 18-35 works perfectly with the viltrox? It’s not listed on the sites lens compatibility. Thanks in advance Tommy!

Jeff Saville Creative says:

Thanks for the review Tommy!

Hunter Starnes says:

Thanks for the review! Is it still working well for you after some months of use?

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