Vello Nikon F Mount to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapter

You can buy the Vello Nikon F Mount to Sony E-Mount AF Lens Adapter on B&H –

The Novoflex Adapter for Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera on B&H –
And Amazon –

The full article on LensVid:

From the review on LensVid:
Today we shall be taking a look at our first adapter that enables Nikon F mount lenses to be mounted on Sony E-mount bodies and transfer AF, stabilization and EXIF data.

These types of adapters have been around for some time for Canon glass but Nikon proved to be more of a challenge and this is the first to do this successfully at least in part as we will see in this review.


Martine Lund says:

Do you know how this would work with the A7? 🙂

Achilleas Labrou says:

Very expensive lens adapter like the Metabones. I guess it’s firmware will be full compatible with specific lenses.

Mikael Schulin says:

Would my A7RII work with this adapter and the Nikkor 200-500mm 5.6?

Damir Colak says:

11 minutes to watch in order to get the same information I could’ve got by 30 seconds of reading.

Why use video for review of a product?!

gmaildotcom says:

Unfortunately, no AF motor screwdriver, thus only AF-S lenses can be used.

FastAkira says:

i cant wait for Nikon to release a mirrorless camera. This is really a pain…

Howard Kahn says:

Sony could have built the A mount Series without changing the Mount size. they could have continued with the A mount BECAUSE the weight advantage of the E mount is fast disappearing because of quality lenses weight…….They did not have to screw us A mount users…….adopters for A mount lenses, not for me…….Did you notice the prices Sony wants for E mount lenses!….3rd party lens makers could clean up making A mount lenses, but they are not!… whats going on with their thinking?

angelisone says:

Any good Sony A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter that will behave like on A-Mount camera?

Mike Theobald says:

Great review, but how can you have a 1m target with the Sigma 100~400 which has an MFD of 1.5m?

James Guirguis says:

A reasonably priced adapter so that i could adjust aperture on my nikkor lenses on a sony body?? suggestions?? Don’t care for autofocus at all!

TechCrazy says:

You were disappointed in the lens? Because a third party adapter would not work as it claimed?

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