Understanding Sony Lenses: A-Mount vs. E-Mount vs. NEX Mount???

This video tries to explain the difference between all the lenses that have been made to date for Sony still cameras: NEX 2010-2011, Sony E-mount from 2011- present, and A-Mount from 1985- present.


fractal_force says:


Brett Foster says:

great video but the sound level was so low i could only just hear what you were saying even with my volume maxed out

Keith Here says:

Patrick…very informative…Love all your’s toys:)
Have anyone try the 12-24mm G on the gimbal?

Nathanael nottage-tacey says:

Side note the 28-135 is a FE lens while the 18-105 is E. Also A mount requires an adapter due to it being a different mount.

Sydney Atin Films says:

Thanks! This is very helpful.. I’m new to the Sony E-Mount systems.. This explains the whole E-mount system!

Peter Herzog says:

I’m new to Sony cameras, switching from Nikon, some videos on youtube say that you need an adapter from Sony to make A mount lenses work on E mount cameras. Is this true?

Chris Barr says:

Sony also made a FZ mounting system for pro cinema cameras.

Daniel Ockeloen says:

One quick remark. Some crop lenses make even more sense on the a7R3 since you still have 18 megapixels and they are sharper than on all sony aps-c bodies since it doesn’t have any AA filter.  And some are damn nice like the 24F1.8, or the sigma 1.4 or even some of the zooms like the sel1018F4 on a gimbal or when you want to keep things smaller.

Rex Singleton says:

Thanks Patrick. I switched over from Cannon two years ago. I love the Sony system. Yes there marketing: A mount, E Mount & NEX, is very confusing. I have no idea why Sony is still doing the A mount system? The E mount system is what everyone is using and has all the new lenses. The one thing you didnt address is that you can go from full frame to crop sensor with the A7R & A9 series bodies. That is a game changer being able to use crop sensor lenses on a full frame camera. thanks

newie says:

https://youtu.be/6S1XvWSwIRk?t=278 . so when you put an e mount lens on, the camera automatically goes into apsc mode?

Gerald Williams says:

Thanks Patrick.

Enzo Jerez berlin says:

Great! Thanks.

Brito e Silva says:

Great explanation.
But allow me a question.
I want to change my sony alfa700 for a sony alfa 7iii, and I have sigma lens for sony alfa (10-20 mm – 35mm – 70 mm macro) and a cz 24mm (diagonal). Do sony a7 iii support these lenses without performance impairment?

greysuit17 says:

Nice break down!

Kadshah Nagibe says:

Well explained.

angelisone says:

Patrick Murphy-Racey, do you know if those lenses (18-110 & 28-135) can do zoom when using Sony Play Memories /or Sony View with Sony Remote (software)?

P Ralston says:

Hey Patrick, Excellent review and truly informative! Much of the advantages of inter changeability can get overlooked very easily.
Thanks for this one !!

Aditya doddanavar says:

Didn’t talk about the A mount…

A Mosaic Cosmos says:

Great Video. Thank-you!

Yago Brasil says:

very nice man
thank you

Kimberly Norton says:

Good video but too many uh, uh, uhs.

Roger Perez says:

Great video Mr. Murphy, glad you mentioned the NEX-VG10, I have 2 of those and about to upgrade to newer Sony cameras after 8 years.

Ed Magowan says:

Thanks for the info. I do public astronomy and like to give folks the opportunity to shoot through my scopes with their cameras. I shoot Canon but have had people with Sony gear want to try. Looks like an e-mount t-adapter will now be part of my gear.

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