📸 Everyone Needs a Kit Lens:
📸 My Favorite Lens for E-Mount:
📸 Best Wide Angle Lens:
📸 Best Kit Lens Replacement:

✅ A 50mm Portrait Lens:
✅ A sharper, 60mm Lens:
✅ A very very sharp fast 30mm:

💵 A great manual 35mm:
💵 Make any lens into a MACRO:

⛔ Expensive Zeiss with QC issues:
⛔ Expensive wide angle with QC issues:
⛔ Good Cheap 19mm but “breathes” in video mode:
⛔ Dirt Cheap but highly distorted:

➥Primary Camera:
➥Backup Camera:
➥Vlogging Camera:
➥Wish List Full Frame Camera:
➥My Favorite Prime Lens:
➥My Favorite Wide Angle:
➥My Favorite Walkaround Lens:
➥50mm Lens:
➥Camera Batteries:
➥Audio Recorder:
➥SD Card:

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Al Quappo says:

One of my tech hero’s greetings from Germany

Jammie Perez says:

What lens will you recommend for portraits and food photography?

Mohsin Sait says:

So for general photography the 55-210 isn’t required? I’ve ordered my a6000 with that lens.

GetNerd says:

Ok. But in this case I would rec in 24 FPS not 50 or 60. Am I correct?

Billy Raise says:

Man I watched this video before buying my a6000 and after. You know your stuff and you are absolutely right about buying a Sony lens instead of a 3rd party w/ adapter. You just want a lens that works!

Jessica Snee says:

So I recently got a A6000, main purpose being because I have an online store and I wanted to post professional looking photos of my items. I sell mostly semi precious stones, crystals, and minerals. I used to own the A5000, and the A5100, and I felt I wasn’t able to get close enough to my objects with the kit lens. So when I upgraded to the A6000, I bought only the body to use with my previously purchased Sony macro 30mm. But I feel with the 30mm I’m not able to catch the true beauty and color of the gemstones. I’ve watched a lot of your videos and have gotten a lot of ideas but I was wondering if you have any suggestions as to what lens will help me get the best shots? I shoot outdoors with the crystals/stones on top of either grass/leaves/anything natural and colorful that will help bring out the colors in my items. So I need a lens that will show the most vibrant colors possible. Any suggestions? Anything will help!


Kim Lee says:

Planning to purchase this camera for travel. First trip is backpacking through Alaska. What type of lens would recommend for mountain type landscape photography? Thanks!

BugiPolo says:

Phenomenal video. Thank you!

Julie Defoort says:

Very interesting! I was wondering about audio with the Sony Alpha6000. I would like to use my camero for videos like yours. Your sound is really good. Could you tell us what kind of equipment do you use?

Jan says:

I went on a world trip while watching this video and i learned at the same time about lensen. Thnx! 😉

Jason Novik says:

not the sigma 16mm 1.4?

NewSpace Media says:

The Tamron 28-75!!

Don Dan says:

Vintage lenses, can’t beat them

Dillusion says:

what about the kit 2 18-135mm Zoom Lens. What are your thoughts on that. I use mainly for videos.

Gyan Uma Padisetty says:

Thanks a TON for to the point. great points to make the decision

sumanjali G says:

Thanks ‘s bro

Victor Fonso says:

18-105 or 18-135 now is better?

Steven Dean says:

Excellent and wise summary!

Jinho Baek says:

Awesome video. So helpful.

Paul Lane says:

How is the 18-200 Tamron for e mount compared to the 18-135 Sony? I’m stuck between those 2 and want to pull the trigger very soon on one. @technologymafia

rose pomerantz says:

Going on a cruise/land tour and looking for a lens for my A6000. If you could take only one lens with you for trip, what would it be?

Allen Wu says:

I got 2 of it!! Rokinon and 35mm 1.8, It works great!!! Strongly Recommended

Jinho Baek says:

Just wanted to say Thank you for your helpful video. I shot with my old Nikon D80 for 10 years until it got stolen last year including two prime lenses. I am about to buy sony A6000. During my research your videos have helped me to decide to buy A6000 as well as lense collection. I am going to stick with kit lense for a while. But eventually I would need a prime lense. Thank you for videos and keep creating a great video.

Jonathan Kirsh says:

How are you recording audio into your a6000? I’ve seen you wearing a lav mic but the camera itself doesn’t have a mic input. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to a 6300 or 6500 to be able to shoot 4k and 120fps. Would love to hear your thoughts?

M.Timuçin Aydın says:

excellent recommendations, thanks

Federico Manca says:

What kind of lens do you suggest to shoot photos of surfers so… A little bit of distance?

Gabriel Cember says:

How did you mic yourself for these outdoor shots? The audio is so clean for outdoors and I don’t see a lav.

Oh wait nm. I see it under your glasses. Still is most of the shots your audio is really clean.

zealotbr says:

2:11 amazing eyes

Bryce Long says:

Do you ever use the kit lens or do you primarily use the SEL35F18 day to day? I’m thinking of getting the SEL35F18 as my second lens and wonder if you find yourself interchanging between the two or just sticking to the 35mm?

Prashant Vikal says:

For Sony A6500 which has the Image Stabilization inbuilt (5 axis) should we go for oss lens or non-oss lens is good enough ?

Rodrigo P.C. says:

Awesome video, thank you. Greetings from Brazil.

FlopsyGuitarBunny says:

Great informative video. Considering switching from Canon to Sony. What camera did you use to shoot this video?

Jakub Krajewski says:

You look like Private Jackson from “Saving Private Ryan”

Janet Austin says:

Your videos has been very helpful. Will start to use my Sony prime F1:8 more.

alain pilon says:

I guess you never updated this after the Sigma 16mm 1.4

Gweemz says:

I have the sigma 30mm 1.4 for my Sony a6000 and was thinking about getting a lense for traveling. What would you recommend ?

Ua Shyanon says:

Hello @technologyMafia, I wanted to know what adapter would be help for using AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D with Sony a6000.

jonah says:

Thanks seen couple of your video’s very enlightening

Roman Mlodawski says:

I have an A6300, what lens would you recommend for video capture of Sports typically Field Hockey under lights. So varying length to the action and not close. Thanks

Mike Whittington says:

my biggest beef with the kit lens are the plastic pieces that break on the inside making it totally useless

rukahs says:

Nice videos, what lens would you recommend for the a6000 as a webcam lens on twitch? to get me in focus and blur out some background of my room.

Larz B says:

I have the a6000 with kitlens, 18105f4G and the the 50f18. My next one will be indeed the 35f18. My favourite lens is the 18-105 F4 G.. the only downside is it’s weight and size. When weight and size is key i still grab my kitlens. Most people burn that lens because of pixel peeping.. But most people use the videos and pictures in digital use or prints that cannot show those details in the first place.

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