The Sony 10-18mm – Lens Review

Please watch: “Capturing the Solar Eclipse 2017!”

One of the absolute best wide angle lenses in the Sony E-Mount lineup! The 10-18mm lens is light, compact and beautifully sharp!

Sony 10-18mm –



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Daniel Ockeloen says:

should be on any a6000/a6300 buy list … one small thing if you use the hood it doesn’t extend anymore (well its internal) so it kinda feels like all the g lenses like that 🙂

Gustavo Ibarra says:

Vey nice review, I just was very confused when you talk in feet, foot etc , but is Ok, just wish one day you will get the metric system 🙂

ToxicDonut81 says:

.82in does NOT equal 0.25m. Not even close, buddy.

Daniel Garcia says:

Price guys?

Muzafar Md Yusof says:

So maybe my next Sony a6500, I may just get the 10-18mm and the 18-105mm lens, for most of my blogging use?

lauza247 says:

can you use the Lee 100 filter system with this lens?

Kdot says:

I’ve been looking for a review on this lens with the 6300 for the longest time thank you so much for doing it! i’ll be picking up this lens soon for my 6300

Rich Ramos says:

The second lens that bought when I got my A6000 last year and easily one of my most frequently used lenses 🙂 Use it on the A6300 now and I agree with all the points you discussed in the vid. Keep up the great content!

gotchie 15 says:

which one have better image quality? the 10-18 or 18-105? thanks

gabithemagyar says:

Great review ! Thank you 🙂 I’m thinking of getting this lens for my a6000 to use for travel in combination with my 18-105 G  or my old 18-200 (silver version).  Would the 10-18 be OK for things like interiors of castles or cathedrals or would something faster than F4 (such as the 16mm or 20mm pancakes with adaptors)  be required for that kind of light ? I like the idea of having a 10-200 mm range covered by only 2 lenses but only if the lenses would be OK for both interior and exterior shots …

Adventure Riders says:

it is an incredible lens. i owned it a couple of years back with the sony nex6 camera (which didnt perform for pro use) and sold the camera and then the lens (which was awesome). now have the sony a6300 and wish id kept the lens… want it again !

Luan Nguyen says:

Can you do a comparison of this with the tokina 11-18 lens?

Patryk Wojtyński says:

Hi, I’m planning 2 weeks in Thailand and need to choose between Samyang 12mm F2.8 and this lens. Will be the OSS and AF so important if I’m not taking anything more than elastic tripod? Most of pictures from hand.

theRickSter says:

will this work with a6300?

Jiří Chlebus says:

Sony A6000 has an external mic input?

Cycling Dropout says:

its .85 feet (=.25 M) minimal focal distance…not inches, be careful with the math.

Chris Rey says:

How were you able to use the Sony app while recording a video?

S Nelson says:

thanks so much for this review! I have a Sony a6000 and have been researching a lens to take to Hawaii this winter and across Canada this summer… I think I will be shooting mostly landscapes. Seems like this is the lens for me! (I also have the kit lens and 55-200 zoom.) I sometimes take pictures of close stuff like flowers and bees, but I don’t have a macro lens. I have been using the zoom lens to get close to the bees without endangering myself….:-) Do you have a review for a macro lens for the a6000?

SuperDigitalMe says:

I have the 24-70 f4 from sony zeiss for my a7 camera, now that i have a a6300 this 10-18 is very tempting to use with the 24-70

Wampster says:

Great review, this one is on my wishlist

Nick Seddon says:

Thanks for the review 🙂

Ivan DImov says:

How would this lens do in lowlight with limited lighting for video on an a7sii?

Hamid Herox says:


bellaconca says:

Minimum focus distance for this lens is 9.8 in or 25 cm.
You should apologize for giving wrong technical informations on a lens review.
The only prick here is you!

Chen G says:

Been drooling over this for quite a while, if only I could afford it. Not that it’s as expensive as a zeiss but it’s still $1000.

Steve smith says:

The 10-18 is like the 18-105. They are lenses that are good but not great as they are compromises. The sharpness of these two lenses are similar…..meaning not as sharp as many would like. I’ve owned them both and sold them after a short while. I prefer the Zeiss 12 2.8 Touit as a wide angle lens. Nothing like a Zeiss prime for great color and sharpness.

Chris Rivero says:

can you shoot wide angle sufficient at 18-200mm. I’m planning to shoot a lot of landscape and architecture. Or would I need to buy 10-18?

bt10ant says:

Love this lens. Highly recommended.

Sultan Taif says:

I own this lens and I use it with the Sony a6000. It is excellent for landscape.

C Lee says:

Great review of the lens. I just bought the lens for my travel. I have the Sony A6000. Any suggestions of how to avoid distortion when taking picture of people in it?

sàmeronline says:

good review, but i’ii still go with Rokinon 12mm T2.2 Cine Lens for better low light videography

The Art of Photography says:

Nice video Mark. I use this lens quite a bit. Love it in the 16-18mm range. Also worth noting at 16mm it will cover full frame.

Joe's Photo & Video Channel says:

Excellent focal range for vloggers and videographers. Awesome review.. The edge softness at 10mm is common on most any UWA lenses wide open, many will clear up about f/6.3. This particular focal range is also really good for HDR and surreal long exposures IMHO..

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