The Fastest 50mm E-Mount Lens I’ve Tried

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In this video I check out the Kamlan 50mm F1.1 Lens for Sony E mount. Sainsonic Kamlan website:

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Jean Louis Imperial says:

I love this lens. It’s definitely unique and have done some pretty great portraits with it. It’s weird that your copy didn’t include a lens hood. Mine came with one.

Rage Studios says:

that lens it’s not bad at all, I did a whole photoshoot with it in my review

justun chan says:

Someone buy this guy a A7Rii and let’s get cracking!

Hananias Q says:

Pentax vs Kamlan?! Yes please! Battle of the nifty fifty!

HamdiR says:

two fast lenses still missing from your reviews, the neweer/meike 24mm/0.95 and the Samyang 21mm/1.4 (everyone ignores this one despite the awesome focal length)

EinMaulwurf says:

Great video as usual. I got one question: I own the a6000 with the 35mm Sony lens and I’m looking into getting another lens for better traditional headshot portraits. Would you recommend the Sony 50mm or the Samyang (/Rokinon) 85mm 1.4?

Daniel Galindo says:

I got that lens a couple of months ago, and I love it! Can’t go wrong with that lens

OnTheGo says:

please do a comparison!

Clu says:

Great review, cool lens

Kou Takumi says:

I think the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 is the fastest one? I’m not sure actually but check it out

Sumpfy says:

I bought this lens a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t agree more with your conclusion! Using it on my A6300. Had many great shots with it but for serious portrait photography it is lacking the sharpness. (I don’t regret getting it though)


Quite a niche lens but nice!

Graph Guy says:

Serious? I rather blow the $160 on dinner…

My Instant Search says:

Suggest some good lens for indoor videos and for outdoor videos (handheld).

Henri Witteveen says:

Perhaps you would be interested in checking out both the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 as well as the Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 lenses, both E-mount lenses.

oliver mia says:

Before, when it says fast, I thought it pertains to focus speed. Noob. 🙂

Pepo Leon says:

Hola tecnólogy mafia. Tengo una a6000 , y quisiera saber el mejor costo beneficio de una lente 50 mm o 35 mm . Agradecido!!

Christoffer Nelson says:

What’s in focus is really quite sharp. I think the original manufacturer did a great job. I’d love this lens on an X-T1. I think I’d likely still go for the Samyang 50/1.2 if I could afford it, but this would make an excellent stop-gap while saving for something of slightly better quality.

Michael Romano says:

Another great review. Too shallow for my taste, but looks like a good value. Thanks for the equipment list in your description. Super-helpful. Cheers.

Nuwan Hettiarachchi says:

Hi do you find 50mbps bit rate In sony a600 better for video recoding? Thanks

Yang says:

craaaazy bokeh!

Asep Saepurohman says:


Vintage Pictures says:

Yes! You’ve finally did the Kamlan 50 f1.1. Nice!

La Wilson says:

Stiff 😉

Carlos Niebla says:

Looks like a lens that can be fun and creative without breaking the bank. Thanks for the review

Programmer Qn says:

I was going to get that lens but got the Neewer 85mm f/1.8 instead since I already have quite a few nifty 50s. The Neewer 85mm is full-frame so I can use it with the focal reducer. I think the Kamlan is APS-C.

Morecinio says:

thank you :3

Andrey Biletsky says:

interesting lens! thanks

PD Tog says:

Looks nice on A6000

Kowabunga Dude says:

Off topic, but what do you think of this data on the sigma 30mm f/2.8 ex dn vs dn art? The older version got a slightly better score on dxomark, but I’m wondering if that translates to any real world difference. It looks like the older lens is sharper, maybe I’m misreading the data. Here is the link I found:

GilbertTV says:

i’d love to try this out..looks alot of fun

The J Media says:

Interesting looking lens! Heard good stuff about kamlan

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