The Best Adapters For Sony Mirrorless Cameras

If you have a Sony mirrorless camera then chances are at some point you’ve wanted to mount a third party lens onto it. In this video, I’ll be going over the best adapters for the Sony E-Mount system.

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Achilleas Labrou says:

All autofocus adapters have electronics and firmware that fully support specific lenses that are announced on adaptor manufacturer’s websites.
On the other hand the native Sony LA-EA4 supports fully EVERY a-mount lens. NOT ONLY from Sony but from the Sigma, Tamron, Tokina. It is the only adapter of all mirrorless cameras of all manufacturers with optical phase detection. Of course that optical phase detection isn’t as advanced as that of the latest and most expensive Sony SLT cameras.
Sigma, Tamron and Tokina produce a-mount versions for many of their lenses. KEEP IN MIND that all a-mount lenses from this three a-mount manufacturers don’t have image stabilization inside the lens. Sony since its dSLR era before 2010 and the advent of SLT cameras afterwards offers sensor stabilization inside the camera.
I own the LA-EA4 adapter and I am using it with my Sony a7 and the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART a-mount lens which is much cheaper than the native Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/1.4 and equally good.

graham field says:

I enjoyed your video but the the background music is very loud in headphones, thank you

Dmitriy Pulse says:

what The Best Adapters For Nikon F-Mount Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera ????????

Bgvolley says:

I want cheap adapter for a6000 that will work AUTO Focus !!! PLease help me… i dont care the lens as long as has auto focus and its somethinng like 18-135 or 28-200.. ! Thanks in advance !

Howard Kahn says:

all that is needed is Sony authorizes an adopter to use E mount lenses on their A mount lenses so they can be used on the Sony A mount Cameras!!!!!….Because the A mount Lenses are a thing of the past…

An RN says:

I have the a6000 what lens would you recommend to be paired with fotodiox? 🙂 will be in london and amsterdam in 2 weeks.

Thomas Windfeld says:

Hi there and thanx for the vid and info. I would like to know what to expect of the focus tracking if I were to put on a FE lens on a Alpha camera? Any ideas? 🙂
Thanx again

Madeleine Mary says:

I have a Sony A7S and would like to mount a Sigma or Tamron 150-600mm on it. Is that possible and what adapter would you recommend. Thanks.

Jessie henry castillo says:

i have a sony a6300 which converter would you recommend if i use nikon af-s 18-70 lens?

DeadlyMedia says:

I am  a owner of sony a6000 and a7R which adpator should I buy for which camera LAEA-3 or LAEA-4, my a-mount lens are Tamron 70-200 2:8, Tamron 35-75 2:8, sigma 150-500 3:6-5:6,
Sony 18-55 3:5-5:6, Sony 70-400 4-6:5 SSM G Series…I shoot Athletics, Footy and Portaits.

WayTooFast says:

does the metabones speed booster work well with the sony a7r ii

crimp - shaped says:

Dear SLR Lounge, or anyone really. I am looking to find an adapter to fit Nikon dx lens to my Sony a6000 any suggestions welcome!

Rodrigo PK says:

I bought an a3000 as backup for my A77.
Will my A-mount lenses perform the same using the LA-EA3 or the LA-EA4? Specially regarding AF speed.

Isak Jabegu says:

Thank you for information. I want to know that I have sony a7sii and which adapter is best for me, both aperture and auto focus control.

Shawn Shing says:

Hi I’m shawn. Please show us a video about e-mount adaptor to a-mount body because I have a99&a900 body but thinking of getting a e-mount body such as a9 or a7iii but I only have a-mount lens .
Can I use a-mount lens on e-mount body ? Pls give advise .
Thank you

Hunter Jackson says:

Do all these adapters do video auto focus?? I really don’t want to cash out on the metabones.

michael morga says:

hello i`m a newbie for SONY A58. Whats the best adapter to buy in the market.Hopefully it would be so much expensive yet it has the best quality to have.Thank you in advance for your response and more power..^-^

Octavio Coutiño says:

Which adapter do you recommend for Canon FD to E mount?

Gary Duffey says:

I’m looking for a lens that gives a cinematic look. I have a Sony a3000. Any suggestions?

BigBuddha says:

have you used the sigma 18-35 mm with the fotodiox adapter? I’m using a viltrox adapter right now and am having horrible connection problems.

Caio d'Lima says:

 if I use a canon lens (like the 27-70 2.8 and the 35 2.0 iS) on a sony alpha 7r II or III with a matebones smart adapter… 
those lenses will autofocus on the sony body as fast as they do in the canon body?

TalentoRdTV says:

Sony Lenses are so fucking expensive, damn!

Sergio Paz says:

Can someone tell me please what kind of adapter I have to buy for my Sony Z7U, I know that is an old Camera, but it still can change lens… I have a Canon Camera, and I would like to use my Canon lenses to my Sony Z7U…

nmissa932 says:

Which Cheap adaptor do you recommend for a-mount lens to e-mount

Aiden Formoso says:

I use a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 for canon, will it work with sony a6000 ?? If not what adapter should I use ??

YSA Productions says:

Which adapter works best for fast auto focusing? I want to buy the sony a6500 and want to know which adapter would work best with the tamron 17-50mm 2.8 lens in autofocusing..


Santiago Cardoso says:

Which adapter would you recommend for a AF Micro-Nikkor
200mm f/4D IF-ED and a Sony A7 II. Best regards Santiago

kostas chelioths says:

i have the a7 ii. i want to put canon L lenses . Which adapter works best for fast auto focusing?

ajcam79 says:

That last adapter!!!! Worth staying to the end of this video….

MadDogSouthHouse says:

Hey I was looking to get a nice L lends from Canon something like the 16-35 f2.8 would the $75 dollar adapter match up with it well?

Irfan Ipanase says:

big thanks sir

Pankaj Pandey says:

I want to use other lenses on my sony A mount Sony a68 body, Canyou suggest me a adapter?

gotchie 15 says:

just want to ask, if i have FOTODIOX adaptor, can i use sigma lenses and can use AF? thanks, nice review though,

Vishweshwar Kandalgaonkar says:

very much informative

Boxing View says:

my lense loses connection to the camera, the adapter is garbage. fotodiox pro. i have a sigma f 2.8 16-50 for my sony a6000

Gerry Braatz says:

I have a beck 135mm with a PE mount any advice????

Hoc Est Pseudonym says:

A mostly generic and near useless video for all those but the absolutely unfamiliar. In particular, the recommendation of the La-ea4 or the la-ea3 was wholly ridiculous for the simple fact he didn’t go into what each adapter is for prior to painting the latter as essentially junk (hint: it depends on the lens used). The la-ea3 is generally light years better for lenses that do not need to be screw driven, but offers only manual focus for those that do. The la-ea4 will operate screw drive lenses, but at a cost of both light and a loss of native AF points in addition to being unacceptably noisy for some.

Makinista Original says:

the LA3 on the A7 II don’t focus on the center like the LA4, the LA3 adapter keep fluctuating the focus in a large center square in any mode. Do this test put on continuous auto focus try on steady subject on your pc screen and change any setting on LA3 adapters and you are going to see how the LA3 makes too many focus points inside the center area when you try to lock the focus on the eyes . There is no center focus point it keeps searching and changing in a large center area causing to miss focus on the subjects closes eyes. The LA4 nail the center focus very well. But besides this for focusing far subjects, yes the LA3 is better and faster focusing.

Rahul Chouhan says:

Metabone adapter eye traking in moving subject prefect..?

William Davis says:

after watching this review. I believe you’re still thinking of shooting focus of a mirrorless camera just like a DSLR.

contrast focus is its major weakness. where as phase detection focus is it strength. please try same test with continues focus on. not single shot focus.

btw single shot does use both contrast and phase. yet it still once focused like contrast it’s not readjusting focus

kas' n things says:

Do u know if the techart m-e will work on my nex6?

Girish Jethwa says:

I have C mount in my Leica operating surgical microscope for ophthalmology. I want to record 4K video from Sony alpha 7S II full frame 35 mm mirrorless camera

Patrick Mayer says:

Hmmm… If you have only SSM or USD lenses (Sony G lenses, Tamron USD, Sony A mount with a motor in it): get the LA-EA3! It is cheaper, lighter and, as a bonus, no focus micro-adjust is required when you use it as focusing is done on the sensor itself. That goes for the Sony A7II family of bodies, which have phase detection on sensor. If you have the older Sony A7 model OR have only screw-driven lenses, the get the LA-EA4. It ia as simple as that for A-mount lenses.

Rahadian Iskandar says:

sry sir, which one faster adapter lens between metabones speedbooster vs metabones mark IV??

Rogert Espaillat says:

Is there an adapter for Nikon Lenses?

Lilian Sirbu says:

you had used otus lens with fotodiox and metabones in your tests?

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