TAMRON 28-75 2.8 Review for Sony E Mount | Better Than Sony’s Native Lenses?

This is a review of the Tamron 28-75 2.8 which is a Sony E Mount Lens. This means you can now use a third party lens natively on the Sony camera without the need for adapters.

To learn more about the 28-75 2.8 head on over to bit.ly/tron2875

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Seshu Td says:

Please do a review on Tamron’s new 70-210 f/4…..

Rubin lopez says:

You can buy the gmaster used for about 800 bucks on Ebay. But never the less that’s one awsome lense.

Ride With Rahul says:

Would be interesting to compare the image quality with Sony 24-105 F4.

Berghaus says:

Because some are worried about missing AF test, here you have David Oastler AF and EF test:


Spoiler: work like a charm.

Toby Horn says:

Sehr interessantes Objektiv, ich denke so in ein bis zwei Jahren wird es all relevanten Objektive auch nativ von Dritthrstellern geben. Sigma und tamron haben dieses Jahr zumindest schon mal gut vorgelegt.

Deividas Jocius says:

your eyes look awkward when you read 😀

Marc P. says:

hilarious, as always. cut 90% of the crap, err, blablah, just show us the samples, and that’s it. 🙂

Richard S says:

The distortion at 28mm looks very complex and asymmetrical. Not good.

Greg Wallace says:

What camera did you use to shoot these photos?….did you use the sony a7iii?

john doe says:

you keep saying sony has IBIS , not all cameras have IBIS , get that in your head..

Merlin Alfonso says:

The size looks amazingly compact. Very nice.

Guthrie Melchiade says:

I’ve been waiting for all these companies to make sony native lens. This might replace my Carlzeiss 24-70 F4 basically sell my lens for these and get a 2.8, i already got an ultra wide in my arsenal if i need to go wider uhm

Nick Autry says:

Thank you for reviewing this lens. I am going to get this lens.

Stefan Cimer says:

Awesome! I mean for all those Sony photographers 😉 BTW, the technical paper stuff can be utilized as fireplace lighter.

Ziggi Mon says:

So, I downloaded the samples, resetting all editing to Adobe defaults. Not sure what to say. On one hand, wide open the lens is softish on both ends, and just plain soft near the edges at 28mm. The bokeh isn’t smooth, there are onion rings and double edges in some images. Vignetting isn’t that bad, I measured about 1 stop at 28mm. Distortion is complex and correcting it in software will likely further impact the image quality. So this lens isn’t going to break any records in image quality, at least wide open it’s rather average performer, likely similar to Sony 28-70. Simple looking plastic build also doesn’t look too attractive. But on the other hand, at $799 compact f/2.8 zoom is a steal.

PeglegMedia says:

the make or break option is video autofocus, does it work? Sigma is the only 3rd party to make a lens that is good enough with video auto focus on sony so far. This lens is light so could be a great gimbal lens if it does work. Still deciding on this or the 24-105 f4

Yau Bun says:

thanks for the review, but I still prefer to have a 24-70mm f2.8 lens which may weights heavier and cost more

ekphotography says:

28 is perfect for me. This lens will sell like hot cakes!!

Tempura G & E games/entertainment says:

sup jared . Thanks for your videos. I have a super important question. Does the settings you put on for pictures effect the Video quality when shooting video with dslr like AP and vividness and more?

zerixos says:

I already orderd mine online. Just switched from Nikon to sony not so long ago and I’ll be using primes 80% of the time, but this will be the lens for the remaining 20% (I just sold my 24-70 F4 so it cost me just over 100 bucks)

VariTimo says:

I find 28mm-75mm much more useful. 70mm isn’t quite close enough and 24mm is a bit wider than I need.

Jared Polin says:

I am going to ask for this lens back from TAMRON to compare it to the 24-70 Sony. One of the reasons for not doing that is most people will not be spending over 2k for the one so this is an alternative.

What would you like me to test?

Jeffrey Lai says:

i saw the vignetting at all lengths!!! which really sucks that you need to do another steps to correct that. which leads to wait for another alternative to come out again.

Walter says:

Tamron said that the in camera lens correction of the sony body was to work. Do you know if it did have any effect on lens distortion etc.

Teo says:


Connor Smyers says:

I can’t get past your shifty, shifty eyes

Vipul Kapadia says:

Thanks for the raw files. At 2.8, the images are pretty sharp in the center and quite acceptable at the edges. Did you take pictures at f/4, 5.6 and 8 by any chance and would be willing to share them? I’m impressed with the weight with 28-75 reach at 2.8 throughout.

mstpierre says:

my new Sony kit (so far)
A7iii ($2000)
16-35 f2.8 GMaster ($2200)
70-200 f2.8 GMaster $2600)

I have a gap, and it needs to be filled, but it’s only 35mm of focal length missing, so…

spend another $2200 on Sony 24-70, or $800 on Tamron?

so this Tamron 28-75 f2.8 fills that gap, with overlap, so I’m getting it to be my walk-around lens (small=lightweight=good), and only use it for 35-70mm, otherwise I stick on the Sony GM lenses.


Will he ever stop the fro knows photo intro…

daniel laqua photography says:

Very nice Review! Thanks for sharing!

Bilal Attique says:

Fro how’s the focus speed and accuracy on this?

Kenneth Sporsheim says:

Samyang already have 3 or 4 for Sony E-mount..With AF

Mitch Miller says:

I wish more reviewers would put more effort into their test shots, or at least choose a better time of day to shoot..steve huff normally has some good test photos to show the character of a lens, but usually im looking at shots like these that would make any lens look bad haha, jared has taken some ok test shots before but again just looking for some more effort in the actual photography

Dave says:

I would love to see a direct comparison between 24-70 GM and 28-75 Tamron in AF (including eye af) and image quality. Im currently not sure if this video helps me to decide between 24-70GM, 24-105G and 28-75 Tamron.

pj1982_ says:

Thanks for the review Jared… This seems like a pretty sweet deal. Wish it went down to 24mm. One would question the autofocus…….

FutureGameDev says:

I totally plan on getting this for video

Ceri Rust says:

Bokeh is fucking disgusting

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