Tamron 18-200mm Di III VC Review – All-in-One Lens for Mirrorless

This is the video review of the excellent all-in-one lens from Tamron for mirrorless bodies, the Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III VC lens. You can purchase the lens here: http://bhpho.to/1rYoN6l

A full written review with many more samples can be found here: http://wp.me/p2u32Q-1xN

Want to just see more sample images (including some full size images)? Click here: http://bit.ly/1sbvUbL


Howard Kahn says:

i have the Tamron ff 28-300mm f3.5 in A mount and i use it to replace my 70-200mm f2.8 lens because tamron and Sigma has NOT produced this lens in their updated versions and Sony’s is priced out of sight……If i decide to buy into Sony’s E mount system i will certainly buy this lens because it will NOT need an adopter and your review brought out information that convinced me…….i use a flash to compensate for the slow and need light f3.5 setting……For portraits i use my Carl Zeiss 135mm f1.8 lens Thanks for the review….

Yan Lijun says:

Room are to dark, more closed up on equipment will be better.

Avijit Paul says:

Will it work in my Canon 600D SLR camera? and what will be the cost in India?

stormer says:

I have a sony a6000 … this lens needs adapter to mount it on sony a6000?

swipewrite says:

I understand what you are saying, Dustin. I was thinking more of having the smaller F stops the 18-55 Canon lens allows to use in low light or indoors. Thanks again for your kind replies to my comments.

kamarate says:

Hi Dustin… i have a sony a6000 and have a question on this lense. For the price of this lense, would you prefer the sony sel55-210 and sony sel35mm? or are very different.

Lanusgana Amerta says:

I have a EOS M10? Do I need a Canon lens adapter to use this lens?

Thanks 🙂

Bruce Doan - MyLifeIn4K says:

Great review, can I use this lens on the M43 body with an adapter?
Also if you can review the Tamron 14-150mm for M43 , no one seems to review in depth on it yet. Thank you.

Bill Reid says:

I have this lens on my Canon 600D and have been using it over the last couple of months quite a lot. My only rumble is how tricky it seems to be to get maximum focus when using it on Manual focusing. It looks OK in the lens but viewing the photo more than often shows the focus falling just short of infinity. Perhaps I just need to learn how to handle the lens in various modes and settings! Used for video too and very impressed with it. Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/L6V6sB1p84c

jose canedo says:

Excellent review

JuLAndroid says:

+Dustin Abbott Great review! However I’m getting nervous every time you turn your head to the left when you are saying some fact – it looks like you are lying and you don’t want to keep eye contact! I’m pretty sure there is some cheatsheet on the left, maybe your laptop with hints what to speak next, but PLEASE put this thing above or next to the camera (like autocue).

kadrik0 says:

Great review. Snagged a lightly used one for a Sony e mount. Just have to get my a6000 to go with it. We are going in a Alaska cruise in three months and wanted something similar to my a Nikon j1 that was mirrorless, apc sensor, viewfinder, quick af, and an awesome travel lens. When you are on a sight seeing you never know what will be around the next corner and I love manual zoom lenses vs a point and shoot.

hendri hendrik says:

I have planned to buying this lens for my canon Eos-m5 ,that have problem with auto focus or not,because now I’m using tamron ef-s 18-200mm with canon adapter some time have problem get focus when using Af on.

newjdm says:

For the EOS M, would you get this lens or the new 18-200mm? (I already have the EF-EF-M adapter). Seems like the EF-S lens is half the price.

TechPimp says:

Will this work with the a6500 with all its features?

FinalCPU says:

Of course, taking into account the crop factor, this lens (in image quality vs a full frame equivalent) is a 27-300mm f/5-9

Victor Lee says:

like to see more of the equipment and the room is too dark

Irsyad Amk says:

What different with version I, II, and III ?

Dayah Munirah says:

Can I use it with canon eos M3 body?

Braj Pop says:

This lens is about $150. Is it worth saving up for a Nikon 18-200 instead ?

Thomas Klaper says:

Hi Dustin, I consider to buy this lense for travel purpose for my Sony A5100. I use it more commonly to film and therefore I would be glad to hear if you have any experience of footage shot with this lense. Thanks in advance!

Kevin Mac says:

Hi Dustin, really enjoyed your review. Will this lens be able to utilize the Hybrid AF system in the Sony A5100/A6000? Thanks!

Dustin Abbott says:

+Kurtis – it is actually more complicated than that.  The f/-stop measurement you are giving is only true of depth of field, not of light gathering potential.  In terms of light gathering this is a f/3.5-6.3 lens.

food recipe says:

Is this is best for widelife photography

Christopher Blanco says:

work with sony nex?

Tom Piel says:

Thanks for the great review (and the website) I’ve found a second hand one on Ebay with a good price and looking forward to using it on my M3, firmware of the lens was upgraded by Tamron 🙂

Nuggets Creative Hobbyist says:

is this compatible canon eos m10?

Chance Turcotte says:

I have so much to learn. Lol.

Bennis says:


I watched you video about the Samyang 12 mm f 2.0 before i bought it and now i found out that you made one for this lens that i am looking into for traveling. Just wanna spend some of my time writing and thanking you for doing great reviews and you really get all the information that i am looking for in there!

Big thumbs up!

Cheralynn says:

Hi Dustin. I’m just now looking at this lens because of the M5. I’ve read your reviews but am still having some difficulty with comparisons. Can you say which you think has better image quality, this Tamron lens or the 18-55/55-200 combo? Thanks a bunch!

Flashy_Carz says:

will it work on my Canon SL1?

Richard Ro says:

How does the image quality on this lens in the 55-200 range compare to the native EF-M 55-200?

jov.bzzzt says:

hi… would it work with say a sony a7?

Andrew Lai says:

This this a good lens for real estate photography, taking photos in tight interior spaces? How does this stack up to the Sony 18-55mm lens? Is it better than the Sony in low light? I have a Sony a6000

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