Sony SEL35F18 35mm F/1.8 Lens Overview

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Jeff Lennan says:

did I buy the wrong lens for my Sony a 73? Lots of vignetting from this 35mm F1.8

Wali Juma'at says:

May I ask is there any different with this SEL35F18 black and white box with the orange and black colour box? I just bought my self a secondhand black and white box just like in this video SEL35F18 last night for less then USD$150 from someone and still on good condition.. Then I just found out there a black and white box and there also a black and orange box so I’m wondering if there any different with this two?

Richard Evans says:

Why would you go with this lens over the sal35f18? Is the only benefit for the SEL the variety of cameras it can mount to?

fjuraa says:

would this also be good on Sony Alpha 7?

John Donaldson says:

I’m very happy with the 35mm f/1.8. It is my widest aperture lens. I’ve used it on my a6500 in low indoor light at basketball games. Works great. It’s also quite small, almost as small as the Sony 16-50 Power Zoom kit lens. I paid $350 new.

tecnolover2642 says:

Great review but music is WAY TO LOUD! Very annoying!

MonkejTV says:

maybe a stupid question but, does it work with a5000?

Yusuf Kaptan says:

Wassup I have a question for my fellow photographers I have a a6000 I want to buy the following lenses 35mm 1.8 sam lens sony. What is the difference with the oss? I’m new at this and the sigma 16 1.4 these two lenses I want to buy I am not interested into to much zooming want to make this the main two lenses how do u guys think about it and are u guys have better advice

Pasha Zamani says:

i have a Sony a6000 with the kit lens and i just ordered the 35mm to start using it as my prime lens. can you recommend a good polarizing filter for this lens? i’d like to buy one with decent quality but i have seen prices starting from $12 all the way $200s.

ZR1Terror says:

Is the aperture fixed at 1.8?

Nem O.S. fit says:

Hi, thank you for your effort reviewing the lens. Question: does this lens fits on a A7Rii without any adaptors????

aks flash says:

What camera and lens did you use to record this video?

Mike Thanet Photos says:

What focus mode was that in?

LoneMic Originals says:

Holy cow that kit is terrible, lol. Great sample images, though! Thanks!

Alexis Tebben says:

Would you recommend a 50mm or 35mm for beauty videos with my sony a5000? I love a blurry background but i cant decide what i need! Im currently using the kit lens and was thinking about switching to another camera until i realized i probably just need a better lens. I dont have a large space to film in, so im only able to be a couple feet away from my camera. Thank you for your videos!! Theyve really been helping!!

MG Production says:

please answer , that lens can manual focus ?

Pedro RF says:

this 35mm is for full frame or for apsc?

Loppes says:

This lens on a Sony A6000 is gonna be equivallent to a 35 on fullframe ou equi. to a 50mm ?

Alex Gracias says:

Oh the sea wall. Good video. I’m planning on getting this lens

Manny Man says:

Sigma 30mm or this 35mm?

Sanaries says:

Hi, I really hope you (or someone else at least) replies to this. I got this lens today and was so excited to try it out. Everything was fine until I tried shooting a video. During the video recording there’s this CONSTANT buzzing going around in the background. Is this normal? Because with my kit lens there’s no such sound at all… now I’m contemplating to maybe send it back idk 🙁 I’ve googled it and didn’t find any solutions to it whatsoever. I’m using the sony a5100 body with the lens. And yes, I’ve also made sure that I mounted it correctly..

Kevin Bruff says:

Thank you

awsin awesome says:

can you please tell me how much is the distance between you and camera with the 35mm lens? i want exactly the same shot but i’m afraid if 35mm needs much more distance that my room has

rahulsharmamsrit says:


Considering e mount lenses are so pricey, I’m getting myself a mount lens adaptor (Sony 3/4 is confusion)
I have a6000.
Am I thinking right? Considering price difference of more than half?
Also, for a6000, which adopter would you recommend?
What difference does APSC format and full frame lenses make (not the body but the lens)?

Thanks in advance

Your videos are so simple and helpful sir! Great job…

Calling Jesse says:

This dude is cool

dexter jann lazaro says:

Is it ok to use uv filter on this lens? Thank you.

Susazeu says:

I wonder how big would this be on a Sony 5100? For selfies and general purpose video? Thanks. My other option is the 20mm but it’s not OSS and the 5100 doesn’t have image stab that my 6500 does have.

Will Chu says:

Where is this lens manufactured?

Dimas Raden says:

please write the f number when u show the examples

yee bA says:

So… this is a wide angle right? Sorry ive heard it is and isnt


Looking for an ND filter for this lens?

Cutty Flam says:

Hey I’m thinking of getting the a6500. Any recommendation on first lens? I’ve been looking at the sel50f18, sel35f18 or is a zoom lens better? Looking for a all round lens.

kidrayfilms says:

Will this lens work with the full frame Sony A7 iii ?

kimira De says:

Can i use it with a5100?

Mario Umayam says:

First off thank you for all your helpful videos! I currently have an A6300 with the 18-105 and 50 1.8. I’ve been going back and forth on getting a 35 1.8 but cant wrap my head around it being so close to the 50, so I consider the sigma 30 1.4 as I hear good things about that lens. Any insight to help me finalize my answer?

Gustavo Sagrero says:

Is this 35 mm on a crop sensor or a full frame?

Anthony Louis says:

Can you use this lens for selfie cause i do have the a5100??

Фанис Шаяхметов says:

русские? где вы? стоит покупать?

Verdi Music says:

is the angle wider than the 50mm f1.8 one?

Jason Collins says:

I’m sold!

Wei-Ming Liu says:

Hey what would you recommend
I have a Sony a5300

should I get the Sony SEL35F18 35mm F/1.8 Lens or SEL 16 f2.8 + Sony VCLECU2.

what is your opinion?

Wanz Xlayer says:

I love sony compact size….but i like fuji colour and its 23mm f2….so how?

chrismas says:

Max Head Room

rhay gabz says:

Is thisa full frame lens or an APS C ?

Milan Janačković says:

Constant refocusing on this video is iritating.

Locust&WildHoney says:

Please answer, what lens did you use while overviewing the physical characteristics of the lens. Bokeh is amazing

Ivan The Terrible says:

I’m definitely picking this lens up. The price isn’t terrible for what it is.

Collin says:

Which one would you recommend overall for video , Sony 35mm f1.8 or Sigma 30mm f1.4 , please ? I do not care for photos. I have my Nikon for that. Thank you.

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