Sony SEL 24-240mm FE Lens Review

Get your Sony FE 24-240mm lens from amazon through the link below:
Here is my full review of the Sony SEL24240, FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS full frame lens. Enjoy!


God Dustin says:

Damn, I want this lens so much! Sony keeps doing crazing stuff, like this super zoom budget quality lens. I bought my A7ii not long ago, will not buy the Zeiss 24-70 or the Sony G 70-200, since I DON’T LIKE CHANGING LENSES SO OFTEN!!! XD

Mark Hunter says:

I got this lens after watching your unboxing and I agree re build quality etc. But after shooting video with it for a couple of weeks I returned it. I just found it too soft for video.

I got the RX10 which has the 24-200 constant 2.8 zoom instead. Yeah I’m packing my A7 and the RX10 for video shoots now, but I really like the glass on the RX10 plus the better codec.

mrnomore says:

now i’n SURE it’s Charlie Seen talking..

James Tepedino says:

I understand your point here but if you are going to spring for a $3200 camera body, don’t you want the best lens attached to it.  nice video, thank you

Kelly Rackham says:

Honestly i bought this lens and it’s not my favorite!!! I seriously recommend that you get a website/copy of Netflix that lets you test camera gear before you buy it…

maboroshistudio says:

Thanks for this review… really debating over this lens vs a super telephoto lens. I have the a6000 right now and eventually will get a A7 varient. I am going on an Alaska cruise and my 55-210mm won’t cut it imho. I really like this lens for having it for everything, but wonder if I should just get something like the Sigma 50-500 and a converter.

The other option is getting Sony SAL-70400G 70-400mm but no OSS… but I hear it is a very sharp lens. My gut says get the 24-240mm which gives me 30mm more and I don’t have to switch.

harbin guy says:

Perfect review! Up to the point. Thank you for not showing your beautiful face like others!!!

Swaranjeet Singh says:

The video could be a couple of minutes or under if you truthfully made the only point that you are making inspire of your efforts to fudge the issue . . . which is that if you do not want to carry more weight and/or spend more money, by the 24-240 . . . but do not, for heavens sake, expect anywhere near the quality you would get from the 24-70 plus 70-200 combined.

Rest of this 16.5 minute video is bull-crap !

An Norris says:

Would you please me the differences between what Sony – 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 and Sony – FE 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3? Which one you would recommend for Sony A7? Thanks!

Frank Sandoval says:

I really enjoy my NEX7. Is this a good match for it as an overall lens, or is the older version  SEL 18-200 a better match with the NEX7? Thank you.

Volker-Peter Schenk says:

….excellent review – enjoyed watching it!

nin withwes says:

I would happily pay 3k for a 16-200mm f/4 that is sharp, regardless of form factor. Anyone agree?

Nelson Pun says:

no example photos or anything in video?

Rick Mentore says:

Thanks for the review. With considerable panic I ask, can you tell how will my old “E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS E-mount Zoom Lens” and Vario-Tessar T* E 16-70mm F4 ZA OSS Lens perform on the A7R M2 ( back ordered to be delivered next week}? Are those lenses essentially useless for the FE  bodies? About a year I got those two pus the Zeiss Touit 12mm for the A 6000 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Gayantha Vitharanage says:

What will happen when the FE lens mounted on the APS-C body?

Mohamed Mansour says:

Hi, thanks a lot for your review, I have one question though, How can I manually focus this lens with Sony a7s? I put the Camera on MF,still, the focus ring goes for ever without focusing?, thanks in advance for your kind reply

Soldier1287 says:

so it can go on a vg900 without the full frame adapter?

TahGoi says:

so much talking… would appreciate it if you could put 20% for the end result.

Sushrut Sreepada says:

Would you recommend against pairing this lens with the A6000 ?

Karmapants Photography says:

Im using and A7s, mainly for video. I have the 24-240. does a nice job for video focus ring is smooth and the zoom ring is really tight. I think it takes pictures soft though in my opinion. a little noisy even. I would test this out first if you are going to buy this for photography.

Hamish Pulley says:

Great review,, I looked into this lens but ended got a good deal on the 70 to 200mm which for me has worked perfectly on my a6000,, the focusing speed is amazing,, I was using my 18 to 200mm but that is dredfully slow focusing it wouldn’t even allow the fast focusing settings in the a6000 but saying that the 18 to 200mm does video and photos really well on my NEX-VG20,,,, I also wont sony to bring out a f 2.8 zoom at 20 to 50mm that would be awesome

igetsmart says:

slow at full zoom  6.3  –   should be $800    –  Sony needs to produce a 24-70mm F2.8  –  when it comes to Sony listening, customers still waiting on A7000  and Touch LCD and Touch Shutter 🙂    –   but 5 axis IS is super nice – also the RX100m4 is not matching the Canon G7X in focal length 🙁

lightwaters says:

is it optical zoom or digital zoom?

Vachagan Balayan says:

Would you recommend this lens for a6300? i’m looking for a single lens to keep it on the camera all the time… for traveling, non professional use. Please recommend what would you pick for that… currently i’m considering sel1670z

Dj Dyno says:

Hey thanks for the video, I plan on getting this for the video work I do, mainly shooting gymnastics.

Charlie Eads says:

I find it really disappointing to find a CAMERA LENS REVIEW without any images or video taken with the LENS in question. I mean seriously TALK IS CHEAP……………..SHOW US!

Jayanta Bordoloi says:

I think the E-mount still lacks super telephotos required for bird photography….a 100-300mm f4.0 or 200-500mm f5.6 for Sony E mount cameras will boost the sale further.

Vern Wozza says:

Hey I bought the lens off the back of this review. I got it on Saturday and I have had only a bit of time to try it out. I need to ask if you are experiencing an issue that I am having. AF is realllllly slow, like 1-2 seconds slow and when it does land on a focus it is way off. I have to try between 1-3 times to find my subject. Is this normal performance?

Ed Smith says:

Ed Mate! Picking up a A7RM2 at the Bangkok Photo Expo in 2 days, I am going with your view of FE24-240 & 28F2 plus Rokinon 14F2.8 & 85F1.4, I have a Canon Macro EF 100F2.8, is there Anything else I might need? For a second camera, I cant get my head around what is best a second hand A6000 or Rx1 or should I be looking for a second hand A7R?? The idea is my wife & I share all the lens during travel, I understand there will be several new FE lens at the Expo. Thanks for all your work, I have been digesting it & others for the last 2 months. Cheers from Thailand, Ed

mattinthebox24 says:

Great review. I completely agree with your thoughts about affordable entry into FF. I’m currently shooting a Sony A7+28-70mm f3.5-5.6 that I picked up used last year for $1200. I plan on upgrading to the A7rII in a year when that body hit the $1k-1.5k price point. Full frame has never been more accessible and in reality, hobby shooters such as myself really do not need to be on the cutting edge so we can save a bunch of money on year old gear.

EEV776 says:

I had lens FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 for 6 months and took about 4,000 photos, one big problem to me is lens distortion, all buildings in the picture is very distorted at 24mm to 50mm. This lens is cheap, it may work for starting amateur. I glad I still have all my Nikon lenses.

mob one says:

Great review.  thanks for the many posts.
I’m on the fence now between the new FE 24-240mm and the 18-200mm.  I currently have a NEX-6 and am looking for a new “all in one” for an upcoming trip overseas.  Do you have any suggestions?

Bio Is Oblitterus says:

A lot of talk about the performance of the other lenses and rationale about how this lens will fill a niche for people who are willing to give up some IQ for convenience. However, I may suggest that it would have been nice to have a couple of images with the three lenses with some comparisons.

Enrique says:

Great video (as always), but that f/3.5-6.3 is holding back.

Bicho Roca says:

please put image simples

Mike Kleinsteuber says:

I just hired one of these and used it on a Sony A7Rii and the images are shit. I compared them to my Canon 6D and either the Sony camera or lens is shit but certainly one of them is. There is a tiny central part in focus and nice but then it drops off quickly towarsd the edges. I suspect its the lens and not the camera and I’ll never use it again.
I’ve found this in general with Sony camera gear. You have to be really careful to get everything right, otherwise the image quality drops off really quickly. Obviously, looking at images on a web site everything looks fab but when you go in to 100% you can see the difference between Sony and Canon.
That’s probably the last time I try a Sony and I’ll stick to Canon as they deliver both with their cameras and lenses every time.

Achilleas Labrou says:

The Sony in a short period has succeeded to create the basic lenses a casual photographer needs. At the start of the full frame Sony a7 series there was a problem with the lack of full frame Sony FE lenses.

The Sony 24-240 is a convenient travel lens. It isn’t neither ultra wide, neither super telephoto. It has strong barrel distortion. It is expensive, big and heavy. According to DXOmark the Sony FE 24-240 with the Sony A7r has 9 P-Mpix sharpness. This is very very low for a full frame lens. It is the lowest of all Sony FE full frame e-mount lenses.
It is not a fault from Sony. All super zoom lenses are inferior. They are simply very popular by amateurs who want a single lens for all uses and don’t know about raw photos, geometric distortion, sharpness, chromatic aberration etc.
Unfortunately Tamron and Sigma aren’t really interested with the e-mount lenses yet. Tamron is very specialized with super zoom lenses. It has many of them for various dSLR mounts.
The disadvantages of the Sony FE 24-240mm are compensated with the typical tricks. The small aperture which leads to high ISO is compensated by the optical stabilization. The geometric distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, lower contrast, ISO noise are compensated on jpg files by the camera itself. The internal camera software correction is adequate for social network photos but not for large prints.

victoriza says:

Reminds me the good old days that I used Nikon D700 + 28-300 mm traveling with.:)

Christoffer Nelson says:

Getting all these eyefuls of the A9 (and A7xII) and now coming back to see this lens and the original body – Sony really crapped the bed with the second and third iterations of the FE body. This design is just so much leaner and more attractive… and for me, much more comfortable. The A9 and A7xII look like angry bulldogs. This looks like a perfect and organic evolution of the 35mm manual cameras of yesteryear.

Glad you’re getting back on your feet. Cheers.

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