SONY LA-EA2 ADAPTER REVIEW | Using Alpha-mount Lenses on NEX E-mount Cameras

SONY LA-EA2 ADAPTER REVIEW | Using A-mount lenses on NEX Cameras

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Christopher Cox says:

So let me get it straight- If we use full manual focus, then we can open the aperture all the way open ?

Eli says:

I’m interested in this adapter with my NEX-7, I don’t shoot video and only stills so my question is if you can answer, do I have full control over shutter, f-stop and the likes when I take still photos or are there limitations in those as well?

Thank you.

Joey Loomis says:

thank you. Saved me from making that exact mistake

Christopher Cox says:

Thank you. I’m looking to expand the lens options for my NEX 6, so adapters are a necessity. I prefer to use manual focus, with focus peaking to assist me. Do adapters like the LA-EA2 support focus peaking ?

maxspytwel says:

you should add this, when using nex cameras with the la-ea2 adapter, you loose the in camera image stabilization. when using lenses like 55mm to 300mm, lenses become so useless because the shake and blurry images. this affects still photography and video recording. sucks for real.  yes.. Sony trick people. I even think this adapter is defective.  it work on lenses with Optical Image stabilization as long as is on spects similar to some Tamron lenses with Vibration  Control or VC, and G lenses for Sony.  

Bobby Godinho says:

Hey Alan, Bad luck can be for one lens and not 3 lenses. It surely means there is a problem for E-mount lenses. And now Sony has cut down the Warranty period from 3 years to 2 years. My personal advice, Please don’t waste time and money on Sony’s E-mount lens or product.

MG King says:

ops, sorry. i meant the audio is too soft.

RevoltDynasty says:

Not much of a review really. You found one flaw which is important to you, and half of the video focused on that.

I would have liked to see more information about how it performs when taking photos, which you seemed to just brush over.

ticojonticojon says:

it seems like it, but i just want to confirm.. is the auto focusing problem for videos only or also for stills? thank you!

Bobby Godinho says:

I got 2 of this lens, one with Sony VG20, and the second with Sony FS100. within a year both this lens became faulty. that’s when you start zooming the picture starts shaking or vibrating. The lens was replaced within 15 days by sony. But within 6 months of the new replaced lens it became faulty again and this time it was a focusing problem, even in manual mode it does not get focused. The picture remains out of focus. My advice please do not buy any of Sony product with E-mount Lens.

Xm1erX says:

Can I autofocus and select f/2.8, when I use a Sigma A Mount lens on this adapter for still pictures?

WhatTechShow says:

Nice!! I’m not a sony shooter though!
Video looks really professional, with the black background 😀

Andrew Conway says:

Do not get the LA-EA1… Waste of money

VideoValets says:

Thanks for the info! Was thinking about this adaptor for my NEX 6. I think ill hold on for a while…

Rodrigo De León Plicet says:

+Alan Besedin the listed drawbacks pretty much truncated the possibilities of using this or the LA-EA4 (FF) adapter for me.

Sony needs to come up with an LA-EA5 or similar, which should basically be a fully scaled down (size wise, not feature wise) A77ii. I’d buy that in an instant.

Thank you for the review.

Christopher Scarpino says:

Alan, Thanks for this very informative video. Yes, this affects me! I own a Sony NEX-5 and I just bought an older Minolta 300mm f2.8. I am trying to get it set up. I shoot mostly oceanscapes and the subject is not (normally) moving (too much). I shoot entirely full manual. But I am concerned about whether I should get the LA-EA1 or the LA-EA2. I need the magnification for manual focus, and I need that to work as it does now for the Sony 210mm zoom. Do you think the LA-EA1 would work? Thks

Joshua Hughes says:

I was wondering.. Is it possible to use contrast detect AF as opposed to the phase detect AF when the adapter is mounted? And if so, by using contrast detect AF does it get rid of the limitation of being stuck at f/3.5 on the FS100? (and does it also STILL let you use manual shutter speed in contrast detect too)

Jim Seneczko says:

LA-EA1 works great with SSM lenses. Non-SSM………..all manual.

rujakandroid says:

thanks 4 the info 😀

Cedric Burton says:

I was thinking about buying Sony LA-EA2 adapter for my “Sony Alpha A3000.” Is there any limitations after connecting the adapter to this camera?



Tovenaar says:

Thank you for sharing, I didn’t know this at all.
Again, thank you!

ooo ooo says:

if you want us to see the back, turn the camera around to show it then, DONT SHAKE IT! wow this is horrible. you need to let us see what your doing on the menu.

MG King says:

nice video. but a bit soft…..

Kevin Shi says:

I should have watched is video before I bought LA-EA2. Thank you anyway. Clear expression of the strange auto exposure mode…

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