Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 lens review with samples (Full-frame and APS-C)

Sony’s ‘cheap’ 50mm solution for their E-mount full-frame mirrorless camera system – is it a cut above other inexpensive nifty-fifties?

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a7r ii and A6300 camera.

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Rage Studios says:

nice to see you’re finally reviewing more and more sony lenses! by the way excellent reviews, I ended up buying the canon 50mm f1.8 stm and adapted to sony and gave me similar results on AF and sharpness (if not sharper) I’ll be testing it soon and sharing the results on my channel.

Emerson Dias says:

Try the mitakon 50mm f0.95

Seb says:

A large number of Sony lenses are DSLR lenses with a built in adapter and it totally nullifies the weight savings with mirrorless, they’re also more expensive than their Canikon counterparts

George X says:

Nice honest review Chris, as always! You have become a reference point on lenses reviews. As other have asked, can you do a comparison between this lens and the canon 50/1.8 stm? Just got my a7ii and 50mm is my favorite FL, but you confirmed what other have said about this lens, and the electronic focus ring and the ugly flare it’s a dealbreaker for me. Maybe an adapted canon its a better choice, I want your opinion, thank you!

Marina Vieira says:

Good eeeeeeeeevening, Chris

Joshua Mack says:

Review some canon FD l lenses like the 300/400mm 2.8 and everyones happy 😉

david appleton says:

i am afraid the space in the back of the lense is just physics….lens designers can only take advantage of the MILC short flange distance at FL wider than about 35mm

Dean Bermudez says:

Can you test the Sony E 50mm 1.8 for aps-c?

jake gao says:

where were you expecting for a $200 lens???

Hamza Khawaja says:

Can you do a comparison between the Canon 50 1.8STM and this one. By comparison I mean on Sony A7Rii. Because that canon is half the price.

lazerman121 says:

AW I excitedly clicked this thinking it was the APS-C version 😀 Maybe next time ? I did not think its size was bad. It looks great on that camera to bad its so soft. My experience with the APS-C version when I borrowed one this past spring was Similar to this lens. Soft in the corners and Sharp in the center. It did have a problem with red fringing even at f3.5 and in low contrast areas 🙁 what a shame.

Yahya Alrobaie says:

Yes I’m glad you’re getting into the Sony systems

kalef1234 says:

the 50mm 1.8 OSS for APS-C has a very fast and quiet AF system on my a6300! Still, might sell it and get the FE one if I end up picking up a used A7 soon

Dustin Abbott says:

Hmmm, that autofocus performance is a little disappointing from a first party lens, particularly when so many of the third parties seem to be getting this right on E mount.

Anthony J says:

I’m a big fan of your reviews, Iooking forward to seeing more sony lens reviews!

Cor de Zeeuw says:

The chromatic abortion drives me nuts on this lens as the focus hunting. I used a Sony A7 II but I was realy disappointed. The battery life was horrible even when it was turned off it drained my battery. so I went back to my first love, Olympus.

Jas Mann says:

£250.00. You’ve got to be F*#king kidding me. An ugly big loud lens. A load of bollocks if you ask me. I wouldn’t touch Sony cameras or lenses with a barge pole. Give me Nikon, Fuji and maybe Canon, Meh, maybe not Canon.

Daniel Spaniel says:

That deep gap is common on mirrorless and built into most lenses behind the rear element. Mirrorless really isn’t smaller at all.

Михаил Пирогов says:

In Mother Russia, the anchorman on the radio (Inoveshanie – bigPirateradio podcast), Vasily Strelnikov always speaks at the end of the air – Doooow Svidanya! (goodbye)

Achilleas Labrou says:

I bought this lens when it was introduced in 2016 from the German Amazon. Its price was 315€ but in the USA Amazon its price was 250$. The price in USA dollars doesn’t always represents the real value because each USA state has different V.A.T. policy.
Sony FE full frame e-mount lenses are usually more expensive than the equivalent Canon Nikon ones. One of the reasons is that Sony FE lenses are more recent and not as popular as Canon and Nikon ones. Especially the first years of their introduction is very rare to find a discount of Sony e-mount lens. Afterwards the prices drop a little.
In the case of Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 the price difference is very big with the nifty fifty Canon and Nikon lenses.
The APS-C Sony E 50mm f/1.8 OSS can’t be compared with the full frame Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 because the first has a narrower angle of view. The APS Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS has a similar angle of view with the Sony FE 50mm f/1.8.
The incredible Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 can be found easily at eBay for 600-700€ or could be found from Amazon at 750€ during the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Kanai even Tokyo says:

Omg the intro freaked me out i thought my speaker was broken haha

Magnetron692 says:

Hi Chris, thank you very much for your review! On my Sony A 7 Mk. II I use the Canon EF 1.8/50mm STM via the Sigma Adapter MC-11 and it works very well. Do you see any advantage of this Sony lens compared to my combination? Have a nice day, Ralf

pixel5 says:

I had this lens and sold it quickly. Not because of AF issues though, the image quality just wasn’t great. It’s entirely possible I got a decentered version or something, but either way it wasn’t good.

G Spirit says:

Hey Chris, if you had one Sony lens to choose for video and photography which would it be (a mid range budget not too expensive one haha) ??

airjaff says:

How do they justify charging SP much more for the UK one. It’s like $80 more

Stuart Grant says:

You have great taste in music, and I enjoy you reviews.

Tawhid Khan says:

More compact sony lens reviews please!

Martin Hinge says:

This lens is probably just a repackaging of an old A-mount lens which would explain the geriatric AF performance and the gap at the back.

bigyounk28 says:

I got mine for $150 us and I’m happy with it

Михаил Пирогов says:

Like for Gooodeeevenin, SIR !

Jose Flavio Dardon Segura says:

Awesome review as always (y)
Will be nice if you test the sigma mc-11 adapter with some sigma art lens. God bless

justin holding says:

Interesting review. What to say, definitely doesn’t look half as good as Canon’s 50 mm STM which is also half the price and focusses much faster

Micael Widell says:

Great review as always. But I am a little bit surprised to hear you complain about the size of the lens. I have seen many 50mm 1.8 lenses from many different manufacturers, but none of them (including any needed adapters) are shorter than this one, as measured from the sensor. Some of them are slimmer though.

Maxwell Starr says:

If it weren’t for the sluggish AF, I’d consider selling my 55/1.8 Zeiss and buying one of these so I can put the extra money into a different lens for my A7ii.. but this lens just doesn’t have what I want/need and the Zeiss just sets the bar too high.

On APS-C though, I absolutely love the E 50/1.8 OSS, probably my favourite lens for Crop E-mount.

zazismrx says:

Could you have a look at the Tokina 24-70mm f2.8? I can’t hardly find any reviews, but the ones i found seem to really like it, esp for the build quality and price.

Golden Wheelie says:

please compare samyang with zeiss. 35mm and 50(55)mm,

artemis fowl says:

literally the worst lens ever made, i think sony was taking the piss with this one, i’m gonna stick with my zeiss 24mm, touit 32mm and batis 85mm, the thought of even considering trying this lens out is damn near absurd

Mathias Anders says:

Wow i´m impressed 🙁 a sqeezy noisy paece of plastic cost´s 200$..think Sony is going postal! When i look at Canon´s ceapest Lens- the 50mm stm wich cost me about a half the price of the Sony and give me even better results…anyway thanks for the good video and your review!

ModestReaction says:

This lens focus so slow and noisy it’s like to version 1 of the canon 50 f1.8


Why is the “8” smudged?

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

In Taiwanese, “落漆” (flaking paint) means poor performance. The quality of this 50mm f/1.8, like the paint of the text “FE1.8/50” on your particular copy, is really 落漆.

David Bryant says:

Sony nifty fifty?

Endijs Gūtmanis says:

Will there be any canon lenses??? This is boring…

Ryvn says:

wow! expensive and not even a good paint job!

Raine Villa says:

If only the autofocus motor was better. That would make it more worth the $200.
It’s a good lens otherwise.

Tom Raider says:

You need to do a 70-200 gm. Great review as always.

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