Sony FE 28mm f/2 Lens Review – With Both Conversion Lenses!

In this highly detailed review of the Sony FE 28mm f/2 Lens I will do my best to show you what it is capable of in the real world and lab. I will first show you the gear and how the conversion lenses mount/ release. Then onto real world sample photos and much more….

The conversion lenses mount on the front of the 28mm lens and basically transform it into a 21mm f/2.8 ultra wide angle lens or a 16mm f/3.5 fisheye lens. You will see what I mean in the video if not familier.

Full written review with high res sample photos is here:

Thanks for watching and please feel free to ask questions or comment below,

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FE 28mm f/2 Lens @ BHPhoto:
FE 28mm f/2 Lens @ Amazon:
21mm Ultra-Wide Conversion Lens for $248 US @ BHPhoto:
21mm Ultra-Wide Conversion Lens for $248 US @ Amazon:
16mm Fisheye Conversion Lens for $298 US @ BHPhoto:
16mm Fisheye Conversion Lens for $298 US @ Amazon:


mgk2 says:

Nice review and plenty of samples to show!  However you keep talking about the distortion on the RAW file, that’s a non issue right?  As that’s just a one click on lens correction in LR….

Oliver Rensch says:

can i use the 28mm lens for portraits ? or should i use the 35mm lens ?

Reuben Zuazua says:

Who use to use your opening intro. It reminds me of someone else but can’t remember

Mark M says:

Thanks for the review, I really like how you seem like a pretty mellow and positive person. Keep it up!

raedchen1 says:

i`d use this for filming, but hows the manual focusing? heard, that moving the focus ring is not driving the lens directly, but with signals going to the forcus motor -.- ..

evilwarlock says:

Great review, one of the best I’ve seen! Is there anything that you’d add up now, 2 years later? Thanks.

medallasipod says:

I know it’s not the same camera or anything but you seem to have the enough knowledge to answer my question. I am looking to buy an FE lens but I have an a6000(E-mount). would it work? or do I need an adapter?

sebastian bajura says:

Hey! Great video.. I’ve got a question. My 28-70mm lens also has this red dot at the front of it… Do you know if I can use the conversion lenses on it? Thanks a lot

Zhorell Ski says:

Good enough for Astrophotography?

Gustavo Ibarra says:

Did you test this on a6000?

Tzadeck says:

Seems like a good bargain on a system really lacking in good bargains.

TheGSummit says:

Which lens will you suggest for the best creamy Bokeh Sony 28 f2 / Sigma 30 1.4 / Sony f1.8 ? Thanks enjoy watching all your videos! Am shooting with a a6300

Mike Hydropneumatic says:

Hi Jay, best wishes for 2016.

Did you try shutter speeds 1/FL rule of thumb?

The lenght with converter lens gets longer but FL gets shorter IYKWIM.

Are you able to shoot RAW with these converter lenses? My Fuji X100 only does jpeg when converter lens attached.

Thanks Mike

Daniel Florez says:

Would this lens be good to use on a Sony a6000? I watched another youtuber and he recommended to save up a tad more to get this lens instead of a Sigma 30mm F/1.8 because it has some “significant” purple fringing and also in case users want to eventually step up to a full frame sensor.


How does a 28mm look on a crop frame? Does it look similar to a 50mm? I’m getting my first camera next month, the a6300 & I’m curious how I can get a 50mm 1.8 look on a crop sensor camera.

Bing Zhao says:

can you autofocus when you have fisheye attached?

MOBHouse Productions says:

you should show how people can correct the distortion in Lightroom with just 1 click. Most people might get misguided by the repeated comparison between the jpeg and RAW files/

Don Parmezano says:

It have a autofocus with a7 ii with out any adapters?

Tommy Sawyer says:

will these lens work on sony a600o?

GoVicarious says:

Thank you for taking the time to do these videos and create the “lab”. I appreciate your time. thumbs up

Alex J says:

Lowkey not very impressed with the focus detail with this lens

Glenn Malcolm says:

review or tutorial?

Explore with Rick says:

do you lose any clarity with the ultra wide lens? video or photos?

Zach Torres says:

Just bought an A7S II. Considering this, or the Sony E PZ 16-50mm. (I mainly do videos and vlog) Which do you recommend?

aneurysm_ says:

very helpful!

Bernard Kwame-Ofori says:

Hi u make a video comparison on sony FE 28mm F2 and 35mm F2.8 carl zeizz in terms of sharpness please

labradorsin says:

I really enjoy your review Jay, you are really calm, nice samples, not like the clown of digitaldigest and his fake and annoying voice.

Ryan Flanders says:

Outstanding review!

Mitch Gurowitz says:

+Jay SonyAlphaLab Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your site seems to have been hacked. I keep getting forwarded to a domain sale site. Good review. but it wasn’t 100% apparent how you felt about the lens. The distortion looked pretty horrible, is that to be expected in a lens of this wide angle? Don’t be concerned about what the other reviews are and how they were done, I think people would really like to hear your opinion, it doesn’t have to be technical, but it is good if make it very obvious that you like, really like, dislike or hate a product. Other than that keep up the great work!

Dave Oplinger says:

I think you need to make it clear to people that the distortion is very easily corrected in RAW. The JPEGs are the exact same photo as the RAW files but corrected in-camera. This is an excellent lens and super sharp, an excellent value.

Veaceslav S. says:

HI,Jay! Can you tell me is this lens better and sharper than sigma 19mm-2.8 in crop sensor? Thanks beforehand!

Norman Weichel says:

Is that distortion present when shooting video? Is there built-in distortion correction when it processes the video? I want to get an FE prime for video…

Ajie Pratama says:

How about AF while using conversion comparable just with 28mm itself?Does that fisheye conversion able to capture in 180• angle? Because I need to shoot 360• panorama using this in a7 system. And how about corner quality while using fisheye conversion? (fringing/sharpness)Thank you for sharing!

Fivos Vassiliou says:

can you mount the 16mm & 21mm on a 35mm? or only on 28mm?

Manus Robotus says:

Nice review! Love your testing lab!!

anand kamath says:

just bought all three for my sony a7s ii this review helped a lot.

Craig Shaw says:

Thanks Jay for all your time and effort, i enjoy your reviews and comments. It was nice of you to show off loads of nice example pics too. Just ordered the 28mm f2 for my a6300 and the fisheye maybe on the cards now!

Hanson says:

what if you have a UV filter attached? you have to take it off?

Albert Nguy says:

Anyone knows if the wide angle setup with the 28mm f2 works with the zhiyun crane gimbal by any chance?
Cheers and thanks a lot for the video. I made my choice if my future gimbal can handle it.

Graeson Nguyen says:

The “lab” you built with the circuit boards, crayons, and coins is really, really cool!

Misti Milligan says:

what computer program do you use for photos? and I am new to all of this I want to get a flash for my sony a7ii and am so confused on which one I need

Barry Duggan says:

will this conversion lens work on a sony 55mm lens??, its the same size filter thread

Andrea Bozzi says:

Hey Jay I am thinking of getting this lens with the fisheye adapter since I will use it for nightclub videos mainly. Now the problem is this lens does not have OSS and my sony a7s MK I does not have in body stabilisation either. you think that could be a problem if i shoot videos? Thanks heaps!

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