Sony E-Mount 24-70mm f/4 OSS Zeiss Lens Review – sel2470z

In this real world based review of the Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens I will go over everything you need to know with highly detailed sample photos, lab photos, video, and analysis. For the camera body I used my full frame Sony Alpha A7r Mirrorless Camera which is 36mp, so the SEL2470z E-Mount lens will be tested thoroughly.

Full Review in this way:

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Mike Sydney says:

Soft at f/4, for $1200 sony has to do better than that.

Manuel Jensa says:

really professional!amazing review!!! 

TheStimuli says:


Mike Sydney says:

I so wish the a7 were “a” mount….

Bruce Ramsay says:

Great review Jay.  Love how you put the family in the test.  I also purchased this lens so I hope I got a good one.

cttnkandy9 says:

Jay. First off, fantastic review as always. I’m an addict for your reviews. I have a few questions. First, we’re you ever able to get a second copy of the 24-70? And if so, would you say your results became more on par with most of the good/excellent reviews of this lens?

Second, I know you loved the 16-70 emount lens for the APS-C. I have an NEX-7 camera that I feel still has a on of life left in it (the 24mm zeiss prime lives on it). I really need your expert opinion on whether putting the FE 24-70 on it will work. Will it affect image quality for the better? If you say it will, I’m sold! Or should I just buy the 16-70 made especially for APS-C (which won’t work as well when I decide to go full frame), which isn’t an issue. I just really want to know which one would maximize the potential of my NEX-7 and allow me to take the best photos with it. Any response would be much appreciated.

PS. Chubs is the softest, most handsome dog ever. I vote chubs to be in every review. -Raquel

Raymond Cameron says:

Hey Jay, love your videos! I’ve watched them all. I was wondering if you were going to do a test on the 16-35mm Zeiss lens? I really want to buy that lens for my a6000

Streets of Vancouver says:

I agree with you, Jay.

After buying this lens and taking it out for a couple of days I was very disappointed in the image quality (considering what I paid for a Zeiss lens). Since then I’ve bought the Sigma ART 24-105mm f4 to use with my Metabones adapter. My Zeiss will be thrown on Craigslist.

Ed Gomez says:

Correction – Zeiss don’t make them, they provide the optical design to the lens & they have given Sony factory guidance/certification in setting up/producing the lenses to the Zeiss spec & quality control.

No1KC says:

Great review of the lens. I have a questions (which brought me over to this review). I am planning to get the A7s as this is Full Frame (FE-Mount), would I be able to use the E-Mount lenses on it? I’m guessing no, but I thought I’d ask. I’m new to Sony mounts, lenses, cameras etc.

volki_talkie says:

Hey Jay,
I’m sure you are the one who can answer this question for me. So due the fact this is a full frame lens, would there be black corners if you attach this on an APS-C E-Mount Camera? For example the a6000?
Thank you in advance!

Daniel Zapata says:

Hi Jay, very good video, thank you very much for sharing your comments, I want to buy a a7s, what lenses you recommend to get started? thinking that making videos work much more than photography.

Paul Dove says:

For $1200, do you think they could have made it constant F2.8 ?

Phiniox Glade says:

Are you planning to review the FE 70-200 F4 G OSS? This is likely my next lens given 24-70 price/performance.

eamonnpj says:

heyy could you please do a review on the sony alpha a300 if you haven’t already thanks 

Jarrod Ames says:

I am getting an A7r camera but I am considering on going with canon lenses after all the not so great reviews of Sony lenses. Question is how bad is the auto focusing with the adapter? I mostly do landscape work but I recently have been offered to shoot weddings and portraits. I am looking to get the 17-40 L lens with the A7r.

Mohammed Hisham says:

can i use it with my Sony-NEX900 ..??


Hi Jay!
I love my Tamron 24-70 on my A7S but need AF. What would your upgrade recommendation be for a sony lens? Shooting 75% video. Thanks, hope to hear from you!

Roham Rasai says:

How would sony 24-70 vs Canon 24-105 done in a test against each other? Since both are FF lens so the comparison should been “apple to apple” (in a way). 
Im thinking first and foremost:
-colors and all that good stuff that comes with the good glass.


Phiniox Glade says:

I wonder if the 24-70 would perform better on my A7 given the lower pixel density. I find the kit lens to be very sharp but the images to be unpleasant somehow

voltvoltvolt says:

Hey Jay, seems like you’re the perfect guy for the question I have. I’m getting an a7s, and I’m hesitating between getting a FE 24-70f4 (this review) or the E 16-70f4 (that I would be forced to used in crop mode). You handle both lenses, what choice would you make? The 16 70 is cheaper and would give me a 24 -105 lengh. But I feel like it’s a sort of sacrifice to use my a7s in crop mode all the time, scared of losing quality, aliasing etc etc… I’m doing almost only video though.

ekphotography says:

Does this lens work well in video mode with face detection..? Or is the 16-35 better?

TheViridianGreen says:

I find the new 16-35 also soft at F4…start to sharpen at F8 but still the amount you pay one would expect sharpness at F4. I found similar trait in 24-70 F4 after looking through the pix in Lightroom. I also had 55 1.8 and it’s good and sharp lens, nice render and color. Are there problems with Zeiss Zooms, especially E-mounts? As you might have guessed I’m a sharpness freak. I do agree Canon 24-105 is a good lens~~ had two copies but traded them in to get other equipment I needed at the time. 

Pascual Cora says:

Great review, and I agree once you slap the Zeiss badge on that sucker you are expecting a level of quality that this lens does not meet. 

Miguel Vidal Pinheiro says:

hi, could you tell me if it was compatible with Alfa 6000 and Alfa 6300, or if you recomended the 16-70 for that cameras,
the second question has if I upgrade for a A7 or A7R could i use the 16-70 on that cameras?

Guillermo J. Park says:

Are you doing the second review? I was going to buy the “international version” of the lens, but if there is a “bad copy” that’s probably it

DannyNYC says:

Nice review of the lens. From what you’ve shown, it really isn’t as bad as what many people have made it out to be so far

Richard Slater says:

+Jay SonyAlphaLab  So I found this lens for £640 which is $943 usd. You think its worth it at that price? This may be a silly question but how much better is it compared to the kit lens (16-50) on the nex 6? 

I’m thinking of swapping from nex6 to a7 with 24-70mm lens.

Thanks for your informative video.

old dog says:

Thanks, great job!

George Morris says:

Great review and a lot of food for thought.

Question – i have the a7r with the zeiss 35mm and a few old Olympus lenses. Im looking for a zoom lens (hopefully native) but after this review i dont know what to do.

What is the best zoom lens you would suggest for the a7r native or otherwise? Ps. I have seen below that you think you may have had a duff lens in testing, which i have noted.

Please get back, thanks 🙂

Pavel Fedosejev says:

You know… apart from sharpness in corners there are other not less important characteristics of the lens. There are couple of them: contrast, micro-contrast, colour rendering, AF speed (in case of AF lens), bokeh and so on. And Zeiss badge is not just about sharpness.

Jay SonyAlphaLab says:

Update review testing another copy of this lens now up here:

Ler Semilla says:

can i use that lens to my a6000? thanks

TheDanishSpaceman says:

Good review 🙂 

I am disappointed by your verdict though as I was considering it for my self and can’t  stop thinking whether we are just having too high expectations from a compact zoom by Sony Zeiss, especially with that ridiculously sharp FE 55mm that has damaged our eyes for good 🙂

According to DXOMark it comfortably beats the Canon 24-105mm at all focal lengths wide open and it even beats the Canon 24-70mm f/4, and only 70mm seems a little weak in the corners, but I think that is ok at that portrait-esque focal length:

I wish I could rent it where I live to give it a test drive myself 🙂

Am I Who says:

I watched the entire video since you said you will cover everything inclusive of video. However, I didn’t find my answers for the video part. I’d like to know if the lens distortion can be corrected by the camera for video shooting. Because it’s nearly impossible to correct lens distortion on post. If you have the answer, please let me know as this is the only native FE lens that could give fastest possible AF performance and most importantly the OSS. Using any lens without OSS is no good for shooting video, it’s a pity that the two amazing FE prime lenses do not come with OSS. I do not know what was Sony thinking, really. It’s a shame because they are now pushing the video oriented A7s and there is no prime (with OSS) for it. I don’t want to bring tripod whenever I go out with the tiny little A7 camera bag, what’s the point, right? Thanks!

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