Sony E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS (SEL18135) lens review with samples

This is a review of the new version (for mirrorless E-mount cameras) of Sony’s 18-135mm superzoom lens (SEL18135). It’s certainly nice and small – perfect for a mirrorless, APS-C camera – let’s see if its image quality is also up to scratch.

All pictures taken by me on Sony a7r ii and a5100 cameras.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Joel Flores says:

How bad this lens, Will it be better Sigma 17-70mm + Sigma MC11, or Sony Carl Zeiss 16-70mm?

Ed Waggoner Sr. says:

Christopher, you sound as if you have a cold. I hope you start feeling better.

man So says:

great video, and i hope you get well early

RKG Austin says:

Your voice is sounding a little scratchy. I hope you’re feeling ok!

Gladiador Man says:

I discard this lens, but youtubers recommend the Sigma 17-70mm + sigma MC11, with this adapter has better performance, but Christofer reviewed it in 2014 and it did not look so good that time, has anyone tried it?

indu sekhar roy says:

@Christopher Really amazing and informative video. Thank you very much. How do you compare its image quality with the Canon EF-M 18-150mm? I saw your review on that as well but wanted to know your personal experience. Thank you again. God bless.

Shang-Hsien Yang says:

Wow, this lens is so bad when it comes to vignetting and distortion! This is so bad!

Carter says:

8:17 Can see chemtrails in the sky.

lazerman121 says:

WTF Sony that distortion is horrible this is why I shoot Samyang.

anu l says:

Are you not well?? You sound a bit out of breadth. Take some rest. As always good review.

Shocked to see the distortion and vignetting from a sony lens.

The Real Tech Geek says:

Like the majority of there lenses cheap to expensive just crap overpriced ridiculous electronics such a shame freaking tamron 18 200 is amazing for only $220 bucks. The biggest issue is the flange distance that causing these problems definitely you should get to review Sony 18 105 and Sony 16 70. Feel better you don’t sound too well first time I’ve heard you this sick god bless you.

Emil says:

Another excellent review, mate. Get well.

Owain O'Neill-Turner says:

You sound rough mate, hope all is well.

Camera Perv says:

Ridiculous. The Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM is only $400!

Jeremy says:

Gosh, Sony really treats their APS-C line like crap. This was supposed to be the best zoom lens, the one they took years to release. And then it doesn’t even cover the sensor… not to mention those awful Sony colors. So glad I moved to Fuji.

Mr. JAM says:

I thought Sony abondoned E-mount, but apparently it’s not 🙂 happy to watch your video, but take care yourself! Your voice makes me sad.

goollink says:

‘dat raspy voice though

Gino Foto says:

very bad result, shame for Sony again…

L. Willis says:

I would rather buy the 18-105 f4 OSS than this

Rafsan Ahmed Sohan says:

Need  Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens Review.

Jorge Mario Bolaños Calvache says:

Compare with the 18-105mm f/4 is about the same price

Achilleas Labrou says:

f/8 is the sweet spot of all Sony e-mount lenses. This can be viewed on their MTF charts.
As usual super zoom lenses full open suffer from spherical aberration.
Sony has a similar much older lens 2012 for a-mount cameras.

Sebastian Lindner says:

your reviews are the best 🙂
please review 16-35 f4 and f2.8 for sony fe – i cant decide

Martin Weber says:

Hi Christopher, Thanks a lot. Still have some questions in mind’
– How is 18-135 on APSC compared to 24-105 on fullframe?
– Heard that 18-135 had a much worse stabilisation to 18-105
– How is it compared to 16-70

Daily Dose Of Internet says:

Hi Chris,

I manage a YouTube channel with over 1.7 million followers. The goal of my channel is to help educate and entertain my followers. I was interested in the video below.

I was wondering if I could receive permission to share this video in a video of mine? I would of course provide proper credit. It would be free advertising!

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~ Jason

wayne makka says:

a smart way to buy this is as a kit with A6500 , you get it for about 25% of the stand alone price in Australia it’s A$2158 Body + lens vs $1899 body + $899 kens

Adrian Denila says:

Wow!! I love Sony

PS12345 1 says:

Hey Chris, I hope you didn’t have a cold while filming this video! If you were sick, I hope you’re feeling better now. Your channel is awesome, the content you put out is very informative and useful! Have you ever considered reviewing the Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm f/4? I’d be very curious to see how it compares to the 18-135mm you reviewed here. If nothing else, perhaps a review by you could help put to rest the rather controversial reputation that the 16-70mm seems to have on the internet :).

HM Tech says:

Love your videos. Keep it up.

MarcinP2 says:

This is bad performance for the price Sony is asking IMHO. This looks very much like a kit lens. The IS is not magic bullet either.
I have no experience with superzooms, are they supposed ot be bad?

Joshua Mack says:

Meyer Optik Görlitz announced a 75 mm 0.95 :0 would be nice if you try and borrow one:)

IP Domino says:


Vincent Lee says:

Get well soon, and great video btw.

Wan MS Zainudin says:

Since you review this, can you review the cheaper and bigger the sony 18-105mm APSC lens? I would like to know is the corner sharpness is better than 18-135mm

徐浩翔 says:

ummm..i remembered that the sony 24-240 for full frame seems to have a similar price tag?

powerlurker says:

u dont sounds well hope u get better

EJ Tech says:

Sony cheating on the lens capability again.
Can you review the old Sony E 18-55 OSS kit lens? Will the bigger size make it perform better?

SergeyFM EN channel says:

Do you think it is good alternative to Sony 24-240 on A7RIII?

Daniel Spaniel says:

I like the size. I don’t like the optics, or the price!

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