Sony A7iii + Sigma MC-11 Lens Adapter Review – Extremely affordable and better than Metabones?!

Sigma MC-11 + Free SD Card:

I have been extremely happy with this Sigma MC-11 on my Sony A7iii. The biggest thing is just to make sure you’re using it with Sigma lenses.

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TheTechVault says:

the link is unavailable but I went ahead and bought it via another link. Great review. Thanks!!

Jason Giordano says:

A7iii with mc11 adapter and canon lenses.

Luifer says:

what?? I’ve seen a few videos with canon lenses and the autofocus works very very well in photo mode… are you sure you didn’t miss something ??

Kai S says:

Mr Green Light life, they increased the price from $150 to $250 after this video… I feel like you should make a video about how disgusting that is!!! once someone highlight their piece of equipment they go running adding more price to it.

John Kaufi says:

Great review – thank you very much! … I would like to know how this lens performs on a Sony A7 Riii and on the Sony A9. Also, good to see that Sony finally got their sh*te together and the autofocus works better when filming. …Me saying as a Sony shooter.

Milan Kollar says:

So the metabones V is better for photography then sigma mc 11?

93 Rider says:

I used MC-11on Sony a7iii and used Canon 50mm f1.8 alomg with 70-200mm f2.8 IS2 lens.
In Photo mode, AF was working perfectly fine with very fast speed.

But that didn’t work in video mode at all, with any of those lenses.

But thing tk consider, I even have Sigma 8mm f3.5 APS-C lens for Canon,
Even that didn’t work for video Autofocus.

Now I am confused whether MC-11 supports video AF with Canon lenses or Not

Osirise81 says:

Manual assist does not work on video, but Focus hold and AF/MF switch does and these are great for video – does it works on Sigma?.

Nother point – OSS works with IBIS x non-naitive lens does not.
Sigma zoom is terrible sticky for video (compare to smooth Sony) – it many time ruin my shot.
Nother one – APS-C mode is great for gimbal or reduce rolling shutter – I would not trust this on Sigma.
Last one – used 24-70/4 cost now around 500 buck – probably less than sigma with adapter and you have lighter, AF faster and more reliable lens.

I think that now – Sony do great lenses more inviting for video and I would stick w/ them.

Yasha says:

Any recommendations for an adapter for Nikon mount to Sony e mount?

Denis Corlotean says:

would you trust to film a wedding with this setup ?

truth rules says:

I got a nikkon sigma 18-35 lens…can this mc 11 for cannon work on my nikon sigma lens?

Cineknot Films says:

Hey, i Have major question out form your video. So Basically this adaptor will work best for video if Sigma lens for canon, or Sigma originals or Sigma for Sony? Can you pls share your views

Stephen Mylonas says:

thankyou , you have answered a lot​ of questions I had

Mike Zhu says:

Hey! Great video! So I have the metabones for my a7s ii, but get connection issues sometimes including not being able to change my aperture. Does the sigma adapter have these issues? I use both Canon L and Sigma Art lenses. I also only use manual focus so autofocus doesn’t affect me. Thanks!

Foto4Max says:

I hadn’t any problems focusing canon lenses with the sigma mc 11… including 40stm,50stm,85mm,135L,200L
So some lenses don’t work with af, most do.

Richard Crowe says:

I am thinking about getting a Sony A7iii or perhaps the upcoming A6700 (crop is fine for me). I would plan to use my Canon lenses. Therefore, whether or not it will work with my Canon lenses is critical. Although I don’t shoot video, I would want continuous focus for shooting in burst mode.

photographerjonathan says:

what does the focus noise have to do with the adapter, the adapter has no motor, I have the mc ll and it works well with Sigma glass, but only does video autofocus with Art lenses like my 35 f1.4 Art, but for photography, it works really good with my old Sigma 50 and 85 f1.4 primes, but no video autofocus, also really good with my Tamron 24/70 f2.8 VC,,,,,,,,, and my Canon 50 f1.4, no hunting, but my Canon 40 pancake it only works good with a center focus point, not outside points, and my Canon 70/200 f2.8 IS ll L it has issues after 135mm except with a center focus point, but overall I am happy with it, and little by little I will get Sony glass, so far I bought the 28f2 / 55 f1.8 and 85 f1.8 to have a small kit with my A7r lll, I still own my Canon 5Dlll but haven’t touched it since buying the Sony, but I’m keeping it around just for my 70/200 and 2x converter

The Emo Emu says:

You can get a Smallrig tripod adapter for the MC-11. Costs something like $35 I think.
Which version 16-35L is that? I have an cheap old v1 Commlite adapter and the Canon 16-35/2.8L II (out of 3) and for photography it grabs focus impressively well. I havn’t checked if it can do video, but I can test it against the MC-11 if you want. I have one of those in the mail. Ought to arrive wednesday.
I was surprised to find that my Commlite adapter worked so well with my 16-35 as it does NOT (at all) work with any of my other lenses and I’ve been using it for manual focus + aperture control and EXIF data.

JDaveVisuals says:

The sigma 18-35 is made of APS-C. Can’t believe it worked on this full frame.

Juliano Guerra says:

I really hope somebody create an adapter to use our canon lenses in Sony câmeras using the AF continuous for videos.

alyhg007 says:

Cool, happy u reviewed this as well !

Ben Mattox says:

Just sold my canon 16-35 f4 should I replace it with the sigma?? Was thinking maybe the Sony 24-70 f4 or 16-35 f4? Whatcha think bro

DJEntroP says:

What about Tamron ef lenses?? Nobody seems to be able to tell, I have a 24-70 g2

GreenPeasProductions says:

just curious, where did you find out about the rebate? Is that perhaps still available?

Alessandro Censi says:

ido you know if t’s working good in af-s with canon 16-35 f4L and canon 85mm f1,2 L in photo mode?

Jonatan Renso Barzola says:

I have the same setup and also have the a6500 and it works a lot better autofocus in a6500 and you have to think that’s is a apsc lens so you miss on a7lll the ability to use all the sensor

Huhu 1997 says:

i use the A7 iii with the MC-11 and the Sigma 24-35mm Canon Lens and it works fantastic, in both video and photo mode. Its officially supported by Sigma (for all compatible Sigma Lenses look at the user manual document of the MC-11 adapter on Amazon)

Terry Anderson says:

Appreciate the video. I own the MC-11 and have the most recent firmware in it. I have been able to use my old Canon 28 f1.8 with no issues. Eye AF and face recognition work well too.

I have also seen several other video’s of others (Jason Lanier, the Brotographer and one other) that used the following Canon lenses with the MC-11. The 135 f2L, 85mm f1.2L, 24-70 f2.8 mkII, 70-200 f2.8 IS ii, and were able to use CAF and get eye AF as well as face recognition to work. But I have noticed some inconsistencies when it comes to both adapters. Tony Northrup couldn’t get the metabones to stop searching when trying to do face recognition and eye AF.

Deadeye says:

Have you looked into Viltrox adapters?

Erfan Rahimi says:

mc-11 is work good auto focus in movement on sony a7sii with sigma art lens? or this good preformance just for a7iii ?

Nathan Ribau says:

How is slog2 on the a7iii? Left the a6300 because of no flat picture profile. Tired of blowing my highlights

Greg Van Gorp says:

I’ve been looking for a honest review that does not sugar coat anything. I’m a Canon shooter and deciding between the a7III and the 5D4. I could probably get the 5D4 for about $2500 and the a7iii for $2000 but I’ll probably need both adapters to shoot video with my sigma lenses and photos with my Canon glass. I’ll stick with Canon for now, grab the 5D4, and wait for the next generation of mirrorless cameras to come out

Aidan March says:

The MC-11works good with the EF-24-70 2.8 is mark ii

Hrvoje Golubic says:

Hello everyone!

I come across the problem that nobody from youtube reviewers mentions.

I have Sony A7III with Sigma MC – 11 and I’ve been testing it with Canon and Sigma lenses. I’ve noticed that my 2 Sigma lenses ( 20mm and 35 mm 1.4 ART ) have Autofocus hunting when I am in Single Shot AF. It doesn’t matter if I am outside with plenty of light or in lowlight conditions and it’s the same no matter what type of Focus Area use ( I usually use flexible spot (small). Every time I press focus button the lenses hunt for focus back and forth for a moment and when they finally nail the focus you can see flickering on the screen and hear the noise from the lens ( for a quick period of time ).

I don’t have any such issue with Canon lenses or with sony. I have all latest firmware on Sigma glass, MC 11 adapter, and Sony A7iii.

Kethley Uy says:

Does the eye AF still work on mc11? Thanks!!


Hallo Green! i want to ask u, this lens is 27-52.5 at ff and does the aperture remains the same at 1.8 or it chnges as thw focal length?

felipe olvera says:

Does the canon 16-35mm f2.8 still not work with your a7iii?

Dracula Dicruz says:

Can you please share a review using Sony A7iii with Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens… Is that lens usable on a full frame camera? Thanks in advance.

Ivano A says:

Hi! congratulation for your video, please have you any upgrades on AF C on video mode through MC11? Is it better? thanks

SagaTracks says:

Does this adapter works with Canon 70-200 f4

cgkao says:

Hi. I have this same setup and in video mode I can’t change focus mode. It only stays in AF-C. From my research, that seems to be normal, but did you manage to use AF-C only when pressing a button? In my case, I can only use MF by flipping the switch on the lens, or use in AF-C automatically. I Would like to stay in AF mode, but only begin to focus with a press of a button.

SlowRkers says:

Guys i need help, i’m currently using Canon gear with 3 lens i.e 18-135 kit lens, 28mm f1.8 and Sigma Art lens 50mm f1.4 . I’m planning to buy Sony a7m3 but due to my budget limit im slight conflicted if i should get sony’s kit lens combo or get the MC-11 as i really still love my Sigma lens…. do help. Thanks

Kai Liu Visual says:

I think it is the sigma lens give focus tracking in video. Not necessary the mc-11. Because if you put sigma lens on metabones, it also doing pretty good video autofocus. But you put canon lens on mc-11 or metabones neither works for video auto focus.

Smart Biz Web Media says:

Awe that stinks. Focus hunting for all Canon L Glass? (Including 70 – 200mm F 2.8 IS II) So, touch lcd focus is pretty crummy too for video?

Alex Young says:

Does anyone know where i can get a rubber band for the zoom ring at 0:44?

Josh Rock Productions says:

So if you’re using the sigma 18-35 1.8 are you shooting in super 35 mode? Isn’t that only a crop sensor lens?

Zach Ramelan says:

Dude thank you so much! This video was incredibly helpful and will save me a ton of money.

zentrandi says:

What sigma lens did you mount on the adapter? 24-35?

bulgariastan says:

Gotta get that G Master glass

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