Sony 55-210mm f4.5-6.3 OSS Lens Review | John Sison

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I’m checking out one of the kit lenses for the NEX system, the 55-210mm lens. In this review I take a look at its build, handling, features and image quality.

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B U S I N E S S :


Gear used to film this video:
Sony a77 (
Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 SSM (
Sony UWP-V1


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Oliver Tams says:

I’m thinking of getting the a5000 and this lens for a trip to Costa Rica, I want to try and take wildlife shots, I’m amateur and wanting to progress from a bridge, would this be a viable option?

Amuro89 says:

Hi John, I am a newbie to DSLR camera. Can you tell me the size of lens hood for this Sony 55-210mm len? Thanks

CineSkills says:

It’s a very good lens!
check sample images at my instagram: @@gauravmishravision

Charlotte Chen says:

Hi has anyone tried to use this lens on a full frame a7x series camera? Thank you!

yasser hamza says:

I am playing archery and I wander if this lens can zoom for 70 meter and show the target clearly taking in consideration that my camera is Sony a6000

nadamasdisponible says:

Any advice welcome here. I just bought a NE- 5 on eBay and I got a pretty good deal. I take mostly surf pics, and since I’m on the beach and I want something anyone on my team can use with little training, it seemed like a good fit. However, I don’t feel like I’m getting close enough to my subjects. I was going to buy a SAL-20TC telephoto converter but I read that I will lose auto-focus capability. Auto-focus is pretty important for sports. What kind of solution would you best recommend? Is there a longer lens with auto focus available for this camera? Would a more modern body allow me to blow my subjects up more? Or should I scrap the E-series all together and go for something like a Nikon D3200?

Miguel A. Luna says:

Hi John, having a 50mm f1.8, 16mm and 30mm do you recommend getting the 55-210, the 18-105mm or the 16-70mm? I’m looking to have a little more reach but also something that compliments my kit and is worthy in the long run. Thanks!

Nikola Nikoloski says:

Hi John,which one is better sony 55 210 mm or 18 200 mm?Thanks….

Tropicas says:

Good Review, but I have a question. I am planning to buy a lens as a gift for my mother. Would this lens be ideal for taking pictures of moving things in the skyes. Like for example helicopters, or birds. Thx 🙂

Ngawang Wangchuk says:

Hey john there’s a comparison between 55210 vs tamron adaptall 80-250. So tamron was better so what would u rather me to buy ..??? Ans ASAP pls thanks

Georgina says:

Hello, I have an a5000 with the lens that came with it, but am going on holiday to Africa in a few months. Would this be a good lens for safaris? Or do you think there’s a better one I should get?

J Gamez says:

My 18-55 mm lens broke for my a5000 camera and I want to get a replacement but I don’t want to get the standard lens. I figure if I’m going to buy a new lens I might as well upgrade, so my question is, will this lens do the job of the 18-55 mm lens for regular close portrait shooting and all the other stuff that I did with it, or is this lens recommended for long distance shooting?

Jenny Gomez says:

Is this good for taking videos of sports? I was told to get the SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS but it’s a bit deep for my pocket. Will this be good for sporting videos?

dot pivotal says:

Thanks John!

BDQ-VABO Spotter says:

hello John, I am beginner at DSLR, how much X zoom can I do with 55-210 mm lens


Is it suit for my sony alpha a58y?

Rohit Phalak says:

Hi John, Is this lens is compatible with sony camera 5000L ?

andrea cresta says:

Hi, I have a sony a5100 with the default lens, I’m thinking about buy a better lens before my next trip, it’ll be mostly pictures of nature/landscapes/animals, possibly far away and moving (in the case of animals ofc). Do you think this lens is good for the purpose?

WolfxOmega says:

Great video!! Would you know if this is a good lens for taking photos of stars?

Cctv Eventos Bogota says:

HI, thank you for your review, I have a question for you.

I own 3 fs100 all with 18-200 lens and somebody is tradimng me one 18-200 for one 55-210, do you think that it’s a good trade?

Thank you very much in advance.

Sjasen Morsund says:

My sony sel55210, zoom extremely when I rotate on the focus ring. This males it different to change between zooming and focusing. What have I done Wrong?

jazic82 says:

I just wanted to take a second to thank you John for all the work you put into these short and detailed videos. I’ve watched tons of videos when deciding on lenses and yours are always quick, yet thorough and to the point without rambling on and on. Keep up the good work!

Denver Chance says:


Mohaimen Sajjad says:

hi….can I use this lens with Sony hx 300 ?????

Blake Fabman says:

Thanks for the Review John, I am currently considering buying the 55 – 210mm for my a6000. I love the camera and use it quite a bit when hiking, but would just like a little more zoom capability. It is interesting just how much the price spread is with this lens on ebay. Anywhere from 220.00 to 380.00 US Dollars. I wonder why? Thanks again

CleverCreatives says:

Hi John. Can you suggest a good shop to buy it from? I’m considering Kogan or Harveynorman.

Tomas Armanavicius says:

Hello, John! I have an Sony Nex 5n with 18-55 lens. Do i get any benefits if i bay 55-210 ? What is your opinion about this camera?

Windel Faurillo says:

Hi Friend! nice review, I was wondering if that lens compatible with Sony a5000?
all the best

SlappySlapperman says:

Will this lense work well with the a3000?

Icywolfe says:

How “bad” is the 6.3 at max zoom? As I never seen the aperture being that high on a max zoom. The highest I’ve used was like 5.6 on a 300mm canon lens.

Vishal Vij says:

I am going to buy a6000 but I am confused about lens.
Are kit lens good? Or should I buy any other lens?

drgaurav mishra says:

I have the alpha 6000 sony system with base lens of 16-55 mm. Is it worth to get the 55-210 lens if my main purpose is amateur photography of some scenery, buildings, myself and family while travelling

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