Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS lens review with sample pictures

A popular, image stabilized, fast 50mm lens for Sony mirrorless APS-C cameras. Before I tested this lens I’d seen mixed reviews of it. Let’s take a close look – because it this lens is any good, it could be a great option for a lot of people.

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.

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Hammerhaus Kennel says:

Excellent review as always Chris, thanks!! I’m so happy you have started playing with the Sony a6300 and lenses for it. Once I got my a6500 I sold off my Canon cameras. If Sony could only just up the game on their lens lineup a tiny bit, I could stop using adapted Canon EF mount lenses so much…

George Papamichail says:

maybe a good value lens to try in the e mount system is the Sigma 2.8 30mm art. Extremely sharp lens. It was even discounted at 119£ a year ago when I bought it

Isaboula says:

Hi thanks for this review very helpful, I just wanted to make sure would it fit onto my Sony Alpha 5000 ?

funkohunter says:

Would you prefer the Zeiss 55/1.8 over this one on APS-C? Thanks

Emil says:

How do you afford all those lenses? Do you just buy them used, or…

Slayage C says:

Hi pls pls respond to my question. I need help deciding on the lens to buy. I started blogging and take a lot of pictures of my makeup look for Ig . I JUST bought canon Eos 70d and i don’t like the kit lens… also I take my pictures so the 50mm gets only a part of my face. Pls which lens should I buy.. and something sharp and affordable.. Pls give me better options to consider…

Mahendran D says:

I own this lens, using with a6000. I’m not getting sharper photos. I own Rokinon 12mm F2.0 too, using with same a6000. I get very sharp pictures from Rokinon. I was thinking that I got faulty sony 50mm. It seems, we can get sharper pictures at f4.

ToXiCRising 99 says:

Will there be a review of that voigtlander lens?

Achilleas Labrou says:

I bought this lens in 2015 for 210€ from French Amazon for my old Sony NEX-3 camera. Afterwards the price was increased. It is one of the most popular lenses for APS-C e-mount cameras. It proved really sharp and excellent for its money. It can’t be compared with the full frame nifty fifty 50mm f/1.8 for full frame Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras because its angle of view is much narrower.
The minimum ISO of my Sony NEX-3 camera is 200 and the fastest shutter speed is 1/4000sec. That is two stops above the usual ISO 100 and 1/8000sec. So with this lens under daylight at f/1.8 I need an ND filter otherwise I can’t have shallow depth of field.
The optical stabilization of the sony 50mm f/1.8 isn’t impressive. It has a 49mm filter thread which is typical of nearly all small e-mount lenses by Sony.
It is affordable and a great choice after the typical retractable power zoom 16-50mm f/3.5-6 OSS kit lens by Sony. It is much sharper and above all it offer good shallow depth of field which is impossible with kit lenses.
It has an aluminum exterior but in reality everything inside except the elements is plastic.

Rizki Mahesar says:

Hi there. Can this 50mm do a great job for macro photography? Or should I go for the 30mm macro instead?

ThePicturetaker says:

Is it really that green in Wales right now or did you shoot these sample images earlier in the year? In Canada is is either white or dead grass because of a warm spell.

netmaster78 says:

Did you try it on a fullframe to see how well it performs, even if it´s actually just an APS-C lens? I remember sometimes you can find a steal on these APS-C lenses working on a FF quite well. I´d really like you to do these tests too 🙂

Dustin Abbott says:

Thanks for the review, Christopher. I’ve wondered about this one (being relatively new to the Sony lineup). I’ve just started my review of the Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DN lens, and early impressions (very early) are favorable.


Exactly what i needed!
Just subscribed to your channel..Probably the best channel i found on YouTube for lens reviews.
Can you please tell what camera setting did u use for video and photos of this review?

Fire Escape Griller says:

I love this lens. Also love the Sony 35mm f1.8. Two great lenses with OSS. Thanks for the review.

David Larsson Photo says:

Pop filter, use it!

Newgame Films says:

Mine focuses fastly! Do you have your autofocus drive speed set to “fast”?

Dean Bermudez says:

Can you compare sigma’s 30 1.4 to sony’s E 35 1.8?

The Daily Pothead says:

Is this great to pair with my a6000?

maaku says:

awesome review!

Sabbir Khan says:


trippinghard says:

Please please please review Sony 35mm f/1.8 E-mount, if you haven’t already.

troy X says:

Great review as always. I hope you get the chance to review the sony 35mm 1.8 for APSC.

Михаил Андреев says:

Nice review like always.
How about review “epic lens”? 😉

KOR Haku HD says:

i never actually comment on tech videos, but your review of the unit is absolutely phenomenal. very professional! liked and subbed. keep it up!

Harvey Louis says:

Great review, as always, Christopher. Did you have the opportunity to test the centering quality of the lens?

Diego Amaral says:

Sigma 16mm 1.4 for Sony review! Like Like Like!

Lars Kvinge says:

Look at the subjects in the bokeh sample pictures. They look flat, like stickers that is pasted on a blurry background. I would never be happy with this a lens. Technically it seems good in many aspects, but the pictures it produces does not.

Василий Васильченко says:

Hello there, Christopher! I love your videos, you’ve helped me a lot with lots of lenses. Will you create a video about Sigma’s 24-70 lens? I’m extremely curious about it’s quality and optical stabilization. Thank you for what you’re doing! Cheers.

Charan D says:

+Christopher Frost Photography Hi, are we supposed to keep lens when not using for an extended period of time in an air tight dry box in humid places?

Mel Enriquez says:

Funny, how your review on this lens just came in. I just closed a deal to get a used copy of the 50 f1.8 OSS last Sunday. I’ll pick it up this coming Saturday locally. This lens cost U$300 in our country. Got it for less than U$200.

I already know about this lens from other reviews and was debating of getting this or the FE 50 f1.8 so that I can still use that if I switch to 35FF bodies later on. But this seems to fit tailor made for aps-c. It’s optical qualities if used in aps-c sensors make it lead a bit vs the FE version. The E version seems to be slightly sharper especially at the corners. The AF is also snappier vs the FE version. And it has OSS too which the FE does not have. With the price of the A7R iii still beyond my reach, I would be best serve getting the proper lenses for my a5100. The A7R iii is a bit too pricey in our country in introduction at U$3,500 (with an extra batt + 64gb sd card). I think I’ll just wait for the A7 iii or better, till 2020, when the price of the A7R iii goes down to U$2,400 just prior to the release of the A7R iv. Add to the fact that such 42mp camera requires good lenses too, so that is another problem to solve. I can always shoot at crop mode and get about 18-19mp, still good for the 50 f1.8 OSS when the time comes.

With that long wait, and the money involved, I think I best just concentrate on aps-c for now. Right now, I also have the 16-50 kit (which is a fine lens though slow). I also have the 55-210 for range, though I hardly use this. And the excellent 18-105 f4 OSS PZ. I don’t have a fast lens, so the 50 f1.8 OSS will just fit the bill. It solve my low light or fast lens handicap, and give me a decent portrait lens too (75mm equiv). I’m well covered now, except maybe getting a 35 f1.8 OSS as well later (I should have taken that one for U$250 when it was offered to me) or a sigma 30 f1.4 DN DC. That should complete my semi-wide angle/normal and fast lens .

And this leads me to think that this 50 f1.8 OSS and the 35 f1.8 OSS complement each other well. Maybe put a fast 12mm too if one wants the wider focal length.

Thanks, Christopher for another fine review! 🙂

Zero Lives says:

Hi christopher…
will a Canon EF-S 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens fit on a Canon 1300D?
I’m asking because i need to know what lens will fit my camera.

AllPinkBarbieDollHouse says:

how can i zoom on a subject if i get this lens? like if i want to focus on one guy instead of the whole team how can i do that?

lazerman121 says:

Wow Makes me want one now. IDK if you saw my comment on your other video But I borrowed one a wile back and it had realy bad red fringing even at F/3.5. I must have used a bad copy.

Matthew Huizing says:

Thanks for the review . I have been looking at these, though I have many other lenses in this range including the Sigma 60mm F2.8 Art, but I am sure the OSS and better AF might make this one worth the premium.

roki977 says:

I love my Canon lenses even more after watching this..

Rizki Pratama says:

50mm on apsc is too narow for my style I prefer 35mm

Didar Uddin says:

What about for car photography, for shallow depth of field?

Alan Udale says:

Passing through singapore I noticed in terminal 2 a photo shop which gave some info on a possible canon 90 and canon 7d mk3 with 8K UHD (4320p) with a resolution of 7680 × 4320 (33.2 megapixels coming out in 2018.

Programmer Qn says:

It’s the best lens I have in my arsenal.​

Ibnu Maroghi says:

Really like this review

mustardymayo says:

I have had this lens for nearly 2 years. Just like you, I find the little niggles to be distracting (like the nervous bokeh). I am keeping it, for now, until I upgrade to my next camera (I primarily use Canon).

Nick Mayley says:

This was the first lens I got for my old Sony NEX (came with the SEL16f28 which is also decent but for different purposes). For me it was great value and I still use it sometimes (but not as much as I love my 18-200). Cost/quality, AF, stabilisation and size combined make this lens one of the best buys for Sony APS-C (maybe the most practical of the prime lenses for these cameras).

I don’t have the SEL35F18, I’ve heard it’s a popular buy too but I have the 30 macro, so I’m not sure I can justify it. It’s also substantially more expensive.

Shay E says:

I’m new to photography and I recently bought the Sony a6000, I see that there are two different Sony f/1.8 50mm camera, the cheaper one being $250 and the other priced at $300, what’s the difference? Is it because one has a manual focus and the other doesn’t?

Ozzy Paul says:

Cracking lens for the price…

Alky Fennell says:

was one of my favorite lens when i used to have a a6000

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