Sony 50mm F1.8 FE Lens Review | John Sison

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I take a look at Sony’s cheapest full frame prime lens for the FE lens system, the 50mm F1.8 lens. Its a budget lens targeted towards photographers who want a fast standard lens which is great for low light conditions and out of focus blur. I have the lens mounted on my Sony A7RM2 so check out how well it performs in the video.

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Gear used to film this video:
– DJI Osmo (
– Sony ILCE-7RM2 (
– Sony ILCE-7SM2 (
– Sony 24-70mm F2.8 G Master lens (
– Sony 50mm F2.8 Macro lens (
– Rodelink Film Maker (


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Jan Hanca says:

Maybe AF is faster after the firmware update, but it is still super-slow. I believe Sony did it on purpose to make people buy Zeiss 55/1.8. Switching from 10 years old Nikon D300 with 10 years old 50/1.8D to A7m2 with FE50/1.8 is very painful for me.

Perry Gunawan says:

Nice review as always. Im considering to buy this lens + a7 body. I just wondering, is there any limitation at f3.5 when shoot video + AF on a7? I also mind to buy a6000 + sigma 30 f1.4. Which one is the best for video?

Johonan andrew gomes says:

can I see some photos with this lens and the a3000

Willy Optimus says:

is the motor as loud for manual focus with an external Mic recording video?

greg greg says:

I hesitate to get that lens. I have a standard sony A7 so,no in body stabilisation.this lens don t have OSS,right? I own the apsc lens sony oss50mm 1.8 that I use on my A7 ( and my apsc A5000) but in crop mode. would it worth the “upgrade” ?

Alwin Benjamin says:

Does the lens have steady shot in the lens?

evo271 says:

I’m sorry, but a 50mm should be as good as it can get near/or wide open, because it’s a cheap portrait focal length. From what i’ve seen, it double the price of say a Canon 50mm f1.8 STM, but only half the performance.

mp4podcastDOTcom says:

At 3:44 there is that tower reminds me of the Seattle Space Needle. Does that tower have a name? The Seattle Space Needle has a restaurant at the very top.

RomD says:

How would this lens fit with an A6300 body ?

alex markou says:

What sense is sharper the 50mm oss or this ?

Austin rajiv says:

what is the difference between this and sel50f1.8??? and can you make a comparison video???

Liangshi Xu says:

its 950$ for the za ziess in australia, and you can get 700$ as second hand.

mmsotster says:

Got this lens updated the firmware to version 2 with my a7 2 and i don’t see any improvements in autofocus, but it might be the focusing system in the a7 2 because the lens focuses a lot better with my a6000

Glenda Garcia says:

Can it be used with the sony a5100?

Aby Mathew says:

Hi John, can you pls review samyang 35 mill f1.2 on sony a6300…

stuart spears says:

it is a great alternative to the kit lens when buying a body only I love mine

SPDTDL says:

Love the talking while walking. I’ve had this lens for a while now, and once you get used to it’s quirks it’s pretty good for a walk about.

Booming Visuals says:

Was you using the Osmo when you first started walking at the beginning?

UglyBlackBoy says:

Would love a comparison between the 50mm FE 1.8 vs the E mount 50mm 1.8
Can’t decide which one is a better 50 without breaking the bank

Renaldi Setiawan Nugroho says:

sir ,can we use this lens on APS-C e-mount camera? like A5000 ?

Sree Hari says:

Can you please do a review of the Nikon B700.

Evan Barker says:

Will this lens affect the photos I take on my a6000 because it’s a full frame lens and not aps-c

john hallgrimsson says:

Sony has pumped out endless A7 bodies and NEX and A6xxx models – but how many Sony only bonded lenses at a more affordable price then endless Zeiss or GM lenses – very very few Sony only branded – so any Sony only branded is welcome even though it is not the most awesome lens

lasarith2 says:

I’ll stick to the Older 50mm seems much better than this one.

Narathip Bunturngsuk says:

should by this one or spend more $usd 300 to get second hand zeiss 55 mm ?

Kunwarinder Pal Singh says:

Is it compatible with the Sony a 6300

Aby Mathew says:

Great reviews mate, short and precise….keep em posting.
what are the best/sharpest lenses available for a6300 in your expertise.????

1 for wide shots,landscape n architecture mainly
2 lenses for portrait
1 for zoom.
tahnk u

Erik Nomura says:

I paid $850 for this lens… Did I get ripped off?

joekenny lamothe says:

how do you zoom with that lens

Toba Mann says:

I use an a5100 with the 50mm F.1 FE . Trying to get the Sigma 60mm f2.8. Whats the best to get for wide angle and zoom?

edshotsdotcodotuk says:

the 28mm f2 isn’t weathersealed is it? did I get rid of a more useful lens than I thought?!

pinkeye00 says:

Always love your reviews homey. What I’ve noticed in reviews are exactly what you posted here – but it’s always in two versions. The first reviewer is “I can’t believe Sony released this. It’s sh*t AF, and it’s way over priced. Canon has a Canon f1.8 50 that costs $75. What was SONY thinking?!” .. and the second is usually “Wow, what a great lens. The AF is slow, but the image quality is really awesome for such a cheap lens!” … You either OWN $8K in gear, and its nice to see something with awesome IQ for so cheap.. or you get the troll bargin basement guy living in his mom’s basement bitching about lenses made 12 years ago for full frame $300 DSLRs in 2017. Regardless…. spot on dude.

Toba Mann says:

50mm f.1.8 vs sigma 60mm …which on is the best for portrait? Which one is has the b est bokeh?

theRickSter says:

whats the difference between this lens and a zeiss lens?

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