Sony 20mm pancake Lens SEL20F28 In Depth Review on Sony a6000

In Depth Review on the Sony 20mm pancake Lens SEL20F28 shot with the Sony a6000 and compatible with Sony Mirrorless Cameras. NEX 3, 5, 7, a51000, a5000, a6000. Buy it on Amazon

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Anton V. says:


dave1234u says:

Barrel distortion? What is he looking at? I really can’t see anything. Also the kit lens this camera comes with is totally not that bad. As for being one of the worst lenses you have used? Harsh man. Not all of are pro’s

Felipe Sandoval says:

Great review! Dirty nails! LOL

Cuong Diep says:

I have this lens on a NEX-5R. I’m looking for my second prime lens. I’m deciding between the Sony 28 F2 or the Sony 35 F1.8 OSS. I know that you like the 28mm over the 35mm, so I’m leaning towards getting the 28mm based on your opinion. But, am I restricting myself by getting the 28mm because it’s closer to the 20mm (in focal length) than the 35mm? It might be a long time before I can buy a third lens, so I need to decide on the second one wisely. I mainly shoot pics/videos of people, and rarely landscape. Thanks for your input!

Robert Sherrow says:

Great review David.  Appreciate all the reviews you have done on the A6000 and associated lenses.  Very helpful info when considering expanding my collection of lenses.  Question: what software are you using in post production in this vid clip?  Thanks again!

shameem ahosan says:


Rob Beard says:

What do you reckon then David, Sigma 19mm EX DN or the Sony 20mm? From the looks of it I would reckon the Sigma?……………………………..As for people moaning about his finger nails, grow up FFS, he’s been working and he’s taken the trouble to film a video and edit it for your enjoyment.

D Grod says:

Hey Davin! Really considering buying this camera body in a few weeks. I’m still an amateur and don’t clearly know what lens I should purchase. Any recommendations? I Mainly want to shoot portraits, street, and nature but nothing with far distance really.
I was putting my finger on the Sigma 60mm f/2.8 as its in my price range and not breaking my bank. -David 

Nekojitablog says:

Nice and deep review! I loved you reviewed video, not only stills. I do vlogs with the Sony a5100 and the 16-50 kit lens and it’s really good, but sometimes it’s big and heavy and I need some more light. The good point is that it has stabilization. Has the 20mm stabilization too? Thank you!

JohnReviewer112 says:

Great review, I plan on getting the a6300 with the 35mm oss and this. I was planning on getting a pentax k-1 but I have to cycle 30km to school and it would just take up too much space in my bag.

Wolf 9 says:

You need to work on NOT using the word “Um” so much. Normally I don’t fret, but damn man.

Tyler says:

Great video and in depth review but I was wondering if the fisheye for the 16mm would also work on this 20mm? Thank you!

Devon Stone says:

So would you recommend this lens over the 19mm sigma 2.8?

twoblueday says:

Does the lens take advantage of the hybrid focus system, I know some lenses don’t.

Gary Winters says:

Great, useful review…but your dirty fingernails were quite distracting!

Barry Duggan says:

hi, how does this lens perform on an A7, is there a lot of vignetting at small apertures?

Paolo Rossi says:

Hello lavvikaphotograhy, can you please give me some advise….I bought the A6000 with kit lense 1650. I want to buy a prime for travel photography. I am indecided between sel 20mm f28 or sel35 f18. Which one would you recommend? Thanks.

David Rudometkin says:

Going to be hiking in Peru this summer and considering this lens for quick landscape shots on my a6000. Wondering if you think this would be the best choice. I plan on hooking the camera to my pack strap so size does matter, but at the same time I want some good quality shots. Thanks for the video.

Juri Jurgen says:

очередной фотографер кирпичных стен XDDD

Barry Duggan says:

so its a non runner?

Mike Lentsch says:

I hated that music at the end until it made me feel like I was back in the ’80s. Now I like it.

Han Zhang says:

nice review

RedShirt RedShirt says:

Could not watch the fingernails.

Zin Shatori says:

Would you recommend this lens for someone using this camera to vlog?

sunn-dreamm says:

You do a ton of great reviews when it comes to the a6000! If you could only have 2 must have lenses for this camera, what would they be? Thanks in advance.

Amit Ashton says:

Hey Lavikka, this len 20mm good for architecture?

AndreAgonia says:

Hi man, I watched some of your videos so far and I think there’s something you could improve.
When you say “It comes with the lens hood which I don’t need why it’s there” or “it’s better than the 16mm which shares something with but I’d stay away from that” would you please elaborate on why and what your thoughts are on the topic?

I mean, it’s like if you said “Ok get this red shirt which comes with a useless collar, don’t get that yellow one because it’s worse”.

Yeah, ok, but what’s worse? Why do you find that useless etcetera? I mean I know some of the answers on my own but I think it’d be better for us and the channel itself 🙂

grant gunderson says:

Hey man loving the reviews, i just picked up a sony a7ii and cant figure out the smallest package with the biggest punch. I want huge wide landscape shots and I’ve been shooting with the canon 14mm the past few years so it kills me to not get something quality. I am about to pull the trigger on the 10-18mm and only use it around 14mm. It seems right with the price ,width and compact size. i was looking for in a backup travel setup. But is the 20mm or 16mm pancake actually better than the 10-18mm?

Achilleas Labrou says:

Nice lens for my NEX but is too expensive in comparison with other crop E-mount prime lenses.

Rick Mentore says:

This review is spot on. I do agree with your assessment, however I must disagree with your take on the kit lens and the 16mm. I find the kit lens outstanding and the 16mm is more than adequate. I would strongly advise a second look at them.

Erik Berg says:

Hi I would love to see how the 20mm works on the full frame body! I have heard that it covers nearly all of the sensor. Would really like to see it, is something you can test out? THANKS!

Adrian Baron says:

Hätte er nicht vorher zur Maniküre gehen können?

Log Home says:

Nice review but please wash your hands and clean those nasty fingernails. 🙁

brad fuller says:

hi – thanks for the review, very practical info!  
One comment if I may – you mention early in the video that the 16-50 kit lens is very bad (“the worst I’ve ever seen” i think you say :^)     I’m new to sony, have just upgraded from a Lumix lx5 to the a5100 with kit lens.   I’ve just been shooting tests / fun to get a sense of how the various menu options work  etc …     As a step “up” from a point-and-shoot into APS-C size sensor I’ve been really happy with the kit lens …..   (for the price) .. It’s not a great lens by any  measure…. you can easily see slight vignetting at 16mm wide open, and soft edges also – so I’m not saying that it’s going to win any awards :^)  

But for casual shooters (non pixel-peepers) it’s been a very pleasant step up….
Getting into the E-Mount eco-system  for $450-odd bucks (for the body+kit lens) is pretty reasonable…. I wouldn’t call the kit lens all that bad for the price :^)  

anyway – thanks for your review – keep them coming!! 

Connor Koppang says:

Do you find it an issue not having image stabilization in either the camera or lens? Thanks!

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