Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 Lens Review | John Sison

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In this video, I take a look at the Sony 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 for the Sony E-mount system. Its an APSC lens designed for crop sensor cameras like the A6000 series and a5000 series cameras. This lens will be great for anyone who is looking to upgrade from their current kit lens or anyone who wants a versatile lens for landscape, portraits and scenic shots.

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Edward says:

HAHA love the bloopers at the end 😛 great review of the lens!!!

HonorGamer says:

Great video. what is the sharpest or best IQ lens?
doesn’t matter autofocus or manual focus / old or new, only IQ
Thank you

Martín Weiss L. says:

Thanks for the video, Jhon. One question, how is the bokeh of this lens? Thank you again!

Dave Katz says:

Really solid review !!

Robert Rudolph says:

Very informative, Thank you, John.

JosieJay D says:

TSONGGO MERCH!!!! Hahahaha I’m thinking of getting this lens, for my next lens for portrait and videos.

ThatOneMohamed says:

oh finally Sony made a new lens for their aps-c cameras its been like 4 years

Emerson Tapia says:

Do you recommend me that camera?

Luyen Nguyen says:

really contemplating getting this lens for my a7rii .Form factor . Looks extremely light. Apsc mode zoom reach. Would be mainly using for videos of the kids .

Ram Boy says:

Is that wil dasovich merch?

REV films says:

Got the 18-135 as a kit when i bought my a6300.
Vigneting at 18 f3.5 in raw was very noticeable but can be fixed with camera correction. Its light compact and ultra sharp. Tried the lens on my a6000, the lens moves because the a6000 has a looser mounting than the a6300 and a6500. Also keep in mind when using the lens its prone to colllect dust inside the lens it self when you alway zoom in and out, mine already has one but it doesn’t affect the images

Kyriakos Aronis says:

you ve tested both, this one and the 18-105g…apart from the differences in the tele end, what s your opinion about this comparison?

mirrorlessNY says:

love this lens, uploaded a review of it myself, great combination with a6000 series cameras,,, LIKED/SUBSCRIBED

Larry Kay says:

I love my copy of this lens. Compact with a good zoom range that I take hiking mounted on my A6000. It hangs on my backpack shoulder using a Peak Design mount so weight/size is a consideration.

Stephen Hibbs says:

How can sony make great full frame lenses and rubbish aps-c lenses

Maurice Phoenix says:

Great Video as always John

Carol F says:

I just noticed your shirt. I watch Will Dasovich’s channel as well. I won’t be getting this lens as I have the 16-70 f4.

Gweemz says:

What range lens would you recommend for indoor/outdoor concert photography?

Vintage Pictures says:

This lens was probably the most disappointing lens that APS-C users had been waiting for in years. How many slow variable aperture zooms we already have and this seems like it’s just playing catch-up to Canon’s 18-135. This is nothing more than an extended kit lens at most and it shows that Sony is not further developing serious APS-C lenses like the much needed 16-55mm F2.8 lens which like every other camera system already has. And NO, sticking a FE lens on the a6x00 bodies isn’t going to work out due to more cost and sheer size disadvantages.

Lee Yang says:

It’s been out for a while

רביב מיוחס says:

I just bought this lens and I am very impressed !
I use it on an A6300.
Usually I shoot with primes on my A7II, and except the wonderful 16-35 F4 I never really liked any sony zoom (I tried the 24-70 F4 and the 16-70 F4).
I find the 18-135 a very competent lens. Size is just about right. AF is very quick, accurate and silent. It is not slow on the long end !
The image quality is a big surprise. Center is fantastic, most of the frame is very good, and only extreme corners might be soft, depending on the aperture.
The image stabilizer gives about 3 stops which is great.
From my experience THIS LENS IS BETTER THAN THE PRICEY 16-70 F4.
The whole combination of side, weight, image quality and fast AF work very well.
All this for a very good price – 500$ in the US.
This is the zoom lens for travelers and family shooters, and also many other photographers.

Alejandro Carrasco says:

Hi. In comparison with the 18200 LE (or even the original 18200), which one you should buy? Is the 18200?

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