Sony 18-105mm G Lens Review

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This is probably the best kit lens replacement you can buy for just about any Sony mirrorless E-mount camera. Fantastic color, great image quality, very nice contrast and the build quality, silent focusing motor all make this lens an absolute must have!

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Toca a Fita says:

hello! you said it works on an a7 but at the beginning you said not full frame lens… the only thing that makes me think about not buying it is this fact, when I upgrade from a6000 to a7s i’ll have to sell it. so, it doesn’t work on a7 right?

T Rice says:

Thanks just bought the lens.. for my new a6300, I have the a7rii as my main boy and wanted a video camera. so I got the a6300.. sure you can use this lens on my a7rii as well in crop mode.  so I may sell my 24-240  since this look to be better use.   How do you compare this lens with the 24-240 and the 55-210.. should I sell them both and just use this lens?  Thankss..Great review.. u sold me

youyida says:

sir,it good for nex 6 model?

Mauricio Hernandez Z. says:

Hi Mark. Thank you for your videos. Regarding video quality, which lens would you choose for the A6300: 16-70 Zeiss or 18-105 G? I don’t mind about the extra 35 zoom range, only best image quality. Cheers!

Felix Peña says:

qu tal este lente le queda a la sony a7

Juan Andrés Coriat says:

the manual focus is shit -_- As every electronic sony lenses. I hate that!!! But im loving the cameras and the autofocus so I have to buy them -_-

Enok Bong says:

Hey can this replace a standard kit lens of 6300? Kit lens is terrible… please give me your input! Fyi i love taking architecture, landscape. Thanks!

Parallax Peak says:

This is a full frame lens

dizlys says:

Hi Mark. Nice review! I have a question for you. I got the Sony a6300 and planning to go to South Africa. Now i’m looking for a good lens for wildlife, nature and I’m thinking of the 18-105mm F4 G OSS. But I allso can get a good deal with the 16-70mm F4.0 Zeiss. You got any idea wich one would be the best?

GeekedUp says:

I’m getting the a6500 soon. I plan on using it for youtube videos. Should i get this lens or the 16-50mm kit lens? (disregarding the zoom)


Because of the zooming power, this can be use as a wide angle lens too correct? vs sigma 18-35mm..

DarrenW says:

i seen reviews where theres a big distortion in vid and image at zoomed end but not in ur video. could you explain why? i really dont wanna spend money on something that disappoints me.

Zero the Hero says:

Great job on making your video different from most people. It’s boring as hell to basically hear people repeat the same shit. Keep up the great work bro.

Ross Antonio Banayo says:

Hi Mark, I have the a6000 and been using it with the Tamron 18-200mm. a6000 is mainly used for stills. I am tempted to get this sony 18-105 f4 lens because of the constant apperture. should I go for it? appreciate your feedback. thank you.

mc vers says:

Hey there
How does this lens performs with Sony a6300 both on still jpeg and raw and in video mode is there is any massive distortion will find or camera will correct it automatically ?

Ante Kirigin says:

I might sound picky, but can anyone tell me what is the best fit hard case for this lens. I want some protection and I’m having hard time to find perfect fit online. Thanks!

SnareMan says:

The walk around video doesn’t really look all that impressive with it. Kinda choppy and blurry isn’t it? Or is it just me

Rup Kumar BK says:

I’m buying it. Thank you for letting us know about it. This is, I believe, good investment for indie videographers.

I Gusti Ngurah Adhi Baskara Putra says:

Does it support PDAF/dancing dots?

Jack Le says:

which one is better? 18-105f4 G or 16-70f4 CZ?

omkar das says:

can i use on Sony fulrame??

Tyler Good says:

16-70mm Zeiss vs. this lens what wins?

Matthew Black says:

Thanks for this review Mark!

Joseph Kurniawan says:

mark, which one do you think better, 18-200 or this lens?

See Lor says:

Will this lens be okay with my sony a5100?

Sitka Gear Fanatic says:

so I can’t manually focus with this lens?

vfxshine says:

Hi i bought this from ebay, shipped from japan and made in china. seller
said it has domestic warranty in do i know its original. is
any way i can check it with the serial number

elgoog voice says:

Does the Power zoom version of the 18-200 produce the same sharpness? SELP-18200.

Blending With Henry says:

Hey Mark, I’m buying a Sony A6300 with kit lens in a week or so from B&H. I’m using it for my YT channel videos. When the 18-105 lens comes back in stock I’m getting that too. You state that you’re an affiliate with B&H. Could you give me a direct link to B&H so I can order and you get the credit? I only buy my equipment from B&H.

ExpertWeapons says:

I would like to buy a zoom lens that is around $500-$750. But, the zoom range itself is not that important for me as I always prefer to get closer to the subjects I shoot. So I don’t care if it’s 16-70 F4, or 18-105 F4. I am confused about choosing between the Carl Zeiss 16-70 F4 OSS or the Sony 18-105 F4 G OSS. Which of these lenses have the sharpest, cleanest and best overall picture quality?

dave7491 says:

hey guys if you can help me out decide:

1. SONY A-6000 kit + 16-50 + 55-210 f4.5-6.3 for 675$
2. SONY A-6000 + 18-105mm G f4 for 900$

beginner photographer, video-photos might be up to 50/50, planning on traveling with the camera.

thanks in advance!

+The Photo/Video Show

Nathan says:

I’ve got a fucking burning pimple on my ass but this video is more important

C Lee says:

Thank you for the great review. I am thinking of buying one. I wanted to know, could you please share with me how do you take those close up pictures with the background being blur out? Which mode did you use? What’s your F stop?

Joe Dwyer says:

Great review. I ordered this lens before seeing this review so it only confirms my expectations.
By the way for americans you can order this lens for 599 canadian which is only 432 us
Check out Henry’s camera online

Mihajlo Stosic says:

Can you make nice bokeh on portrait photos? Also can you manually focus and zoom or is auto lens? I have a6300 so would you recommendit to me? 🙂

S prasath says:

this lens doesnt work manual focus for my a6500. i cant fix it. please tell me what to do

mofahmin says:

I’m thinking on buying zoom lens for my A6000. Should I buy this Sony 18-105mm G Lens or Sony E 18-200mm LE? I’m a little bit tight on budget so I hope to get a go to all around lens. Is power zoom worth it or do i really need 200mm in zoom.


Pavitr Kunder says:

motivate me I dare you.. haha..

Ernest M says:

Just ordered 1 from Amazon. Your review pushed me over the edge, Thanks buddy!

Nickolas Carl says:

Only half a meter in focus lol XD

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