Sony 18-105mm F4 G Series Lens Review | John Sison

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In this video, I take a look at the Sony 18-105mm F4 G series lens for the Sony E-mount system.

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Gear used to film this video:
– Sony a99 (
– Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F2.8 SSM (
– Sony UWP-V1


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Tom Healy says:

Is the ring closest to the front glass focus or zoom?? Thanks!

Aidan Marangos says:

This lens will work on the A7S ii yea?

Marta Mutti says:

can i use this lens for the a5000?

lgnas Dignito says:

is it still good, if it is put on full frame cam?

official shinigami says:

that lens hood comes with the lens?.

Aby Mathew says:

which is the best zoom lens for a6300.

Yan R says:

I’ve read nothing but great reviews about this lens so I bought it but every time I take a picture with flash with my Sony a6000 I get a black shadow on the left hand side of the picture. Is anyone e experiencing this and If so what did you do to take that off.

Wendy Arbeit says:

Instead, how about the Canon M5 with its 18-150 lens? Very similar package to a6000 with 18-105 but the total weight is a bit less and the reach a bit farther.

dsol productions says:

why didn’t we show the zooming in and out?

Zhorell Ski says:

Which is sharper, this or the 16-70 zeiss?

ashif Dx says:

Should i upgrade to this lens from 16-50 kit lens?

kyle kilbury says:

I already have a fe1.8 50mm Sony lense and am looking for something better for street landscape and somewhat wildlife photography would you suggest adding this lense?

Markus Plössnig says:

Hi, i want to get this lense instead of my 16-50 Kitlense – would it be better ? because of the f4 ? is the sharpnes better than with the Kitlense ? Thank you for this video 😉 it’s cool

Ross Antonio Banayo says:

Hey John. I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I already own a Tamron 18-200mm for my a6000. bought it before doing an extensive research on lenses for the a6000 and photography in general. i am not a pro but I do enjoy shooting stills when traveling. should I replace my 18-200mm with the 18-105? the constant f4 is really tempting.

S prasath says:

this lens doesnt work manual focus for my a6500. i cant fix it. please tell me what to do

Chava Marquęz says:

why does it have to be an f4!! damn it sony we need better glass for the cropped sensor cameras!

Grantorrone says:

Hi! have you noticed any vignetting with this lens? I recently made some shots and there is an evident vignette around the image. Sony a6300+18-105 F4 G. Cheers.

Bogdan Bezi says:

Is it better than the 10 18mm for video? Thanks!

marta synowiec says:

Hi John. This lens will fit to sony alfa 33 with adapter or i’ts just for mirrorless camera

Ali Omari says:

is there any good alternative for the kit lens 16-55mm? also, what do you recommend for zoom lens?

-,' RED ',- says:

Isnt sison (the filipino last name) pronounced see-sohn not sih-sohn?

Pema Tamang says:

Hi Jason do you know G master 70 – 2000 f4 or 2.8 work on sony a6000 after firmware updated? i saw Gary Fong Used 70 – 200mm f4 on Sony a6000.

Scott Thomas says:

John do you think the sony 10 – 18mm is a sharper lens than this 18 – 105?

Angela Thomas says:

Hi I have the Sony A6500 and wondered as a general walk around lens what would you say is better. The 18-105 or the 16-70 Thanks 🙂

Amulya Malakar says:

will it fit in a7rii

BD says:

I have full frame A7R2. So whuch lens to use to get full frame with out using crop mode (similar to this power zoom)?

chaitanya y says:

this lenses is fit for a58?

Lex Andrew M Manalo says:

Hey john love the reviews man, the reason why i got this lens.
anyways i have problem/question/ need advice. i shoot raw files and i have sony a6000 and the 18105mm combo,
the in camera correction does fantastic job correcting the distortion/vignetting for this lens, but when i import it to LR, the result is very different(which should be because its a RAW file). My question is, is there a way i can replicate the in camera correction to LR? ( I’m learning the art of photography and i want to get the “perfect” straight from the camera shot image, it hit me by surprise that the distortion is crazy and my composition from the camera is different from when imported to LR) any advice??

thanks john, and again love the reviews 😀

Zaid Alamiri says:

So what happened if i use it on a7ii ??

duonkaah says:

i’m looking to buy a lens to get a bit more zoom over the nex kitlens (1650pz) would you recommend this lens, or the sel55-210?(especially regarding IQ and build quality)

Norman Weichel says:

If I use this at 18mm on the A7 in crop mode, because it is an actual APS-C lens… it is still 18mm, correct? Its only the full frame lenses that take on that 1.5 x focal range?

Deceqtion says:

Hey John,
Thanks for your review 🙂 I’m considering buying a new lens and i watched two of your videos.
But what would be the best lens to buy the “SONY E 18-200MM LE F/3.5-6.3” or “SONY E 18-105MM PZ OSS” 🙂

Mouktik Saha says:

great video. thank you. I’m an amateur photographer with intentions of becoming pro travel/hiker photo/videographer.

1. for still photography which one do you recommend 80D or A6300 (all purpose but mostly outdoors traveling/forest/beaches or even people, city or subjective)?
2. Do I have enough lens options to fulfill all my needs?
3. what will be the limitations comparing to 80D (lenses or accessories)?
4. Should I choose 80d over A6300 because of Touch Screen Focusing System [very important]

I know for traveling mirrorless is a better but I don’t want to compensate on quality or dynamic range also.
your input on this will be very very helpful.

Wendy Arbeit says:

How does this lens compare to the 55-210 for quality?

York Adams Hoops says:

can this lens handle indoor basketball games.

rscully5 says:

So you can’t change the aperture on this? It says at F4?

Edgar G. says:

I noticed you seem you like to be out in nature when you do your videos. Can you mix it up a little, part nature, part street so you appeal to different type of photographers. Also some macro and portrait. Thanks! Tap on my name to see my slideshows if you like.

elgoog voice says:

Does the Power zoom version of the 18-200 produce the same sharpness? SELP-18200.

omkar das says:

can i use this on Sony a7ii

David Rodríguez Dapoza says:

Do you protect it with some filter?
Good video

lee sherlock says:

is this a good upgrade from the kit lens on the a6000?

Kathryn Clark says:

Will this do ok for a dance recital? I have shot one with the 55-210 f5.6-6.3 but had a lot of trouble (understandably) with the noise at the zoomed end. The preferable 70-200 f2.8 is a bit out of my range. I’m looking for some assurance or pointers.

andrew amacher says:

I have sony a7ii and a6500 do you think i should get the 16-70 it almost matches the focal length as the 18-105

jootai says:

can you only use the power zoom to zoom or also switch from zoom ring to power zoom?

niccolo noseda says:

Hi John
thank you for the review; is the power zoom going to drain much battery?

thank you

duonkaah says:

i’m looking to buy a lens to get a bit more zoom over the nex kitlens (1650pz) would you recommend this lens, or the sel55-210?(especially regarding IQ and build quality)

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