Sony 18-105 F4 Review – If You Could Only Have ONE Lens…

★ The Sony 18-105 F4 G OSS Review ★ If you could only have ONE lens, which lens would it be and why? For me, having a zoom with a constant aperture that can cover me from a decently wide range to a reasonable telephoto range and still give me great quality would be the dream. The closest thing I’ve been able to find so far is this lens. The Sony 18-105 F4.

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Elvis Presley says:


GregorPQ says:

Only lens on APSC: 85/1.4

Impera Cinema says:

nice review man. Please tell me, what lens would you recommend for sony a7III ? something like this one, wide and some zoom too. Thank you

Jean-Paul Voets says:

Excellent video

Bayu 426 says:

should i’ve brought sony a6300 kit + 18-105mm, or just body a6300 + 18-105mm ?

Danah Spies says:

What! Your name is pronounced exactly the same as mine. First I have ever seen. For that I have sub’ed. Great video too.

ThatSlowZ says:

Anyone feel free to chime in. I have a 70-200mm F4. I was thinking of refunding it to get the 18-105mm F4 because I also do landscapes photography and the lens seem to be versatile, What do y’all think. Plus it’s cheaper

Pentley Holmes Music says:

What’s your reason for shooting apsc vs full frame?

MKstudios says:

Im torn between this and Sigma 16mm f1.4 for my a6300. Do u think which one is more worth to get over the other?

Roald Euller says:

For the Sony a6000 series I would happy with a faster version of the kit lens, say a 16-70 f2.8. I know there is the Zeiss 16-70 f4 but the reviews on that are very iffy plus it costs almost $1000. Surely someone can do better? (I’d even settle for a 16-50 or 16-55 f2.8). [edit] I should say that the small form factor is a big deal for me, which is my main objection to the 18-105. Plus I prefer wider at the low end than long reach.

Raymond Yeung says:

This lens got terrible distortion without turning on lens correction. Bad optical quality.

Anwar Ala says:

I wonder what is your lens used in 11:41 whith the wide landscape behind you!! Realy love this site

Mattz Vidz says:

But that Fstop at 4….killn me

Cedric Yeung says:

Sigma 16mm f1.4 dc dn

Jake says:

Is it full frame?

Jamie Pirie says:

so with the crop factor it is a 27mm-157.5mm and with clear img 2x. zoom it can be a 27mm-315mm because 105mm xCropFctr 1.5 = 157.5mm x2 clear img zoom it = 315mm. WOWWWW

jim says:

i got this lense recently. very nice. it absolutely loves filming aswell im honestly thinking about selling my sigma 16mm now because this lense will probably be on my camera alot more. so far very impressed..smooth zoom and focus. it handles bright light very very because of the f4 This review is excellent and very honest about the lense from my short experience with it myself

Luca Bono says:

Having the Sigma 16mm(70% of time) + 30mm F1.4 , I’m quite ok with this setup for videos and photography.
I binded the ClearZoom on the C2 button, so if I need extra range it’s easy.
For day time use the kit lens is just fine….just use a fixed aperture of 5.6 from 18mm if you want to use the powerzoom. (There is too much distortion correction at 16mm, avoid it…you will see it during the zoom).

AndroidApps says:

i’m a little confused, but please answer this silly question of mine, if I were to use this lens on the sony A7iii will it be 18 to 105 or 28 to 120ish? but doesnt the a7iii switch APSC mode when you use this lens?

sochamic RT says:

Absolutely useful for me to make my decision if I want to buy a lens that suits all occassions, thanks a lot Dunna.

S Shoal says:

I just purchased an a6500 and 3 lenses. I expect the 18-105mm will be on the camera most of the time. I switched from a Canon 6d and the 24-105mm lens is what I used on it most of the time.

Márton Kámán says:

This one or the 16mm f1.4?

Arman Respicio says:

the crazy squirrel got you man 🙂 thanks for the review. it helps a lot. God bless!

Jay Slays says:

great video dude!

jacqueline ramos says:

This would be the lens that i would choose if im only using it in photos, but im not sure if i want this for taking videos.

Kung Fu Panda says:

24-70 F4OSS for A7lines

A. Kawa says:

Sorry for asking such a dumb question but does it have automatic focus mode ?

iBoredization says:

i had the 18105g before. Sold it and got myself the 1670z instead. The 18105 was just heavy

Traphum Leelarueangroj says:

Hey! I’ve just watched all your three lens comparison videos, sigma 16,30, and 18-105. I’m planning to get a SONY A6500 but i can’t make up my mind between these three lenses.. I’ll be traveling to Japan with my gf this December and I’m probably gonna be shooting photos more than videos. I was gonna get 18-105 but something came across my mind, I’ve never been to Japan but you know how their city has these beautiful lights at night. so i thought 18-105 f4 might not be enough. I think i’ll mostly be taking pictures of building, portrait, people with landscape, and probably landscape. Basically all types of photography..So i was wondering if sigma 16 mm f1.4 will be worth it for this trip if i can only have one lens. I mean sigma 16 mm can take portrait too, right? Or should I get 30 mm /18-105 mm. Ughh I really need your help lol! So many things to consider Thank you for a long description and I really do love your videos!!


Sigma 30mm 1.4 dcdn or 18-105 epz?? For video and photogphy

Javier Soch says:

My budget was pretty tight when I bought my a7iii so this was the first lens I bought. Love the variety I get from this lens. I think it’s a solid choice and will hold me off for a while.

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