SLR Magic 50mm f/1.1 Cinema Lens Review

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Tim Felbinger says:

Was in the middle of watching your green screen video and this showed up.

jusbeazy28 says:

Why not try a Rokinon?

HudzPro says:

I like your honesty bro “I am not keeping this lens” haha

slavik gurmeza says:

grab a variable ND filter for your Sony native glass and you get both autofocus and that cinematic motion blur.

Daniel Irambona says:


Atit Amin says:

What features do you need on this lens in order to keep it?

Lefty says:

Try out the Loxias if you want that cine-lens feel

TWHD. says:

idk what first lens I should buy for my new Panasonic g7. I’m thinkin a prime 1.8 cuz I wanna not be limited by low light scenarios and have a lens with a nice wide aperture. Im also interested in high zoom lenses too. idk mannn

Jeff Clark says:


Faria Zahra says:

Even though this 50mm lens was quite 5/10 for you 😛 what focal length would you prefer/recommend for vlogs?

Phisuals says:

interesting editing style, very enjoyable to watch, good flow

Jennifer O'Brien says:

LOVE the music for this cinematic lens video, well done! Thanks for reviewing!

pushREC says:

Great to the point review! 5/10 would buy :`D

Guillaume Jousset says:

Hi Kraig what is this nice ND filter you use in this video? I don’t find it in one of your kit. Maybe do you have an amazon link? Thanks!!

Daniel Adams says:

I like the look. If you can find another that gives a similar look that you like would be great.

Abdul says:

two rapid uploads? nice one kraig
(also, making a review before you actually let a thing go. nice one) lol

Joseph Le says:

Great video. I think when it comes to the sharpness and other imperfections of the lens it boils down to personality. For certain narratives it would work perfectly. But your personality is more clean and straight forward, hence your dislike of the imperfections but someone who would need to show some sort of isolation would find the shallow dof and vignette very appealing. But damn do you still put that lens to good use in your Panama video

Boris Dementyev says:

Have the same problem with old canon 50mm f1.8
Do you know any good lenses with f1.8, which are not sigma and are not 500$?

Black Film Guild says:

Do you need it pretty bright for the face detection to work? My C300 Mark II face detection is not reliable enough to use on paid work.


Are you sure if vignet does not come from the variable ND filter ?

David Vincent says:

wow that shot at 1:12 !!!

Elijah Oke-Bello says:


Spencer Cammayo says:

Rokinon lenses are pretty good and cheap(ish) cine lenses too in my experience

CaptureMedium says:

You should make ASMR videos your voice is soothing and puts me to sleep.

NylahK says:


JMontage says:

Great and honest review. Would you get the same vignette with most lenses that are f/1.1? And how did that change as you increase the aperture to like 1.8 where you can still get a nice depth of field? The manual focus thing is a killer tho

All In Films says:

Great video! You help so many small filmmaking channels like me!

JoSquared says:

You’ve gotta be the only person I’ve talked to that enjoys using the native Sony lenses with focus by wire for AF and MF work. Perhaps it’s just something people need to take more time to master and most just won’t take the time. Wonder if Sony is actively working to make it less laggy. I hear the GM lenses do a lot better so maybe it’s just the more expensive lenses:P

Cool review tho, nice to see someone really give themselves over to the system and use everything Sony puts out:)

Magnum says:

Nice, honest review Kraig. I have a 50mm f1.8 I use on my Canon 70D occasionally when I need a little faster lens or some shallow depth of field. For $125, it was a no brainer. I’d like to create some more “cinematic” videos for my channel. Your tips and techniques are very helpful. Keep ’em coming.

Jared Sheldon says:

Loved this review. Super clean and simply

CPG - CubeProGaming says:

I was really happy to see you make this. I’ve been wanting to see how these lenses work realistically, so it’s great to observe a candid review of the lens.

Tom K says:

Isn’t it an idea to just put a variable ND filter on your sony lens?

Izabella West says:

Thank you for sharing… this is BIG!

JARO_96 says:

Hey Kraig if I am buying the a7s which starter lens do you recommend?

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