Sigma Crushes It with This Sony Lens – 35mm f1.4 Art for E-Mount Review

The Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art for E-mount is the best lens for the money available natively for Sony in that focal length. This review covers price comparisons, AF speed, video autofocus, decentering, and physical size.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Unboxing
1:51 – Decentering Issue Compared to Distagon
3:41 – Size, Weight, & Physical Features
4:15 – Price Comparisons Start
4:35 – Compared to Sony 35mm f2.8 Sonnar
5:05 – Rokinon 35mm f1.4 & Notes on 3rd-Party Lenses
6:14 – Focusing Section Starts
6:30 – Addressing Sigma’s Old AF Consistency Issue
7:40 – Showing How Fast This Lens Focuses
8:10 – Continuous Autofocus for Video Performance
9:39 – Tracking Test 1: Slowly Getting Closer
10:00 – Tracking Test 2: Following a Moving Object
10:13 – Final Thoughts

Lenses Mentioned:
Sigma 35mm f1.4:
Sony 35mm f1.4 Distagon:
Sony 35mm f2.8 Sonnar:
Samyang 35mm f1.4:
Rokinon 35mm f1.4:

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BrotherKehn says:

Haha you got me there on the click twice on the dislike XD. It made me deselect my dislike. I followed anyways cuz i want to be making videos like these someday!

Cory Simpson says:

If you already have an MC-11, I think getting the EF makes more sense. Then you have a lens that will work on tons of bodies, including a killer 50mm f0.9 on M43 with a speedbooster

Alain Rupp says:

Canon EF AF 35mm f1.4 Mark II .. with Metabones IV or MV11… Hello? Not cheep. Granted. But/and exists !!

Robert Linnaeus says:

I’m currently using the Canon Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art with the sigma adapter ring. Do you think there will be any difference outside of weather sealing between that setup and the native mount? I’ve heard that the Sigma arts for sony basically just bring that adapter into the lens body (which might be nonsense).

Jesse King says:

how about the autofocus noise (use internal mic)???

Bart Strauven says:

What a long lens looks like a nikon/canon zoomlens. An e-mount issue…

Margarita Grishina says:

Thanks so much for this review! It helped a ton!

Alex Swan says:

AF-C burst shooting in a “sports” sort of scenario would have been nice to know.

floex831 says:

The Samyang manual 35mm f/1.4 are unbelievably sharp and there are NO quality issues. Sad to hear there are variance issues with the AF version.

Wild Geese Vlog says:

Man, thank you. You have just proven that AF is not great, especially when it comes to tracking….

Wdata Consulting says:

Sigma 35 mm 1.4 for E-mount…have focus problem…See the review from Jason Vong

raul Frias says:

awesome sigma. i have the rokinon and it feels premium in the hand very satisfied with it images are amazing.

Brent Nasternak says:

Whats the image quality coming from this lens compared to the distagon, does it render the same? And do you get that 3D pop!

human sun says:

This is the first video I‘ve seen from you. You seem very friendly and smart. Wish you lots of new followers 😉

Now back to the Sigma. I have seen tests, where the Sigma shows just very few vignetting and Chromatic Abberation. Can you confirm that?
How does the lens feel, walking around? I usually shoot street photography throughout a whole day, so it‘s important to me that it‘s not too bulky… Is it worth switching from the tiny Sonnar 2.8 to the Sigma 1.4? I just assume for night-streetphotography, those two steps help enormously.

Thank you very much and all the best,

Tom Eden says:

I have those Corsair SP120s too 🙂

VideoDrone says:

Hey Man – I like youre review. Thanks for taking the time to make this 🙂

James La Fargue says:

sick review man, about to pick up the sigma soon!

Bruce Maddox says:

It looks like a 135mm lens, the result of Sony’s inadequate mount specs combined with a bulky, overcorrected, design for sharpness at the expense of rendering. Quite goofy looking. Happy imaging!

theluis Vasconcelos says:

Very HONEST ..and sincery review Gerald – With the Sigma Lens We must be Lucky to Buy a “good” Copy . ..

Peter Perämäki says:

Good video. But I don’t know, Sigma has the better price for me but the sony distagon is a little bit lighter and is weather resistant. The sigma is not weather resistant, right?

Joseph Barrientos says:

Hi Gerald…great review, I’m really struggling whether to purchase this lens because all of the negative youtube videos and comments that I’ve read regarding it’s autofocus. I am not a hybrid shooter, mostly want to take photos. Also, going to purchase my first full frame A7III and start shooting manual (hobbyist). Would you say this lens works best in AF-C or AF-S. I really want to take advantage of the A7III’s eye AF and face AF and wondering if this sigma will work well with it.

のぢGrey says:

Bottom line: I ain’t okay dragging around a high-powered rifle barrel just for 35mm focal length.
I wish manufacturers would design for Sony in mind, not just as an after thought from DSLR.

Manny Manuel says:

When do I use a 35mm? or should I say, which is the best focal length for video?

tean tan says:

Two words remind me of this lens are both bulky and heavy even though it also many pluses, great image quality, etc.

photomorti says:

why dont you show some images shot with the lens if you call this a review? :S

Daniel O says:

Did you try out the Canon 35mm 1.4 MkII?

jianwei2009 says:

Based on the reviews it seems that the Sigma performs worse than the cheaper Samyang in terms of AF and IQ is similar… with $300 more on Sigma side. Hahaha. Not sure you tried the Samyang lens but the build quality is very good. I guess you get more than what you paid for in this case

Paula Garcia says:

I’m having focusing issues with the Sigma 35mm 1.4 when I used it for portrait shots. I’m wondering if it’s a setting issue on the Sony a7iii?

Zi zi says:

iam new to sony and gonna get it sony a7 mark 3 soon , but iam rea,ly confuced with the lences which i have to buy … so can you pls give me an good advice for lenses ?? between iam a photographer and mostly i do videos , so i need the focal lengths 50/55mm 85mm 35mm and good wide angle lens pls advice me the brands which i can affordable and usefull and the aparture pls,…thanks

shadi Kumar ajeett says:

Thanks sir,
From Bangladesh

HuntingWolf82 says:

Would this work well for Astrophotography?

Eli Infante says:

Great review man keep up the great work!

Paul Levesque says:

love the classic Gameboy cameo!

William says:

Should have tested the AF-C mode for photos.

Mr. Bond says:

9:50 me after a hot date and the chick is giving mixed signals. lol

Godz29 says:

I’m getting a sigma 35mm 1.4 e mount today worth 600 canadian dollars together with sony a7 iii

Clap Snap says:

I had the sigma art 35mm its sharp and contrasty but the rokinon/samyang’s bokeh…just wow.

hai ngoc says:

Sigma 35mm f1.4 Art:
Legendary lens
+8 on sharpness
+10 on aperture
+7 on bokeh
-2 on focus
-10 on weight
Legendary effect: player gain strength 30% faster

flowerdemon says:

As the distagon has its infamy, probably the sigma is the better choice. However, while it’s correctly-sized on a dslr, it’s too long & front-heavy for sony FE.

I’m hoping the nikon mirrorless will be a game-changer. Possibly thanks to a larger diameter mount. If things go well for nikon & canon, I may leave sony in a couple of years.

Johnny Patel says:

Thanks for review. I just picked up the lense yesterday. It’s a must have lense. Phenomenally sharp

Jack Xie says:

hmm, i just hist the dislike button twice, guess what? I am done! No more temptations!


So how do you know when you have a bad Zeiss 1.4 how can you check?

Soham Roy says:

Pagol choda laura bokei galo

blackjohnny0 says:

And what are you using for vloging? FE 28?

Studio Edin says:

shit, its huge! Its 3 times bigger than the 35 2.8 zeiss.

David Stafford says:


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