Sigma 56mm F1.4 Lens Review: It’s Perfect.

This is my review of the highly-recommended Sigma 56mm F1.4.
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Sagnik Chatterjee says:

Sigma plz release a 85mm for emount

Mark Robinson says:

does a6500’s Eye Auto Focus operate with the Sigma lenses?

Milind Kulkarni says:

Is there a converter for a mount to e mount, so that this lens can be used on a mount camera, will it be ok?


Your wife looks great on these videos. Your skills have developed a lot, music choice is spot on. BTW going to swap my SEL50F18 and SEL24F18Z for the Sigma Trifecta, already have the 16mm. It is going to be perfect combo.

MohondhaY says:

I thought the video clips were from A6000. amazing video clips!

Ayumi says:

dammnn Amazing lense

and even Better Review love it

SkyIineGTR says:

Tyler Hooptie?

Jake Evans says:

will you compare to the sigma 60mm 2.8? Thanks!!

Thomas Gentil says:

Is it the high shutter speed or do I see a jelly effect in the video?

Stuart Hendricks says:

Recently did a video comparing the Sigma 56mm to the Sigma 30mm, feel free to visit my channel if you’re only able to get one of these lenses and you’re not sure which one to go for. Both fantastic pieces of glass.

Faysal Miraj says:

Is there any way to contact you???
All I found out a hangout link via Google plus but I guess you don’t use it anymore.
So kindly tell if there is any possible way to contact you.

Andrea Frongia says:

Since I met your channel, you have become my point of reference before every purchase. I’m sad because I do not understand English well 🙁

Simon Kurth says:

Thank you so much for the amazing video. I just received my lens yesterday. Amazing pictures. New to the game but I’m loving how my Black Friday camera purchase just got a huge upgrade with with this lens on it. I’m taking pictures with amazing colorful blurred backgrounds with crystal clear focus in the forefront. Amazing recommendation!!!!

Ahmed Recon says:


LancerFIN says:

If you still have the Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 please do comparison! They are around the same price used as the Sigma 56mm.

Ron Spi says:

I liked the review. I’m hesitant because I have the 30mm F1.4 and I can’t say I am excited about it. I used it on the A600, A6300 and now on the A6500 and I think the lens is slow the react.

Now you’re showing this new 56mm lens and I don’t know how much faster this lens is compared with the 30mm.

The Sony 50mm F1.8 is superior – in my opinion – to the Sigma 30mm 1.4. This is about gambling on another lens.

Thank you for the informative review.

Eric R. says:

Nice review. It convinced me to return the Rokinon 50mm 1.2 I received yesterday and order the Sigma through your link to bhphoto. Thanks.

huyy ngo says:

My dude using the a6000 props bro!

Jose Capetillo says:

What video settings did you use here in these shots?

Paul Pearce says:

A great review as always! Always love to see your demo shots of lenses around my favorite city! After watching this I realized I never knew that I needed this lens! Putting it on my Christmas list for sure.

Martin Wolf says:

After watching all the already available reviews on that lens I can say yours is the most informative and most meanful one. Thanks for your great work and all the best for your family.

Alan Nexus says:

I truly wish these for available for Fuji’s X-Mount, as our only option for anything comparable is the 56 F1.2 which is nearly twice the price of this thing.

Yasmine Abd says:

Maybe too much creamy

James Morrell says:

This lens doesn’t have any image stabilization, so how is it with a Sony A6000 or A6300?

cweb1988 says:

creamy and sharp. Need the trio! All I have is the 30…..

Thorge Falk says:

Sigma killed ZEISS with this lense

tim styer says:

Awesome review

tommaso mencarelli says:

Why sigma does not sell e-mount (full frame) compact lenses?
Sigma’s full frame lenses are too much big for that mirrorless body!
My 35mm art is like a 70-200 in size!

XuQi Feng says:

Rip Fuji 56.

Raymond Lo says:

Bokeh porn…. 3:30

Raymond Lo says:

Should compare this with Canon 85mm f/1.8

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