Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART lens FOR SONY E-MOUNT – Real world review!

Whats up guys! Im back after a couple of weeks and I have the new Sigma ART 50mm 1.4 for Sony Emount and its a good result !

UPDATE: Here is the link to the more in depth review with video focus and RAW samples

What I used to film this VLOG

Sony A7R3
Batis 25mm f2
Rode Wireless Lapel kit
Edited in Final Cut X on the iMac Pro

My website:


Ngurah Juniar says:

Great video Chris…
Can I ask some questions?
1. Does the autofocus during video make any clunky sound? (in comparison, I own the Sigma MC-11 + tried the 35mm 50mm ART Canon ver, both makes noisy sound during video AF). Or is it more quiet or even silent like the Zeiss 55?
2. For photo, does the FE version Face AF/eye AF work good if the subject were somewhere on the corner (top bottom left right) of the frame? The MC11+35art tends to hunts alot on that scenario.

Gregor Mima says:

So. You would recommend the nativee-MOunt Sigma then Sigma for Canon + MC11? Still owning Canon and not sure which way to go …

Dirk Savage says:

I’m not a fan of the bokeh on the Sigma 50 1.4. I prefer the Sony Zeiss 50 1.4. Better microcontrast, bokeh, colors and better AF (most likely). It’s nice to have cheaper high quality prime options though.

A Shawes says:

almost the size of 70-200 !!! mirrorless camera should be lighter

photographerjonathan says:

My Sigma 35 Art on my Canon 5Dlll never had any focusing issues. I hear that was more of a Nikon issue. And it also works good with the mcll on my A7r lll. Just curious why you bought the 50 if you already own the 55. Obviously its f1.4. But is that the only reason ? Because you are carrying double the size and weight for that f1.4.

Pranto Podder says:

does the eye autofocus works with sony a7ii body?


Would love to know if the video auto focus is holding up. Loved the review. Keep it up man.

Foto4Max says:

I had some art lenses, but they never do it for me. Sharpness is great, but overall image look isn’t pleasing. And balance on a a7 body is just bad.

Reżyser Życia says:

which is betther? This sigma 50mm or 55mm 1.8 sony? Im making short films on youtube, no photos 🙂 thanks for advice!

RahulMakhijaOfficial says:

Is it good enough for Sony a6500? Will it work fine with aps-c size sensor

Jérôme Jheelan says:

Should be half the size wtf Sigma

Kreso J says:

Hey Chris!

I immediately subscribed when I saw that you reviewed this lens taking in consideration that it’s new (at least in Europe).
Will you please save my life and answer simple question.
How’s the bokeh on this lens? I intend to use it on my a7 mk1 for portraits but people on the internet say that bokeh is not good at all.
I don’t need to say that the Sony lenses are too expensive.

That Guy says:

Is it even available yet? I don’t see it on B&H or Amazon.

Ryan Mac says:

Thank you for your time and energy! Can I ask you a question? You said the Zony 1.4 primes have creamier bokeh (smoother transitions). Why do think you held out on getting the Zony 50mm 1.4 ZA? Instead, you went with this longer, heavier Sigma lens. I am really curious. Is it a matter of $400? Thank you again!

PlanetExplore says:

This lens is a huge disappointment. The main issue is the background blur and bokeh – they just look terribly nervous (unattractive). It is not even in the same league as the Zeiss 50 1.4. The Zeiss costs more, sure, but you get what you pay for. The image quality difference is very noticeavble. For most people, the purpose of getting an F1.4 lens is to get some creamy background blur behind the subject. The Sigma does not do that well at all.

J T says:

Why did they weather seal this model and not the EF version?

saurabh anjarlekar says:

Hi Chris . Thanks for this cool video. Can you please share the Link to your Camera Grip please. cheers.

Ali Rasoul says:

Yess! I bought one of these bad boys a few weeks ago! I love it! no issues to be honest! I’m now waiting for the Sigma 24mm f/1.4 E mount to arrive!!!!

Tony Emil says:

Any news about the 85 1.4 release ?

KC Fritz says:

Sigma 20 1.4 or Sigma 24 1.4

Karl Tidman says:

I’m debating this sigma on my A7, or the Zeiss 35mm 1.4. Which would have your vote?

Andras Oravecz says:

You can’t just say the AF is good without showing how it works….you know….like tracking subjects moving around in the frame.

Also you mostly shot at f1.4 so you didn’t use the corners but you’ve stopped it down at home and they are super sharp?!?! Every lens has sharp corners stopped down, but it needs to have sharp corners wide open as well….you know, so you don’t have to place your subject in the center every time….get it?

BobZOMG1984 says:

which is better? sigma or SOny Zeiss 50mm f1.4?

Shuttered Lens Photography says:

how do you find the autofocus on the corners of the PDAF area? does it hunt?

jake aimers says:

How does the size compare to the Sony Zeiss 50mm F1.4 Planar?

RespireFit says:

Is this full frame lens or FE? Will it work on Sony A7riii? I’m looking into getting two more lenses for my camera…possibly 24mm and 135mm. Thanks

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