Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN Lens for Sony APSC E mount NEX 7, a6000 and a6300 Review and Test

Review and Test of the Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens for Sony APSC E mount NEX series, a6000 and a6300. I forgot to add resolution numbers. At F4 this lens is hitting 3850 in the center. The Sony 28mm F2 lens is 3900 but this Sigma is now the best APSC size lens you can put on the a6300 and a6000.
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Jackson Dasilva says:

Sigma is not slightly sharper, it’s way sharper than the Sony!

international people says:

i really loved your all videos ..they are really very great ..i just bought a new camera sony a6300 ..what do you think about if i use Sigma 30mm F1.4 for videos …. would it be good ?? it does not have OSS optical study shot …

Ojha says:

And thanks for this nice review.
Do you know if this lense works with a5000 autofocus? And if it works well? I didn’t found any place to try it!
Thanks for your response.

guydanielly1 says:

I own a6000, and like others I cannot decide between the 28f2 and sigma 30 1.4.
Since sharpness is relative similar, I care mostly about 2 parameters which are important for me; I am usually shooting jpg images, and fast AF.
Based on the 2, which lens will work better for me, providing better jpg and AF.

Jackal Mong says:

hello,I am a apsc user, I want to know E50 1.8 , FE50 1.8 , SIGMA E30 1.4 which you will choose?

Muhammad Nurhaikal says:

thinking of getting this for my A6300. Is this more for landscape or street photography?

Jesse Martinez says:

does the 30mm 1.4 work on full frame?

Eric Knorpp says:

Can anybody comment how the continuos autofocus is in video mode with the sigma on a Sony a6500? IS it comparable to sony?

Michael Kincaid says:

sony 35mm e mount f1.8 versus sigma 30mm f1.4????

Ivan Yuwono says:

+Lavikka Photography : I just got it today. I use A6000 but when it focusing, it makes noisy sound, buzzing. Not so loudly but definitely we can hear it. My lens firmware is version 02. Do you have same problem? And what is your version of lens firmware?

Tziminhio says:

Hi from Greece. Thnx for this excellent review. I am new in photograpgy. I have sony a6000 with kit lens. I want a prime lens and I am between sigma 30mm 1,4 and sony 35mm 1,8. I want this especially for portraits and street photography. The only thing which troubles me is the lack of stabilazation in Sigma. Is smth which is so important especially in low light conditions? The difference is so huge with OSS and without???Thanks in advance!

agepbiz says:

Nice review!

Jesús Rodrigo Generoso says:

Anybody try it with a7’s without crop mode?

Phil Lalonde says:

I just upgraded from the A6000 to Sony A6500 and I was re-watching many of your videos about lenses and the A6300 to get your insight and some ideas how to best use the new camera. Your photography videos are great and I did get a good chuckle at 3:33 please be carefull if you plug anything into that Electrical Main:)

Scrubs2U says:

Thanks for another fine and informative review. Always like your presentation style and depth of coverage. Thank you

MrBananaFarm says:

You can hear the lens focusing. 🙂

Navality Life & Tech says:

Thank you so much. I have been looking for a lens to get for my a6000 for a month now and I will be getting the sigma

Francois Duchaine says:

Hi, i use a gimbal ( zhinyun crane m) . Is this lens is better for filming than sel35f18?

Droidz Hunterz says:

I would like to point out that youtube 1080p video does not do the image sharpness justice. I wish people showing off camera samples would upload in 4K

William Bunjamin says:

Hey Laviika, great video as always! Is this lens great for long period of usage? Thank you

shaolin95 says:

Actually the Sigma 30mm 1.4 is sharper than both the Sigma 60mm and the Sony FE F2 both tested under the same camera and not only in the center, which is fine but more importantly it has great sharpness wide open across the frame thus allowing you to place your subject away from the center for better composition options while still providing lots of details.
It is fantastic!

Michał Błażej Duda says:

Hi, I know this can be quite a stupid question but what “DC DN” marking on lenses stands for? I’m trying to find any info about that and I miss it in google. Best regards.

Zhafira Vreys says:

i bought the sigma 30mm 1.4 and it didnt fit on my a6000. Did you use a lens adapter?

farhad rastin says:

Hi, tnx for the video. Do u recommend this lens for street photography?

Gaurav P says:

Does it lose contrast if setting sun is in the frame?

Vimal Wodaiyar says:

what software are u using, for editing?

Socorro Maceda says:

Thank you for helping me choose my next lens…

Igor Warzocha says:

Man, that’s the only video where I was able to confirm how this lens works with a6k AF-C.


Achilleas Labrou says:

A recent firmware from sigma have solved the autofocus problems. This lens is the best APS-C e-mount lens.

Ctrèsbeau Claude says:

Good video to make me doing another step to chose a lens. After I’ve seen your video on Sigma 19mm & 60mm, I never regret to buy them, thanks!
But witch one would be a better choice between this Sigma 30mm f1.4 and the Sony 18-105mm f4, I don’t do video at all, so witch one is more pleasant to do manual focus on my A6000? My main photos are street, it is my goal. The advantage on both lens are discretion and low profile (The 18-105mm Sony, doesn’t not extend, and not pumping dust inside)

i-eat-crayons oakenshield says:

will you chose this over the sigma 30mm f2.8 EX DN? I watched your review of the 30mm and you feel more awed on that lens

John D Pappas says:

Always appreciate your unbiased reviews…and glad to see you reviewing this lens that I’m nearly decided on purchasing. Having purchased the A6000 2 years ago, Ill be purchasing the A6500 in the next week or so, but also need a better normal lens for group shots. Though I’ve used the kit 16-50 with great results, I now have a situation where I won’t be flooding a repeat screen with 3 Alienbee 800s through umbrellas. I may in fact only have my LumoPro LP180 into a large Rogue reflector. I know with the new 6500, I’ll gain in camera stabilization as well as higher ISO, though I try not to shoot above 800 when using flash. Only other consideration, though not nearly as fast or sharp is the 18-105, or perhaps renting the 16-70. Going to go and find your reviews on those now!

Richard Howell says:

I just ordered the Sony E 35mm f1.8 (arrives today). Wish I’d seen this video 2 days ago. :/

Bryan Chong says:

Does this lens work with the phase detection AF on NEX 6?

steve blow says:

Stepping Motor just like Canon !! btw This Sony sensor is amazing

mrbhmiyk says:

Is it worth buying if I have the kit lens (a6000 16-50mm)? (It’s sharper, yes, but how much will it improve me as photographer? – I’m new at photography, and it is a hobby)

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