Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 IF EX DG Lens Review with Example Photos

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First off, thanks for checking into my channel and video. There is A LOT of important info in this description, so be sure to check it out.

I decided to do this review after I got a lot of eyebrow raising in the pit when using this lens over some of the more expensive competitors like Nikon and Canon 24-70. While I am a professional photographer and should probably upgrade, I am definitely a for profit business and don’t like spending money if I don’t see a reason to do so.

I originally used this lens on my Nikon D3200 and it was stellar. I outgrew a lot of the features of the D3200 and upgraded and bought some full frame cameras, including the D700 and D610. I am in no way endorsed by Sigma Cameras and that makes my review even that much cooler. If it was a complete piece of garbage, I would tell you it was, yet this is the lens that has stayed in my bag and gotten a lot of use.

This lens has some incredible features, such as the extremely fast focus, the 2.8 aperture, vivid colors, and minimal CA. Its HSM focus motor does just what it is supposed to do and watched focus quickly. I use this in concert photography and my subject move around a lot. I have video coming soon of my using this at a concert, look for that.

While I excluded this from the video, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. While the focus is fast, so is every other 2.8 on the market currently. Do they all compare perfectly? No, is it fast enough that I deliver exceptional images to clients consistency with no worries? See where I am going?

Now, with all good things, there are downfalls. As mentioned in the video, the weight is heavy, the Af/M switch is complete crap due to unintentional hitting it, and the CA could be better. Luckily I don’t care about weight of a lens, kind makes me feel like a badass carrying around such a heavy piece of machinery. AS far as the Af/M button, I now know if the focus stops, I hit the button, this wasn’t the case when i first started using and I would panic! The CA is perfectly within reason, especially compared to some of sigma older lenses which I have owned as well. This lens has it so rare that I often forget to take it out in post and never even realize unless I go back to look.

This lens is a 9/10 for those reason.

I didn’t bore you with specs too much in the video, because much like I always do, you are most likely here to see images and get peoples opinions on how they like it. I try to get straight to what causes me to use it and what makes me now want to use it.

I am a professional photographer in the sense that this is my only job and I depend on it to survive. I recommend adding this lens to your bag.

You can see more of my work and connect with me at the links above and if you have any questions about specifics on the lens, feel free to comment.



Jan Lauser says:

first of, great video, now my questions, does this lens have a image stabiliser ? and i thought about buying this lens for a wedding shoot do you think this would be a good choise ?

LGeneza says:

is this good for a canon crop body?

Dorriane Garcia says:

I have a Nikon d3200. Will it auto focus with my body ?or will I need to be on Manual? Is it worth getting ?

connor walker says:

so what am I losing if I use this lens with a crop sensor camera like the d3300? is it just a few mm or will I be losing other elements?

aerozg says:

Dane Cook, is that you? 😀

Sintang Damar Apriliastyo says:

what’s lens will get better image quality and sharpness if compared with sigma 17 50, sir?

anjum khan says:

does it make noise while auto focusing during video

Michael Del Rossa says:

Hi there Jwalt ! Question, I purchased this lens from goodwill at a steal problem is it is the Sigma SA mount and I use canon eos / ef  on 5D and black magic, is there a way to replace the SA with the Canon EF mount? I tried looking into adapters nothing, saw a mount replacement video but upon opening mine the leads to the chip are hard wired to the circuit as opposed to the connector they showed in the video. Sigma’s website has some kind of converting service I might look into. Any Ideas?

Jwalt Photography says:

New video with Field Test review on this lens in a Tattoo Shop!!! Check it out!

hunglikehuang says:

The example photos don’t look very contrasty. Is it possible you could do a contrast comparison with another lens, like a prime of another make perhaps?

Rick Evans says:

I have an older Canon 24-70m, I love it. I don’t really need another…but would it be crazy to buy this lens if I already have the Canon version?? lol …… Thanks!

Jim Dailey says:

mine is very soft on the right side of the photo. too bad as i love the size, weight and balance on my canon 1ds series cameras.

אריה חמד says:

Question .. does not interfere with the lens that stabilizes

Karīna Kauce says:

I have a Nikon D3100. Is this a good choice? Will it auto focus on it?

Aditya Nugraha says:

guys, should i sell my canon 24-70 f4 for this 24-70 sigma?

אריה חמד says:

Is an important stabilizing lens in photography images only

Abdul Kaleem says:

I have purchased 24 70 sigma art lens it’s a excellent lens for marriages and portraits

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