Samyang AF 35mm f/2.8 FE lens review with samples

A new autofocus lens from Samyang – small, but suitable for APS-C or full-frame on Sony E-mount cameras. Samyang have kindly lent me an early copy of the lens to take a look at, although, as usual, this review is not sponsored by them in any way. Let’s see what it can do.

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6300 camera.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
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Mink says:

great review ! Thanks

SupraWes says:

Samyang, make this in an EF-M mount please! I know Chris would agree.

norma gee says:

liked & subscribed .. love your reviews & your great sense of humour

this lens looks like a winner , so glad they are bringing out autofocus lenses now

millie williams says:

Great video! I just recently purchased the Sony a6000 after using Canon T3i for about 5 years. It’s what I started on and I am ready for an upgrade. I have shoulder issues so sometimes it’s difficult to get certain shots but the articulating screen makes it easier plus I just love the way Canon renders their colors. I am still deciding if I like the Sony enough to keep it. I really do love Canon but Sony does a pretty good job also. I bought a $30 CCTV lens and it takes superb and interesting images! I couldn’t do that on my Canon. However, I might find some vintage glass that could. I like this lens very much and since lens selection for the E series ( native ) is limited, this looks great! I really don’t know what to do or which Canon I would go for. Can only spend about $800 U.S.

Keith-Alexander Bailey says:

This is by far the best review on this lens online right now. Christopher does such an amazing job by fully tested the lens.

Marc P. says:

Because the Zeiss FE 35/2.8 is too expensive for myself, i’d get hopefully this fall this lens, for my A7 I then, 35mm is my prefered focal length, i am not so much into 50mm.

Brightside Production says:

Excellent review, as usual. I was just considering that lens. Thank you.

André Niquet says:

Great review … I like reviews with a nice mix of specs, humor but most of all: samples! well done, you have a new subscriber 🙂

Francisco Santos says:

i really wish samyang could do AF lenses for Fuji X mount and aps-c sony mount.. since sony and zeiss dont care about them they could find a market. and fuji could need some third company lenses, so they will have more competition so they start making lenses again

Steve Dexter says:

Nice review. Thanks.

David Cocklin says:

Is there a way to make this fit onto a Canon.

QuikSigma says:

Your videos are a pleasure to watch, and very informative. Keep up the good work!

thomas schmidt says:

Thanx again for another great video. Did you try it out with video? I just returned the 28mm Sony FE and looking for a replacement but I mainly shoot video and need focus tracking:-) Any words of advice is appreciated 🙂

MC says:

There really needs to be a small 1.8 35mm made for Sony FE. All these 1.4 ones are too big and then it goes straight to these 2.8 ones.

Thanks for the review as always Chris!

robvisual streetphotography says:

They getting better with every iteration of their lenses. Great review. You should team up with photozone and contribute to their lens reviews.

Krunoslav Stifter says:

Thanks you for the lovey overview. Appreciate the info. Is there a chance you can do a video where you test autofocus in video modes? Mainly interested in what I think many wants to see, how does it perform in continues autofocus modes. It would need be an extensive test since there is so much auto focus scenarios and options as well as the excellent AF on a6300. thanks

Urbano Moda says:

That Lens will do what Itzhak Perlman did for the Violin

dongyang zhang says:

Hi, I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and I really like your style. May I ask did you use manual focusing most of the time during your video recording? Thanks.

mrcoolwebuk says:

Good camera big price except in singapore I noticed it at £539 less tax.

Carlos Yap says:

Is it focusbywire system? How good is for run and gun video manual focus?

엘리엇 says:

I feel you on that money tree, man.

PalimPalim1337 says:

how can the lens make the image warm? or give it a yellow tint? isn’t that all white balance?

Cactus Tweeter says:

Ha ha, my money tree growth has been stunted for a while now.

Kevin Xun Jin says:

Does it come with a lens hood?

Lau Bjerno says:

According to a song from a play by Hans Christian Andersen (melody by Peter Heise) moneytrees grow wild in America. But since I can’t afford the journey, could I have a sapling of yours, please?

Keith-Alexander Bailey says:

My money tree s super dry and now I am houseless

Sergio Serra says:

Can you please review the Samyang 10mm f/2.8? I would love to know how it compares to the 14mm on aps-c! 🙂

Flex9640 says:

I love your videos 😀
Allready got the Canon 50 mm f1.8 STM and the Canon 28 mm f2.8 IS USM 🙂
Can you review the 70-200 G2? I dont find any reviews for that lens that are as good as yours :/
Hope you see this 🙂
Keep it up!

jasvirdhiman81 says:


Ante Namyn says:

Thank you for a good review, always very informative. How does this lens compare to sonys own 35mm f1.8 on a Sony A6000, 6300, camera?

For a amature photagrapher/videographer (that mostly shoot in jpeg and mp4/avchd) I think the 35mm f1.8 has the advantage since it has OSS, especially for filming. You have any thoughts on that?

Foto4Max says:

Get mine soon. I’m very interested if it’s better thane the sonyzeiss I’ve owned. I will compared to a canon 40stm and a zeiss ze 35


1m12s that made me laugh.

Victor Peña Orrego says:

Everyone’s moving to Sony’s cameras … :O

Raymond Gil Mago says:

hi @Christopher Frost Photography I am getting a sony a6300, which prime lens should I get first the sony sel 50mm f1.8 or the Samyang AF 35mm f/2.8 FE? or is there a much better prime lens within the price range?

Andrei Comsa says:

Hi! Great amount of work on your channel. Could you recommend a good general purpose lens for the sony a6000 ? I mostly use the kit lens, but it’s too slow for low light. Unfortunately I can’t afford the zeiss 24mm f1.8 and i wouldn’t give 1000EUR for a apc-s lens. Should i get the samyang 21mm f1.4 ?

Andrew Davies says:

The edge at the top of the out of focus balls is an effect of the electronic first curtain shutter. You can turn it off on the A7RII, you should be able to on the A6300 also I think.

sharikmarius says:

Please. Somebody! Make a 24mm f2.8 (or even 1.8?) small autofocus lens like this for E Mount. The Zeiss cost too much!

melwin sam says:

Please do a review of the samayang 14mm af for emount ? are these lenses any better than the manual focus ones ? Do give your inputs !

grzegorz zalew says:

your voice starts to be so anoying

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