Samyang 8mm f/2.8 UMC ii lens review with samples

I’m continuing to look at newer Samyang lenses, and now we come to a very small sized (but still bright aperture) fisheye lens for mirrorless cameras. Apparently it’s great so I bought a copy – let’s take a closer look.

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All photography and video footage taken by me on a Canon EOS M3 camera. This lens will ONLY work on mirrorless cameras: Canon EOS M, Fuji X, Sony E, or Micro 4/3.

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Gaston Seijas says:

I would rather have the real world test photos rather than the chart

Shawn Barry says:

Do you live near llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch? More importantly, can you say it?

Also this review makes me wish I had a mirrorless camera. It makes my cludge with a Tokina 11-20 f/2.8 on FF look ridiculous.

Reagan Huang says:

ow the kids are so cute ! what kinda breed were they ?

Ebrahim Yousuf says:

please review sigma and tamron 70-200 f/2.8

Howie Mudge Photography says:

I’ve just ordered this lens for my Fuji X-T1 from SRS (awaiting stock) so hoping it’ll be in stock soon. Great review as always, very thorough. I’ve paid £219 for mine which is an excellent price as new.

Mark Long says:

Great video agian Chris love the shot @ 6:10, where is it?

Sam J Lance says:

Lovely photos of Portmerion!

Kevin Clements says:

Very nicely done Christopher & Samyang.

Paco Lemus says:

Do you have an eos M review?

Nuno Gonçalves says:

llanfairpwllgwyng… station
is that welsh?
can you pronounce it?
I would like very much to hear you pronouncing taht llan… name.

DaveM Holdan says:

Yet another cracking review.
Christopher, without wanting to sound stalker-ish, do you have a business/work related email address?

Kram Tung says:

Great great great review…..thank you :). Based on this review…..I bought my self one copy & have fun with it.

Svante Ekholm says:

Thank you! I’ll certainly be looking to get one of these. God bless

View and Review says:

I like it

I am Grass says:

Could you take out the distortion with lightroom? Not that I don’t like the fisheye affect, just wondering.

Jodley D. Opendo says:

very good review sir, thank you. God bless you

Achilleas Labrou says:

Autofocus is an unnecessary luxury for fisheye lenses. Why spending money on that?

ted tedsen says:

Hai Christopher which of the 8mm fisheye is the right one for my fujifilm xt20 as I recently purchased it has the apc’s format sensor but it’s also mirrorless camera i became a little insecure is the samyang 8mm fisheye for apc-s or the 8mm fisheye for mirrorless the One for me

J. Lee says:

Praise Samzeiss.

ssgp2 says:

I love this lens. Using a Samsung NX1.

Couple of things I would like to point out:

1- Focal length and F stops have to be multiplied by 1.54 when used on a APSC sensor.
Therefore, the real values are 12mm and F 4.

2- I don’t bother focusing for subject past 5 metres(15′), I leave the adjustment at
infinity with great success.

3- I also leave the F value 2 or 3 stop from the widest opening for sharper image.

Bottom line, this is a very easy lens to use. Just point and shoot after adjusting ISO and speed.

Looking forward to see more reviews!

Random Ibis says:

So they make 7.5mm f3.5 fisheye for M43, and 8mm f2.8 fisheye for aps-c mirroless cameras. Interesting product design/differentiation.

Master Ninja says:

I had to return this lens. My M5 would not fire with this lens. I used to have the opteka 6.5 for my 80d and liked it. But no luck with my M5. I tried everything.

Anton V. says:


Noah Wilson says:

Good review!

Trison A T says:

Brother we still awaiting for Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM review, please take it as a request.

Shovel Rocker says:

Missing those 70D (and so on) videos, and reviews made for dslr aps-c cameras.

Joachim Marke says:

These wide open wide angle lenses are very interesting especially for video from sony,fuji,canon,samsung mirrorless and far better as the cheap and much cheaper as the expensive. in videofotography the manual aperture and focussing is useful. just the stops of aperture might be not so perfect. for this there are the cine lenses but these are larger, heavier and more expensive . if the much too bended angles might be disliked photoshop will help.

René Grijalva says:

For me the best lenses are still the manual ones, i like to set the aperture and focus by my self

jem says:

That last photo you posted was excellent

Joel Tlacaelel says:

i have a question. what lens open more? The 8mm 3.5 o this 8mm 2.8. i know this The same mm but some times existes diferences

DarkRami says:

Thanks for another excellent review. I do miss the old brick house though 🙂

L. Willis says:

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch – A place where a fish eye lens is really handy 😀

Mohan Krishna says:

Can you please test tamron 150 – 600 g2 version and also if possible compare with sigma 150 – 600 sport version. Thanks

Mohan Krishna says:

Can you please test tamron 150 – 600 g2 version and also if possible compare with sigma 150 – 600 sport version. Thanks

Ludovic Lelias says:

The pictures you’ve shot with the M3 and the fisheye are outstanding. Really nice review Christopher !

Keith Spillett says:

I have missed your use of a wall/door/windows as your image tester, and it’s really nice to see a real world usage test shot here. Do you know whether they make an m43 version of the lens?

Simon S says:

Another awesome review Chris! Wondering why the mirrorless version lets in more light, sharper and also gets to be smaller. Do mirrorless systems allow better lens design?

glennskitchen says:

I think you do the best lens reviews on YouTube. Thank you.

The Foodie Duos - Christila U says:

Great review as usual, Chris! The lens look marvelous!

••••••••• • says:

quite a decent performer. Very interesting lens to have.

Andrey Lanhi says:

Powerfull Toy!

Joshua Mack says:

here really is an example if mirrorless being overall smaller and lighter .

Stefan Totev says:

Can anyone recommend a fullframe fisheye? I will use it on the Sony A7R II, so it can be either FE mount or Canon EF mount (I have the Metabones adapter). AF is not needed, but it has to be cheap, small, light and be able to resolve detail…

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