Samyang 50mm f/1.2 AS UMC CS lens review with samples

Here we have my first review of one of Samyang’s lenses for mirrorless cameras: a portrait lens with an extremely fast maximum aperture of f/1.2. It’s designed for mirrorless, APS-C cameras, such the Sony E mount, Fuji X mount, and Canon EOS M mount. Let’s see how it performs.

All pictures taken by me on a Sony a6000 camera. I occasionally use Sony cameras – however, I’m not planning to test Sony lenses in the future. At the moment I’m only planning to review lenses for Canon and Fuji mounts.

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‘Opportunity Walks’, Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0…


Gaurav P says:

are your photos straight out of camera or has there been editing done?

Rosalina Hindriyati says:

using a lens adapter?

Andrei Comsa says:

This is insanely sharp! Good review!

Jairo Rojas PhotoStories says:

good review, just pulled the trigger on this guy for Fuji mount.

arthur sadewo says:

Hi Cristopher, can you review for samyang 35mm f1.2 apsc? thank you 🙂

CrashPCcz says:

Hello Chris. Nice review (as usual). I´m jumping back into EOS M line, and thinking about this lens instead of Canon EF 50mm f/1.4. Would you agree that the Samyang is sharper at f/5.6 than the Canon? I found the Canon can do pretty good close up macro due to its sharpness stopped down. I wonder if Samyang can do that too (using macro tubes).

vessk000 says:

How perform this lens against Sony E 50mm f/1.8 ?

John Adams says:

Also marketed as identical lens named Rokinon 50mm f/1.2 MFR # RK50M-E

Sic Lusifer says:

Could this be used on a Lens Turbo II (booster)?

Doug B. says:

More than a “touch” of purple fringing, I’d say. But that’s the usual with Samyang.

afronarrative says:

That’s cool. I’m in Cardiff.

Ralph Gehteha says:

What about CA?

Thomas Arthen says:

nice video.. can i put this lense on sony A7 (fullframe) ? or which do you recommend ?

Deybi R. De León says:

Christopher Frost Photography even though I use Nikon, I found your reviews really good specially for 3rd lens manufacturers. Hopping to see a review for the Samyang 12mm 2.8 and 16mm 2.0 for aps-c cameras. Looking for an astrophotography equivalente to their good 14mm 2.8!

dreedee says:

after a while watching some your vids I see its Wales and Cardiff!… made me miss it! thank you!

rajan tyagi says:

its too expensive i would prefer sigma 30mm f1.4 with autofocus for $300 than paying 400 for this

Robert Christophet Calayan says:

Can you please have a review on sigma 30mm f1.4 C emount lense

vlpaa says:

please review Samyang 12mm F2.0

mika _ says:

HOW does it compair to Samyangs 50mm 1.4 you’ve testet (on APS-C sensor!)??? Bokeh difference? Buildlengh difference i know already.

michael says:

Hope you get a chance to review the 35mm version.

afronarrative says:

You live in Wales or were you visiting?

Niru says:

Please review the voitglander 58 1.4 II

James Morgan says:

will my a7r run this lens in crop mode or will it start true 50mm on full frame camera?

XtremeVocalCovers says:

I don’t know if I should get the apsc mirrorless versions of the 35mm and 50mm (f1.2) lenses or their equivalents which can also be used on a full-frame camera (the 1.4 ones). Interested in the small size of the apsc mirrorless lenses because of the sneakyness regarding street photography and the space in my bag but also interested in the option of using the f1.4 versions on a full-frame camera in the future. I’m using an a6000 at the moment but planning to uprade to full-frame one day where I could save a lot of money by buying the f1.4 lenses. I’d really like to know which lenses got the better picture quality, if it would tend to the 1.4 ones I would much rather go for them. Can you shoot a comparison video between the 35mm and 50mm f1.2/f1.4 lenses for a bit more detailed look on them? That would be so nice from you!

Guy Fisher says:

Awesome review! Do you plan on reviewing the Samyang 35mm f1.2 for APS-C Mirrorless?

smahatma says:

So I ended up picking up a very gently used (basically mint condition) copy of this for my EOS M5, got it for only $320 USD. Optically pretty good, better than my aging Canon 50mm 1.4. Build quality is ok but quite plastic. I think I was spoiled by the excellent build of my all metal Mitakon 35mm F/0.95 MK2, which is still my favorite lens.

FieldNotes Studio says:

Hi there! what microphone are you using in your video??

Randy Wahyu says:

canon m3 with Samyang 35mm F1.2?

riciy says:

yay, samyang shared your video on their FB page 🙂

Tuhin Tulsyan says:

hey how about a review of sony 24-70 f2.8 Gmaster lens vs canon 24-70 f2.8L II?

Reuben Zuazua says:

your video doesnt work

Thomas Arthen says:

i want to shoot people pics with sony A7… which linses should i use ? thanks 4 answer 🙂

George Ou says:

Where can you find this lens? When I search for it on Amazon, I only get Rokinon results.

Smorisha says:

Every single clip same annoying music,change it a bit….

Dudeius Mannigast says:

so it goes from 50mm to around 75mm on a aps-c sensor?

Reagan Huang says:

definitely getting a samyang for my daily use.

please review : 10mm f/2.8 and 21mm f/1.4

Thomas Pham says:

I dont know if my lens defected, but with either the RAW or Jpg is real bad. even at low ISO, image has more noise than my Sigma 60mm. Even using magfication focus on my Sony A6300, and at shutter speed at 200, the Sigma 30mm or 60mm f2.8 are better. I will have to return it.

Ali says:

Hi Chris, I really like your reviews. It’s always great to come across youtube channels which are as straight to the point and informative as yours. I can’t wait to buy some of the lenses you’ve recommended, starting with the Sigma 17-50 f2.8!

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