Samyang 14mm F2.8 Cine Lens Review! (T3.1)

Check out my review of the Samyang 14mm Cine Lens!

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AdventureSportFlashlights says:

I’ve had a tough time getting any images I would call “Sharp” with the 10mm lens. This is probly the softest lens I’ve eve shot with. The aperture is amazing on this thing though. You can get plenty of light with it. I can turn ISO down as low as with this than my 50mm F1.8

Kyppy84 says:

just got it for my sony a7, its a king for cheap wide lenses.

Finn Hlatky says:

Ordering tonight

Anton V. says:


Syrian Hamster says:

Focal distance goes from the sensor to the subject, not starting at the end of the lens.

John Smith says:

Oi! I know im little late but im i dillema of a lifetime.. Would you recommend this lens, 24mm 1.5 , or Sigma 10-20 3.5 for video? I plan to get in ndie movies and making music videos and shooting cars (not literally) 😀 Currently shooting on Canon T5i with 50mm 1.8 ii
Thank you for your answer and keep up with good work 😉

Rudy Effendy says:

This is lens just for video only? Can I use for take a photo too?


If mounting this lens on Canon eos 700D, does it remains 14mm or 14×1.6=22.4mm?

Сэм Просто says:

Так что брать его? Хороший обьектив?

SIMMS - FilmMaker says:

Great review bud! Was looking for review like this! Other review just low quality… 🙁
YOU EARNED SUB DUDE!!! VIDEOGRAPHY!!! Of course we go manual!!! 🙂

Tomas Villegas says:

Fantastic review Sam. Great channel you have here.

The Vegan Cyclist says:

Bro! Thank you for this. I have a Sony A7 E-mount full frame. Do I need an adapter? Also, Vloging? Yes/no?

Сэм Просто says:

Мне нужен для видеосьёмки!

Dion Tennekes says:

have it autofucus?

Mychal Simmons says:


Porter says:

What did you record the t3i with your phone ?

christhehaitian says:

Sam, this should have a million views – speaking as a novice, everything you said, simply made sense! THANKS.

Timon H says:

Awesome! thanx man, definitely gonna buy this one for my sony, 24 mm review?

Marcus G says:

This lens has infinity focus ? If so can you explain the usage of infinity focus on a dslr while shooting video ?

Astu Edit says:

I only see the non Cine version on , Is it the same sharpness/quality? I need quality improvement..

David Bakunowicz says:

Love the shot @ 4:50. Amazing sir!

Whistle Video says:

Brilliant review, in depth, clear and concise, exactly what I look for in a review! Much appreciated, keep up the great work, Thanks!

JonTV says:

much less of a drawback with sony cameras : focus peeking and intergrated stabilisation! make the switch

Will Granzier says:

I have the same lens for a Canon 5D Mk3 and a BMPCC MFT. The difference between the two is day and night. The BMPCC MFT one is way sharper. Blew me away. So if you have an MFT DO NOT use the adapter ring

ultime gamer hd says:

whats that lamp in the back?

Walter Breitenmoser says:

Great video thanks!! Is Samyang 14mm f/2.8 actually the same lense as the Samyang 14mm t3.1 (I mean the optic inside and not the rings and outside things)?? Thanks!

Abhishek Kumar says:

osm video>>>

Ghostbusters of Hong Kong says:

I have this lens. Would not recommend for run and gunning. and focusing was a huge issue for me.

Gustavo Ordoñez Zapana says:

maravilloso lente.
quiero tres

SimplyE says:

Does this work with the Panasonic g7

Mike Keen says:

ok I’m looking at using this lens on my aerial rig does this lens have an infinity focus as such as from the air dof is not important to me wot is . is a broad focus from infinity to closer up or am i looking poss at the wrong type of lens for this sort of work? your vid was awesome keep the good work up


Do you know what’s the difference between “Samyang 14mm T3.1 Cine Lens for Canon EF-Mount” & “Samyang 14mm T3.1 VDSLRII Cine Lens for canon EF” the price difference is almost 100 USD and it looks the same on pictures

truthseekers666 says:

No point in reviewing a lens lie this on crop… because youll get the same results of a 14mm prime lens which doesnt weigh as much and can have stabilisation. This is a lens designed for full frame.

Photo Concept Photography says:

Hello Sam, how about using this lens with the metabone speed booster on the GH4? I have been using Nikon lenses with the speed booster to control the aperture, If I use the Samyang I would have to leave the speed booster aperture wide open and use the lens to control aperture??

Abhinav Das says:

Bestest review. You explained every little thing which I needed to know.

ItsKapow says:

I used the 14mm Samyang lens today, wouldn’t fit on my glide cam 🙁

marlies timmerman says:

is the canon eos 700d a full frame camera? and if its not does the 14mm still works the same?

Ghanee Ludin says:

I want to use this lens for both photography and video. What do you recommend? They are both the same lens correct, just the outside mechanics are specified for easier use in either video or photography?

Marsin Ka says:

I hate to tell you that but you’re an idiot if you say that bokeh=cinematic look

Face du Monde says:

great review mate !

59thshot says:

would it be hard to focus at concerts in low light video?

GRJOHN360 says:

Great review! Are you sure that T3.1=2.8F? Is the aperture the same on both versions?

Byron Davis says:

Hey Sam, thanks for this video. Are you shooting with this lense on this video? I’m looking for a good wide angle lense that allows me to shoot in smaller rooms that may put by subject closer to the lens (with a 2 T shot) but will still have that depth of field that can still allow me to create that cinematic look.

MrOniff says:

HI, What diférence this T3.2 and f/2.8?

kcaz says:

can someone tell me the difference between these two lenses the “Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Lens For Canon EF” and the “Samyang 14mm T3.1 Cine for Canon EF” i found the samyang for 100$ cheaper(used) and would like to know what the key differences are before deciding which one to get

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