Here is a Samyang 135 f2 e mount Review. I was as honest as possible and really tried to hone in on the important details when it comes to using this lens. This is my very first manual focus lens and the best optical lens I’ve ever owned! It seriously will blow your mind! for $450, this is a steal

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Nelson Santos says:

I have owned the samyang 135mm f2 lens for sony for the past year and i have to agree with Manny… this is the sharpest lens WIDE OPEN i have ever used and i have used alot of great lenses. I currently own the Zeiss Batis 85mm 1.8 and the samyang beats it in terms of sharpness. I love using it for first dances at weddings and i always shoot it wide open. The manual focusing using the focus peaking and magnification on the sony cameras is absolutely awesome! The isolation at 135mm F2 is amazing! The only thing that this lens is not so great when compared with other top lenses is its contrast and color. I feel like it renders flatter images than lenses like the batis 85mm and sony 35mm 1.4 but that is to expect.
Without a doubt, this lens is just amazing! I actually doubt that even the 85mm 1.4 GM is sharper wide open than this lens, or even at F2.

vagelis Diamandis says:

Does it work with an a6000?

Mayank Baunthiyal says:

Don’t know if Canon version has focus-confirmation chip built it, but with focus confirmation chip this lens very very accurately tells if something is in focus on D750. I have been managed to nail focus spot on 9/10 times on still or slowly and predictably moving subjects.

Kung Cidro says:

great review, and those pictures were great man! im thinking this would be really awsome with the Fuji xt-1 with the dual screen focus thingy.. do you think the xt-1 16Mpix sensor will be enough to show this much detail?

Olaf Messerschmidt says:

Shoot out the Television

Kevin Burroughs says:

great review. Good idea having focus magnification with C1.  I have mine on the back and it causes me to move a little and end up out of focus sometimes with my 135mm f/2.8 m42 mount Vivitar lens

jutubjestzlem says:

Pretty cool. I’ve been wondering whether to buy this lens or not. But your review and samples convinced me! Thanks.


hai thanks for your great review .from where did u bought this samyang 135. when I search for this particular lense at amazon it shows rokinon. please am waiting for your reply. thank you

A Grg says:

Is it better than samyang 85 in terms of image quality?

Tony Borja says:

Good job, thank you!

james cason says:

so you think this lens is a bad buy for a Canon camera

Deon Hamilton says:

the canon 135 f2 is a APS-C (1.6x) lens this is why its so much smaller, if you use this lens on a full frame camera your get bad Vignetting, the samyang is for full frame cameras so it will work on both with little to no vignetting but its going to be a bigger lens.

Scott Barnard says:

Great Review. I Also own this lens and agree totally about sharpness. Best I’ve seen and used. Just incredible.
thanks for sharing this with us

Emph Squee says:

Picked up this lens as an open box deal recently for $375 (Sony A-Mount) for use on a A99-SLT. This is a great lens but requires careful technique to get optimum results.

If I’m doing environmental portraits a tripod helps a lot, it keeps me from moving the camera and makes focusing easier. This technique also works for hand holding but requires a steady hand when setting focus.

My method consists of using the focus magnifier positioned on the closest eye framed at rule of thirds cross point. Compose and frame the shot at normal magnification, punch in the magnifier, carefully focus on the eye, then shoot. This has to be repeated each for each shot. As Manny stated the second shot will be a little out of focus.

It’s not the easiest lens to work with but the results can be stunning; razor sharp with a smooth colorful non distracting background that beautifully separates the subject. Ideal for portraiture be it single person, couples or small group.

The Dog Photographer says:

Hey, do you know the length of this lens? I can’t find the e mount length as for some weird reason no where advertises the e mount version with the ‘built in adapter’. Thanks

Liangshi Xu says:

its a nightmare to shoot manual with anything longer than 85mm during low light………

so daylight(enough lighting to focus begin with), is fine for this.

i do street and night, i have 135f2.8 helios, damn man it is so hard to focus….

Franklin Tatis says:

are you still shooting with this lens? Haven’t seen you use it in any of the newer videos. If you got rid of it any reason why?

Samael Estevez says:

Hey Manny, thanks for all your hard work. How do you compare this Samyang Lens to the Sony Zeiss 135 F1.8 A-mount?

Elias B says:

you should have done a video on how to use manual lens with the sony system.

GreenHead says:

Hi Manny! Love your channel! How do you compare this to the A mount 135 1.8 on the A7Rii? Thanks

shaolin95 says:

This lens has more elements and is sharper with better CA control than Canon… That’s why it’s bigger mate

Lucrative Vision says:

Question. I recently purchased the same lens and I’m using it on an A7. What settings do you recommend?

AndreAgonia says:

Does this lens work on the A6000? Or is them something that suits the 135mm equivalent better? That would be 90mm *1,5 but I don’t know if they make a 90mm f2
That being said I still can’t believe the price at which Canon sells its 135mm L compared to Samyang, this is a great lens and way cheaper!

Ricardo Salgado says:

Did you finally purchased it right back? I sold mine =(

Marshall Alsup says:

Manny, what do you think about this lens on an a6500 (or other crop sensor)?

floex831 says:

I’m getting this lens soon. I love my Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G but I want more compression. The Nikkor 135mm f/2 DC is too expensive for me right now and since I learn on 35mm film, I don’t have any issue manual focusing.

Nadine Clyde says:

Thank you for this Review

clint kerfoot says:

I purchased this lens and love it. But when I take my shutter 1/5000 – 1/8000 on my 7rii I get darkness on top of my photos. Doesn’t show until I take the shot. Have you experienced this? Or could it be a bad copy?

Shaun Hilton says:

Great photos mate are you using a adapter do they make this to use mounted straight to a7 mkii cheers

The Emo Emu says:

Cool review. 135mm is also my favorite focal length. I’m currently using the Canon 135/2L because I use it on both my Sony and my Canon. If I only had my Sony gear, I’d be all over the Samyang as well. Very impressive detail in those shots.

Sunrazor says:

I agree that this lens is one of the best purchases I have made. My focus ring is also stiff and sticks just a tiny bit when stopped. Not a problem really but the glass… o my god. It’s fantastic.

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