Samyang 135mm f/2.0 ED UMC Lens for Sony E Mount: Review

I’ve been a Sony E mount convert for almost two years now and this new lens from Samyang really helps fill out the lens lineup offering a fast, long prime that is sharp, focuses close, and with the focus peaking feature of the Sony cameras, it’s easy to get sharp quickly. I think this is a great addition to my 35/55 Zeiss, and when there is no/lo light, it will be nice to be able to reach for an E Mount prime rather than have to fool with adapters, etc… Last, the great surprise is how close if focuses!!! You could use it for intermediate macro work. the shot of my son’s face (closeup) was at minimum focus. A great change from the 85 which had very poor close focus capability!
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David Jones says:

WOW…Patrick this is awesome. Ive been a Sony convert myself for a couple of years also. Ive been looking for a lenses to shoot my sons Wedding in april. Was looking at renting the f4 but can”t get it in time. I may have to make a purchase soon. I really don”t mind the manual focus either being an old guy myself. Thanks so much for your revue…now just have to break the news to the wife i want another lense.

Alex Jakobs says:

The Focus Peaking makes manual lenses so easy to use. 1 of the main reason I got a A6000 so I can use old lenses in manual mode with an adapter. I don’t know why Nikon and Canon don’t have these amazing simple features.

sium Mgs says:

correction plz 1:35 ….u said it will be 200mm f2.0 in crop….when it comes to crop calculation…..u also have to multiply the focal with crop factor as well as aperture….. so….this lens will provide equivalent to 200mm f3….

AndreAgonia says:

Hi Patrick, quick question for you! Does this lens make sense on the Sony A6000 too or it’s more of a Full Frame lens?
I know it becomes a 202mm on that camera so I was wondering if that means there’s even more background compression or whatever.

Also, if I’m searching for that focal length(loved 135mm for portraits on Canon more than my 70-300!) would this make more sense over a, let’s say, 90mm f2 or f2.8(if they make this) which becomes exactly a 135mm equivalent on the Sony A6000?

Clyde Gonzales says:

Wouldn’t this be a F2.8 on a crop sensor as exposure basis? Crop sensors don’t let in light much as a FF sensor due to the physical size right?

Jerome Creaney says:

Thank you Patrick, Very helpful review, like you I have been looking for such  a  fast portrait lens I usually  use  Zeiss glass  and was  a bit reluctant with  a lower spec lens, but from your review I feel  a lot  better  and to say nothing off  the savings.
Jerry Creaney D.O.P

Juan Andres Tovar says:

Patrick how would you say this lens compares vs the Rokinon 100mm Macro?

Hermes Ortega says:

I wondered how it will behave in a GX8 with 2x crop it 270 mm 2.0. a prime like that cost more than $4000 for a full frame so I will try and see.

Jerrimar Acuna says:

Hey Pat, How would you describe the colors compared to the Canon 135 L ?

Junior Madden says:

f2.0 vs f4.0 isn’t that only a 1stop difference?

William Boschert says:

Excellent video, thanks for sharing.  I’m strongly considering this lens, although I *do* own the Rokinon 85mm F/1.4 and I am pretty happy with that.  Seeing as I have the FE55mm, I was thinking of trading the 85mm for the 135mm.  (mainly for portraits)  Not sure I want to give up the 85mm though…..

Chris Longley says:

Thanks for review. I’ve been considering this, I have the 85 1.4 and find that it can amaze me. Do you think the IQ is even better from the 135?

Veaceslav S. says:

Hi,Patrick! You know i have rokinon 85-1.4 and of course,it’s not so long as 135 but the same fast as you said. And it’s a great lens.Do you have comparison between 85 and 135? Thanks!

David Vogt says:

Got mine a few weeks ago, and I have to say, this is probably one of the best lenses I’ve ever shot with, at least optically. I also find it much easier to focus than the 85mm 1.4 for some reason. Thanks for your video, it helped me decide whether or not to get it.

Ian Wilkinson says:

It’s more than two years on from this video now and still no native E mount AF 135mm f2.0 or less. The Batis at f2.8 hasn’t tempted me away from my Samyang yet because its IQ is extremely impressive and probably on par with both the Zeiss and the Sigma 135mm f1.8 Art + MC-11 – but at over four times less expensive …

Robert Evangelista says:

I tried to find but do you have review of 85mm 1.4

Julian Winmouth. says:

Can I use it on a Sony A7?

leotownsend says:

love the passion!

InsiderWitz says:

Could I ask which camera strap this is?

DrowsyPotato says:

Great video! I have a question, is there a lens collar you can get for this lens?

Top Monk says:

Thanks Patrick !

floex831 says:

Have this lens, love this lens!

Ales Borszék says:

I bought this lens for my NEX-6 (e mount) but it’s really heavy and I’m scared it could break the tiny mount of my cam. Is there a tripod clamp I could buy for it?

Nix Canpor says:

how far do u have to stand away from a subject? let’s say a whole person?

Juan G says:

Great review. Real Madrid’s fans everywhere…

MJ Christie says:

Great video patrick. Im new to the A7 and photography all together. I have the Zeiss 35mm 2.8 and i just bought a metabones adapter for real cheap cause im thinking about the canon 135mm f2. How does this compare to the canon? {i know the canon has AF). Should i sell my adapter or keep it for other canon lenses and just get this Samyang?

Leb 1984 says:

Really good laid back video. I love the outdoors…… Samyang and Rokinon have really stepped up their game I’m looking to try this lens out on a D3.. Like the Adesa Jacket are you a dealer too? Bought a lot of RV’s from Adesa.

Sergio Gaeta says:

Nice video, im considering to buy this lens to use on my a7ii !!! One question: what is the brand / model of the strap that you are using ? Thanks !

AYXMVC10 says:

I have the rokinon 24mm t1.5 on Sony a7s now I need a telephoto lens, great review

Ruthle Music says:

i wish it had auto focus

Carla Cortes says:

hello, have you tried another lenses like yongnuo, for example?

arjuna207 says:

so their shortcut was building the adapter in the lens…sad. it actually should be shorter 😛 because one of the first things you say is that “its a big beast, as it should be”.

i hope we’ll see manufacturers work with the short flange distance, not around it

Fazle Rabbi Khan says:

Can it fit for Nikon crop sensor camera like D7000?

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