Review: Nikon to Fuji Lens Adapters

Photographer Jason P. Odell looks at two different lens mount adapters to use Nikon lenses with Fujifilm X-mount bodies.

The Fotodiox adapter is an inexpensive, a no-frills option for mounting Nikon lenses to a Fuji mirrorless camera. It has a 4-position aperture ring that is compatible with Nikon G-type lenses.

The Metabones “Speed Booster” adapter is very expensive. However, it includes a glass lens element that offers a 0.71x crop factor, effectively restoring the full angle of view from Nikon FX lenses onto the Fuji APS-C format sensor. Along the way, the image circle is brightened, effectively increasing the lens speed by one stop.

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pilgram driver says:

hello, can nikkor dx G lenses be adapted to be used on fujifilm mirrorless cameras ?

Nabeel Khan says:

can I connect my old Fujica AX-1 lense on nikon d7200 and can you tell what kinda adapter I need ?

Walter Scott says:

Hello Jason. Does using dslr lenses on a Fuji result in poorer image quality? Thanks

Dave Casey says:

Hey Jason I have been trying to mount a nikon lensadapter to my fuji x-t2 but unlike the xt1 it does not have an option in the menus to turn on “shoot without lens” . My shutter will not activate. Any ideas?

ismael ramirez says:

Thank you Jason.

Yash Gupta says:

What is the frame around your fuji camera?

Viktor Gabyshev says:

Thanks a lot for your video! I have FF camera (Canon 6D) and several manual lenses. I’m thinking to buying fuji mirrorless as a second camera. And I would like to use my FF lenses on fuji x system with Fotodiox inexpensive adapter. The focal length of my lenses will increase on aps-c body. And what about maximum aperture? It will also increase? My lenses will turn in less fast lenses? Thank you!

Patrick Schreiber says:

Do I lose one stop when I use the adapter whithout an element?

Mie Katoen says:

Thanks, was very usefull information

Matt Dodds says:

awesome video. BTW you sound like Obama

Julius Valsson says:

Nice! THX!

Sean Tang says:

How is the sharpness at F1.4 with your fuji X-T1? I am considering buying a 85mm F1.4 AIS for my fuji X-T2

Skvora Limitd says:

With speedboosting and all that, there’s no physical way you’re getting more light in given that’s determined by the lens itself. If you mean to say that you don’t lose a stop in bokeh, and bokeh alone rather than exposure due to the crop factor since that booster refocuses all of the originally available light – then yes.

Marcus Excell says:

very informative video. you did such a perfect job explaining the value of the different adapters. Great job and thanks so much my guy!

Tchalla Hawk says:

Where can I get info for mounting a fuji film lens on my Nikon body

Dhiraj Shetty says:

+Jason Odell need you advice please , i use only non G lens so which Fotodiox adapter would work for me or do i have to get the expensive Metabones one ?

Sherwin P Sam says:

is there an adapter available for 1 Nikkor lenses to be used on Fuji X-M1

Gianna Giavelli says:

is there a cheaper speed booster than metabones ? 500 bucks is a lot!

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