Review – Cheap Vintage Lenses

This is a review of the different types of vintage lenses I have used for video the past year or so.
They can all be had pretty cheap if you are willing to dig around. A good tip is to look for cameras that include them since thats often much much cheaper than just buying the lens.
Please checkout my other videos as well:

Test Videos:

konica 40mm and 135mm,

Minolta 50mm,


”Faded War” Josh Woodward
“Easy Day” Kevin MacLeod

Some clips graded with Filmconvert and the rest with help from Captain Hooks LUT for concistensy,


GeniusPanda says:

your voice is perfect

Axel J says:

are you irish ?

Antonius Richard says:

It was really really amazing. Thank you for your review, it helped me so much. I’m in the hunt mode of vintage cheap lenses 😀
Anyway.. since you are using BMCC.. is it really good for shoot a wedding? how is the battery life performance? and how is the memory card

ItsKapow says:

Amazing lenses by the way!

The Dead Filmmakers Society says:

Hi mate! here again! i just got a Vivitar 70-210 mm f3.5 for my Sony A6000, is just beautiful and i love it so much, the only thing is that it can get really shaky… do you have any suggestions to get more stabilised video capture with vintage lenses?

Cheers mate

Parker Walters says:

Are all of these lenses able to fit on the sony a7?

paleop says:

Beautyful!!! thanks to share

Ese Nino Fao says:

Hey Mattias, I started my vintage glass collection about a month ago and came across a Wollensak raptor lens. The Elgeet looks close enough to it and has the same end piece. What adapter did you use to mount it on your bmpcc? It looks to small for a c-mount and there are no treads to attach it? Thanks in advance.

JetSmackedHD says:

new to photography. what adapters are you using?

Banny Zayn says:

Can you tell me about the setting your creative style please ?

•Patrick• says:

Whit this lens can you use it in automatic focus? Sorry for my English

Josh Kibblewhite says:

Can you adapt vintage lenses for DSLR or do they only work on mirrorless cameras?

Shortcut Media says:

damn, these all look pretty bad ass!

choon wah yee says:

Adaptor are only made for ….. Vintage lenses! Great ! Money’s saved! But , I ‘ m lost myself in the good old day’s events!!!! Nowadays , I spends money’s on new camera and new lenses!!! Only

Noelle Candice says:

I bought the Minolta and I love it, much better than the new 50mm

Jeremy Blanton says:

I love my Minolta 50mm.

dobre sprzęgło says:

konica lenses are actually brilliant, you should try 57/1.4 and 135/2,5, both from konica, trurly outstanding stuff

LunasTravels says:

if anyone could help match which lens is for what adapter so that I can purchase both for my canon eos m3 apsc camera

Active Brothers says:

very good review! going to improve our bmpcc setup.

Herobox 1248 says:

That Konica 135/2.8 looks an awful lot like this Cimko compact 135/2.8 I have.

Programmer Qn says:

Very nice video. Please keep them coming.

Toasted Synapse Gaming says:

Would be nice to have a list for which ones do well with Full-Frame (aka don’t vignette). Can anyone please reply?

John Lee says:

I am planing to move to Sony A7ii from my Nikon setup, which vintage lenses and adapter would you recommend? I will be shooting portraits most of the times.

JustRiding says:

does the minolta 50 fit on a eos 550d?

VYNX_CO says:

Does the sigma works with em 10 mark ii olympus?

Marcelo Palacios says:

How can you mount the “D” mount on the Elgeen to Canon EF ? I have Canon T5 with crop sensor.

hardrockerduck says:

Hi Mattias!
Great review! I have a Sony A6000 and I was wondering whether there is any adapter the Soligor 135 mm you are showing in the video?

ItsKapow says:

What accent is that?

MrFreshman149 says:

Really interesting 🙂
I am thinking about buying a Minolta MD 50mm f2.

But i have one generell question.
Is it possible to take pictures without using a tripod and with no stabilization like on the A6000?

maritshirin88 says:

Hm, så m42 adaptrarna borde funka till typ alla eos Canon kameror tror du? Har en as najs chinon 18-50mm lins 🙂

Philip Warren Gertsson says:

Bra tips! Tack för videon! Har Minoltan, inte mycket fel på den. Men favoriten är ändå Konica 52mm f1.8!
Gärna fler videos om sånt här!

Michael franco guerrero says:

Hi i have a few questions..

im a sony a6000 user, im looking for a good zoom with 1.4 to 2.0 minimum aperture can you give me any suggestion?

How can i make sure that the lenses i choose to buy for my a6000 wont vignette? im always wondering how to know when which lens will and which one wont..

DaaniieL says:

which lense can fit a nikon d3100 for cheap?

Steven Namyah says:

Very relaxing narration. Enjoy all your videos, full of facts and knowledge.

derbeder says:

Can dslrs accept 3rd party lenses?
people always try vintage lenses on mirrorlessen but not on dslrs why is that?

TechMadeEasy says:

Which is the sharpest Vintage lens you have used ?

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