One LENS To Rule Them All? TAMRON 18-400 REVIEW

Is the TAMRON 18-400 the only lens someone would need on a cropped sensor camera? This is a review of the Tamron 18-400.

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You can get this lens for Nikon and Canon mounts and sometime in the future I would be for Sony as well.

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Sudip Prakash says:

Put a review of Tamron 70-210mm lens

Zaber Ansary says:

Try manual focusing at 400mm.. lol it breathes close like from 400mm to 200mm… its not what its marketed… When focusing close though.

Roberto Blake says:

Would love this for Sony! My Full Frame is the Sony A7rIII

Iain Atkins says:

It sound good for a hobby shoter and at that price not bad would you not say that the market for it

Jay-Ar Deganos says:

Not for me. It’s not that sharp. I can get a TAMRON af aspherical xr di LD if 28-300mm for less than 50 dollars secondhand and will produce almost the same image quality. I got mine for 14.50 dollars in awesome condition. I’ll just use the 600 dollars to buy sharper prime lenses.

Stanleynich says:

So would you say its as good or just a little better than a Nikon Kit Lens

tectorama says:

I’ve owned one of these lenses for some time now, and I can confidently say that it’s a brilliant lens. I do a lot of sports photography with it on my D500, and I wouldn’t be without it.

pigspigs76 says:

Why no rapidfire segments!?

BK BK says:

I rented this lens for two weeks from Lensrentals. Shot everything from portraits to baseball games. I’d give it a 3 out of 5. It was okay. I would not buy one but it is the best super zoom I have ever used.

Muhammed Shamaa says:

I bought this lens exactly because of the vast range it offers. However, after using it for a couple of months, i was shocked to find out the severe focus breathing issue in this lens. I shoot birds and wildlife upclose, and when i compared it to my Canon 55-250mm lens, my Canon lens gave me closer shots at 250mm than the Tamron at 400mm. I contacted the Tamron supplier in Dubai but they refused to acknowledge the problem and said the lens was fine, even though i showed them samples of both lenses. The Tamron lens also has sharpness problems and it really struggles to acquire focus in less contrasty scenes. Despite its great range, i was disappointed with its performance. I hope that you try the focus breathing and compare the lens to other lenses at closer distances.

Alexander Hugestrand says:

One lens to rule them all would be a 35mm f1.4 or f2 IMO. Telephoto is boring, and how useful is that lens during the night?

maynor martinez says:

I’m shooting my friend’s wedding, which lenses w​ould you recommend for my Nikon d500?

Putte MacGuff says:

Do you think we ever in the future will se a 18-400 /f 2.8?

The Family show says:

I have a Canon t6 cos I’m trying to get a lens that takes close ups like a bug or flower I have len from 18 mm to 55mm but I m not sure witch lens to get for really close

geneticboobyprize says:

dude, are you near philly?

Critical Point says:

The thing is, every lens has a certain focal range where is going to perform better, sharper and so on. For example my old Tamron 18-270mm which is a terrible lens, from 70 to 150mm it performs quite well and I would not hesitate to use it even today at that focal range, but anything below or over that I will no longer touch it. So even if you might grow as a photographer beyond this kind of lens, you can still find some use for it.

Josek says:

Hahaha I was watching this because I’m leaving for the Vatican !!!

Manash PratimDutta says:

what about the af ?

Azmeer Vlogs says:

How if you give me this lens as gift. Emmmm its wasn’t bad idea.

Jacob Hartman says:

The photos look nice — if it was a fixed f4 or so (which would probably be pretty hard to do on such a big zoom range) it’d probably be an amazing lens to have!

Eyad Alsaidy says:

This or the 100-400 ?

Braincoral says:

everybody loves a Lemur

adam h says:

what would be a good lenz for shooting pics of the moon close up

Photo Nerd says:

Thank god you reviewed it. Your the only one that posts RAW files when shooting lenses. I always see lens reviews where they ONLY show you processed jpegs with noise reduction on.

Gwadar TV says:

Oh Jared, you are great, man, I seriously love the style you talk. How did you built it up? BTW thanks for that review, love ya.

David Castro says:

More of these videos! We all miss them.

Elías Indriago says:

2:58 Full Auto??? WHO ARE YOU AND WHERE IS JARED!?!? Fuck Auto Man… Photography basics are NOT hard to learn, thats why are called BASICS

Jonathan Bondu says:

pretty impressed by the wind tunnel test results… when I want to choose a lens, I always come back to the wind tunnel tests to make my choice.

Suhas Bhat says:

its nice to see ur review

Cole McDonald says:

I love the tam Ron superzooms, but I’ve had to return both of them that I’ve owned as the iris motor dies in them. Google found more people having the same issue. Have they solved that foible at all? If so, these are great lenses.

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