Nikon Z lenses – are they better than F Mount?

Nikon has been promoting the larger diameter and shorter flange distance of the Z mount, and how this will allow more lens designs, easier design, better optics, faster AF and edge to edge sharpness. But are they actually better?

In this video I compare the 24-70mm f4 Z lens to the 24-70mm f2.8G lens and the 35mm f1.8 Z lens to the Tamron 35mm f1.8 VC. Tested on their native mount cameras the Z7 and the D850.

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Sven Cairo says:

I gotta give it to you man. Always these handsome models!

Steeles240 says:

My big question is if i’m planning to pick up a Z6 when they release is the current crop of z mount lenses worth the money or do i grab the adapter and use my existing lenses and wait for Nikon to release faster updated lenses (like a 50mm 1.2) or where i have “holes” in my lens collection? is it worth it to get the 24-70 f4 if i already have even an off brand sigma/tamron 24-70 f2.8? I was planning on replacing a few lenses this hliday season with some of sigma’s ART line but these camera releases made me pause that thought.

theendtone says:

that nikon guy

Herbert Kitchener says:

Image sharpness is already such a high quality it makes you wonder how much sharper you can physically go.

michael mckee says:

Thanks for the lens updates, Matt. C1 doesn’t list the Z7 as a supported camera.
Could you simply open the files or did you need to play with the exif data?

Hagen Trondheim says:

Realy interesting comparison and beautiful photos, super

Leon says:

Matt, does the Tamron G2 auto focus on Nikon Z7 or Z6?

oliver Lison says:

Another marketing scam. It is true that a thicker motor can have more true. But a F-Mout lens can be configured thincker to adapter a stronger motor in it. How many Nikon lenses actually do have the ring type motor? Most of the AF-S lenses use a micro motor with a tiny gear to provide enough torque to move the lens assembly arround. The focusing of those lenses is not much better than of the “AF-D” lens varients. A bigger mount allows to make optical/acturactor design more accessible.

Toni Fiedler says:

OMG. Look at 3:20 how the lens extends. Holy crap. There is also to much plastic going on here. Not my taste. Metal lenses do not need to be heavy. Fujifilm proves that.

GRJCLyon says:

No, they’re not better if they take 10 years to produce them. I just saw Sony is dropping a ridiculous variety of glass this year. Nikon is pathetic and I use their equipment.

Baman Foster says:

I need your job

Henri de Feraudy says:

Endress possibilities with more loom.

Memeorandum of Understanding says:

how to take below average photos with expensive gears

Dagon Khan says:

The music! Highly irritating.

Valentino Photography says:

I don’t understand why you compare a f2.8 vs a f4 for size,weight and price…..

Danny Matson says:

Continuous focus not perfectly reliable is an understatement. If I shoot fairly shallow, at best I’m getting 50%. It’s just terrible. I’m returning mine.

Wynner3 says:

I’m waiting for the Z6 and coming from a D90, so anything with more than 11 focus points will be just fine for me. I mainly shoot wildlife.

Cosmin Munteanu says:

The 35 has as many elements as the dSLR version and the same design but is way bigger. Forgen not about the Leica’s Noktilux in a 44mm lens mount 😉

JP dJ says:

Nice. The jury in my head is still out: on if and how to proceed with Nikon. My biggest issue with FX (gold line) fast primes has always been chromatic aberration. And SW (like LR) being unable to remove it satisfactorily. The wider bayonet should facilitate better glass that has better compatibility with sensors. If you look at the diagram of the fixed Zeiss lens on Sony’s R1x, you’ll notice its rear end almost touches the sensor and has a condensor-like design. If we represent light as lines, then, apparently, these need to come in as perpendicularly as possible. Not just to prevent vignetting (which is easily corrected in SW). The positive news is great, the flaws … does your production Z7 actually have a newer version firmware? Or was the “pre-production” qualification just a silly launch marketing distraction?

youpa says:

Why is it do annoying to hear zed instead of zee? I know it’s a thing out there, but annoys me so much! Haha

Bazza1041 says:

try getting a spare battery the EN-EL15b, neigh on impossible in the UK

Jeremy Duncan says:

Are we really surprised that the f2.8 lens is more expensive and larger than the f4?

Kamen Kunchev says:

The answer is – not yet! The big question is – should we buy or wait.

Chima Chinda says:

When trying to decide b/w dslr or mirrorless, the question one needs to ask is “where do you want the weight to be?”
For body, get a dslr.
For lens, get a mirrorless.

itsepocx says:

Too bad you are not qualified to answer the question in the video title, Matt. But i take it you dont see the advantages of the Z-Mount in the fieldwork.. ?! Dont forget these lenses have no focus breathing.. cant wait to film with them!

Max Hui says:

Matt, I presume you purchased the T-Shirt from G.O.D. in Hong Kong, you should find out the meaning behind such words…

Jakethemase says:


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