Nikon FT-1 Adapter Review – Use Nikon / Nokkor F-mount lenses on V1 & J1 Nikon1 cameras

Nikon FT-1 review, test footage & sample shots, Lenses used; Nikon 50mm AF-S F1.8 & Sigma AF 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM

The Nikon FT1 adapter permits the use of Nikon & third party F-Mount DSLR lenses on Nikon1 system CX Format cameras like the J1 & V1…. so it’s kinda like your Nikon 1 camera is bisexual… if you mangle the metaphor a bit…


Bogdan Raul says:

how you made that move on 2:36 ?

NekoGamiYuki says:

hmm, I only subscribed to you for the PS vita videos, but after seeing some of your other videos such as this one I think I’ll be keeping you for these reviews and other videos. you make cameras seem so much more lively than I used to think they were.

Peter Gell says:

Great review. Really nice video from those Nikon 1 cameras. Love the ‘dolly zoom’ at 2:35

RonByg says:

Did you “enjoy” Hobart? You picked a great place to shoot, down at the wharf… Hobart, I MISS YOU!!!!!!

EndWorks says:

@Blunty3000 Thank you for that comments.

RVProject says:

Of course, with the latest firmware update, the FT1 will now do AF-C.

Using the FT-1 adapter with my V1 has put fun back into photography.

I used my 85mm f/1.8 recently at a baseball game. I got some incredible photos with that setup. I have even used a 70-300mm and a 80-400mm (which won’t autofocus) with the V1.

While the 70-300 works well handheld with VR (if you know how to hold the camera properly), the 80-400 requires a tripod as it has no VR and just a bit too long to hand hold.

Yotam Khrizman says:


Blunty says:

@MoteruUnited And considering the creepy, and flat out sleazy comments Alamby gets, I’m glad of it. God I hope she doesn’t read the comments on the DR vids. *shudder*.

EV1L DC4_TEGGZ says:

Does anyone know what kind of ford that blue car/truck was at 1:20? We don’t have those here in the states. It was interesting.

Jakerno says:

Really like the shot at 3:13
Nice one Blunty!

RomaineRC says:

i love your work but i only clicked this coz i thought the guy in the hood was Bieber and i saw the word Bisexual :/ nice lenses though

gouskin says:

As his username would imply, I think.

My Daily Account says:

I love you, Blunty.

Robert O says:

haha! i’m a year late to this comment but you sir just broke digitaljackass’s heart. lol

Jorge Díaz says:

Nice pictures. i didn’t expect that from the Nikon v1 because the lack of manual functions.

Domino Jordan 3d says:

@Blunty3000 Thanks blunty, truly a treasure trove of cinematography information, always loved that kind of shot never knew what it was called. An impressive move whatever the name of it.

Secret says:

I wanted to see a bisexual 🙁

Blunty says:

@dominojordan3d It’s usually called a “Hitchcock Zoom” / “Vertigo Zoom” after one of it’s most famous early uses; (in Hitchcock’s movie, Vertigo, duh). Or, more boringly, a “dolly zoom” (though actually this one was handheld, no dolly involved).

beqa tinikashvili says:

with mount it has auto focus or not?

SmexyLikeSoup _ says:

@Blunty3000 Was just saying. At first glance, I thought it was a boat…

RandomNewsStudios says:

Have you ever thought of getting into the film industry???

Blunty says:

@digitaljackass (aside for your painfully idiotic attempt at phonetic spelling)… listen slugger, I’ve toured the Nikon Factories in China and Japan, I’ve spoken with the people WHO MAKE THE SHIT, I’ve been to Nikon’s Tokyo offices, listened to presentations from executives, designers and marketers and I’ve had dinner with Nikon employees on these trips… and I *ASSURE* YOU, I am pronouncing it correctly. It’s you North American Noobs who’re too ignorant to say it right.

SenseoTek says:

@EV1LDC4Teggy It’s a Ford Falcon Ute, An aussie-pick-up-family-car-hybrid. GM also makes one: The Holden Maloo

RyTrapp0 says:

@Kazechirashi yes, we need an “idiots guide to photography/videography” video series!

Blunty says:

The Nikon 1 doesn’t have a “lack of manual functions”, It’s got the same PASM modes you’ll find on other cameras, they’re just buried deeper than usual as it’s designed in a more “apple” mind-set…. it tries to get out of the way and just let you shoot… yes this philosophy won’t be the best for everyone, but it does work quite well. And for the record, most of these shots were either in full manual, or aperture priority. (I’ve a full review of the V1 if you’re interested in seeing more)

Tangomania says:

Hi Blunty. Would you recommend to get this adapter and buy a 50 mm 1.4 or 1.8 Nikon lens for a portraits or should I just buy the nikkor 18mm 1.8 that part of the V1 line up? Would the 50mm give a nicer bokeh than the 18mm?

Kris C. says:

Wow, found the FT1 review. Nice! Gonna get me the adapter! Looking forward trying it out with my primes and macro lenses. Anxious to try the V1 during a concert with a Røde mic.

Blunty says:

@fulltunes Dude… I fucking KNOW. 😛

Sammy Darkling says:

just like how a macro tube works, does this adapted alter the DoF and focal length of dx lenses? also are they (dx lenses) cropped off by the sensor anyway?

but mainly I was going to ask something I just forgot. oh, can you set exposure so it doesn’t change in video? also would you recommend the J1 to save some costs, or is there something you wouldn’t compromise on over the V1.

regards ~ Sam p.s. I recognized your footage, Australia ^P^

KiddsockTV says:

Nice Adapter. Nice way to expand without a whole new set of lenses.

Bird, Building, Bird, Building, Bird, Building, Bird, Building, Bird, Building, .. Made me Chuckle!

Aldrin Ballado says:

Can you do a series of videos dedicated to teach those who are interested in taking up photography as a hobby but don’t really have any prior knowledge about the field of photography in general?

Xenphenik says:

understood less than half of what you said but still found it enjoyalbe.

P.S when is the new lego making video?

Kazechirashi says:

Hey, Blunty, have you ever considered doing a sort of “beginners series” or something to help out your more photographically illiterate fans? I know that’s not the point of the channel, but it would be cool if you did something like that. Either way, love the videos! *brohoof*

Patricia Palumbo says:

Thanks for that review Blunty! I was looking for a adapter for my V1 so I can mount other Nikkor DSLR lenses; and feeling uncertain. Now I feel informed.
Brilliant! You got another subscriber. 😀

亢宇冉 says:

Nice review, man!

EV1L DC4_TEGGZ says:

@waltersteenvoorden Thanks!

S D says:

When did you go to Hobart?

Andrei Paganini says:

how much was the 12-24mm?

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