Nikon 35mm F1.8 S Lens Review | It’s OVERPRICED but Good

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The Nikon Z 35mm f1.8 S is one of the new Nikkor lenses meant for the Nikon Z mount system. As I have stated many times before, it was the wrong lens to launch with. It’s a good lens, it will get the job done but at what I think is too high of a price. Call me when a 1.4 or 1.2 comes out.

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John Vander Ploeg says:

Fro, this lens is cheap compared to the Canon 28-70 f2 which you just gave rave reviews, wtf! The new Canon 28-70 is missing 4mm off the wide end, has no image stabilization and is gigantic. Not to mention it costs nearly $3000 and is developed for a camera that has no IS!!! I know you are not a Canon fanboy but somehow none of the aforementioned negatives mad it into your review for the Canon 28-70. This kind of oversight discredits the objectivity of your reviews.

Estudio Alba says:

If you want a better review, look at this.
I hope this helps. have a nice day.

Juan Lopez says:

Do Nikon and Canon board members Serv on both board. BC one came out with awesome lens for their new mount and the came out with the best (for first generation of mirrorless camera) camera. So you believe this is true, neither one wanted to come out swinging at Sony? Did they fear something by holding back?

Mark Shirley says:

I’m a Nikon shooter – it’s to expensive – I’ve finally decided to jump ship and buy the A73 and Tamron 28 35 – I make a living out of my equipment but I also break stuff regularly and I’m not up to splashing out £800 plus on just a 35 1.8.

Robert Varner says:

Zed is Dead!

SwitchRich says:

Try being a Sony user – the Sony 35mm f2.8 is about the same price. We’d love a 35mm f1.8 for the price of this Nikon.

Tyler Chappell says:

Lol, even in your old video with the 35mm f/1.8G ED you complained and said it was overpriced at $600 (currently $526). Yet the 1.4G is barely any better than the 1.8G ED and costs $1,700 so the only lens really overpriced out of the 3 is the f/1.4G. How much should a full frame f/1.8 lens cost Mr. Fro? $400? Because Nikon sells the 1.8G ED refurbed for $386 when they do their 10% off refurb sales. Paying $1,200 more for 2/3 stop is not worth it. The Z 35mm f/1.8S is probably even better than the 1.4G anyway.

Esteban Cherres Bahamonde says:

I think by the second gen, all the bugs and a nice line up will be avaliable. always first gen is plaged with issues. besides, i still love my d500 and d800 😀

Lofote says:

Americans are strange… They say Z like a C, thats stupid to differentiate. And they even make fun of other english speaking countries who made it smarter and say “zed” for Z.

Kian J says:

The Canon RF 35 1.8 STM Macro for the new EOS-R mount is listed on B&H for 499

knightsabre7 says:

Don’t think of the S primes like you think of the 35 1.8G and 50 1.8G. Think of them like the 20 1.8G and 24 1.8G and the price makes more sense. Compared to the 35 1.8G the S is better built, sharper across the frame, weather sealed, has all the coatings, and of course works better with the Z cameras. If you already have a 35 1.4 that you love (and paid double the price for), by all means go ahead and adapt it. If you don’t have any 35 currently go ahead and get the S. It makes no sense to get the 1.8G and handicap the state of the art camera you just paid top dollar for. If you already have the 1.8G you’ll have to decide if the benefits of the S are worth the cost or not. Of course, you can always sell the G to help finance the S as well.

Belingle says:

$900 for a 1.8? Yikes. I’m glad it’s crazy sharp but 9-hundred-dollars?! *sigh*

DobyxRC says:

Thank you! I have been contemplating moving into the mirrorless world but after this video I have decided to hold off and stay with my DSLR stuff. Nikon really did impress me with there Z6 but your right Jared, that lens is a bit expensive for a 1.8 prime and I think we will see better lens’s at way better pricing in the very near future.

phynx2006 says:

Nice Pulp Fiction reference Jar hahaha

orgun says:

I got a copy of this lens the other day after trading in a few older ones that I’m not using anymore and I was pretty blown away by how good it is. It’s razor sharp wide open at f/1.8, very contrasty, has great rendering and shows very minimal aberrations even into the corners. I’ve not shot with the F-mount 35mm f/1.8G or f/1.4G, but I can safely say that it’s better than the Nikon 28mm f/1.8G, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art and 24-35mm f/2 Art.

Tuner Things says:

Big fan Jared…but 5 emails in one day from your company is excessive. Hate to unsubscribe but… def not down with getting spammed to buy more of your stuff.

Bart Baharudin says:

Hi Jared! First of all I’d like to say that I love all your reviews! Secondly, actually I have an idea (though i’m not sure this is a logical one or not)

How about you make a test between the 35mm f1.8 z-mount and 35mm f1.8 f-mount by using a light source to both front elements and see whether both lens projects the same size of light circle on some kind of plane with the same distance from rear elements

i’m curious since the z-mount lens’ size is bigger and longer and it’s sharp from edge to edge, is it because they fit in more to produce larger image circle for that edge to edge sharpness?

Toddy Surcharge says:

My question to you is what is the depth of field difference between a 1.4 and a 1.8 lens because that is the only difference you would be getting between the two lenses. The fact that the 35mm 1.8s works with all 5 axis’s of the IBIS instead of just 3 for 1.4 with the FTZ means you can do lower shutter speeds and actually get more light in your shot than you would with the 1.4….so that more light favor the 1.4 normally has would be wiped out here.

Mundo Journey says:

I always wonder what he means by “the wind tunnel test”, still clueless

Brian Wickliffe says:

The 1.8S is supposed to be closer in light gathering ability to the 1.4G due to the design of the lens and the new mount. Any word on whether or not this is the case? In other words, any idea if the T stops are roughly the same?

Macula Madness says:

I went with the alpha…

Cactus Tweeter says:

Fro the 35mm 1.4 G did not appear out of thin air. You had to purchase it. So if someone did not have a 35mm 1.4 G laying around the 35mm 1.8 S would be a good purchase. I disagree that the lenses feel cheap. They are more streamlined than F mount lenses but not cheap feeling, in my opinion.


I’m curious if anyone thinks the pricing reflects a premium for users entering a new ecosystem or is it solely based on superior lens design/quality?

Rx 10,000 says:

Hey Jared!! I need a help i am about to buy a dslr but i am confused between D750 and D500 and also considering the D610, which should i go for

Alik Griffin says:

Zed is dead. The future is Zee.

Marian Palko says:

Wait till you get your hands on the 35mm Summicron-SL.

Matthew Sinclair says:

Does it come in a Zed mount for Canadian cameras?

Daniel Jones says:

Maybe its a harsh opinion, but I feel like unless you shoot professionally with very demanding work, buying brand new gear is not a good idea anymore. The results don’t justify the prices anymore, especially you just shoot for fun. Jared could’ve used almost any Full Frame camera and 35mm lens for those photos and videos and reality is that for $2,000+ is a of money for something that won’t really change your photos.

Phil Jones65 says:

Price is nuts prices are so bad on the ILC systems way way overpriced

Guilherme Molgori Pinheiro says:

Jared, what’s the mandatory lens that you have to have, to wedding photography?

Jonathan Logan says:

This is more of a first look/unboxing video than a review. There’s not much info about the actual performance of the lens, just complaints that it’s too expensive for an f/1.8 lens. What I’d like to know is how the image quality and focus speed compare to the 35/1.4G.

Gary Temor says:

I love you video I love you video excellent thank you

Lyfan Deth says:

Is it too hard for you to take some objective shots of a resolution test chart? And see just how much better the expensive wider z glass really might be?

Sean Chiem says:

Jared Polin can you do a review of the S -series Z 50mm F1.8? compare it to the Nikon FX 50mm 1.8F

Brian Ramirez says:

Alright I see why u don’t like it but to say it’s only a 1.8 means ur a bokeh snob, yea it’s cheaply made but actual optic performance is much more important than 1.4. If you need 1.4 to blow the background to oblivion, you need to improve your composition then. The best lens on the planet, the Zeiss distagon 35mm is only an F2 OMG OMG, and get this, it costs about the same, it’s still a better lens than this Nikon s 35mm but you get my point

Stefan Becker says:

How about the focus shift? I heard it’s quite strong.

Bond Images says:

“This is America, the greatest god damn country on earth… its pronounced Zee not Zed.” – Ricky Bobby

PureNupe1 says:


Philippe Rostin says:


Mr Bien says:

Not blowing smoke or anything but I think a big part of the premium your paying is first the Edge to Edge Sharpness and second but most importantly the focus mechanisms and how quietly this lens operates in video shooting. Dont get me wrong I appreciate everything Jared does, but I cant help but think that most of our Photography You-tubers are missing the key point to these new Nikon Products and that is Video shooting performance for us hybrid shooters out their.

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