Metabones vs Commlite Canon Lens to Sony Body Adapter


Metabones vs Commlite Canon Lens to Sony Body Adapter

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Michael Nguyen says:

Hi Dave, does this works on the Sony a6300 with Canon L lens?

Tomas Av. says:

So Dave, what about most important – how do both perform in auto focus accuracy, speed?

Jo Pauls says:

What about AF????

Mr.Akhar Oo says:

Can i used Commlite Adapter because , i can’t buy Matebones Adapter .

Box Lane Productions says:

my commlites suddenly stopped displaying the aperture, saying the lens might not be attached properly. Takes ages to load and also wouldn’t switch off for ages a couple of times. It seems to be a defect i saw a video with the same problem, has anyone had this problem too or know about it?

Jhay-M Productions says:

Hi I was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem with the commlite adapter

When I attach the comlite with a lens with a fixed aperture of 1.8 , when I turn the focusing ring the aperture drops from 1.8 to 2.2 is this normal thanks for the help

lester neil says:

hey dave! i just bought one for my fs100. Thanks for the review. I turn to your channel for information and good stuff. 😀

phteve says:

really nice overview! thx



shaolin95 says:

the metabones iv is on another league. You even get native features like eye AF with the latest firmware. With cheap adapters you get zero updates and limited compatibility.
I wasted money and time with cheap adapters first then finally tried the metabones and felt very dumb for waiting so long

PeglegMedia says:

so if i get an a7rii and this $60 adapter I’ll have autofocus with my tamron to canon lens and save 1400 dollars over buying a sony 24-70 lens?

Rodolfo Ramiro Rivera says:

Commlite: for the budget photographer who doesn’t mind manual focus and doesn’t mind a slow auto-focus

Metabones: a professional adapter with a much higher quality auto-focus and and excellent sensor conversion assuming your using the speed booster version of meta bones which i think is what you should get, for 200 more than the already premium price of 400 for the base model of Metabones i think it its worth it considering how important a faster lens is to us photographers and filmmakers alike

Abhishek Kumar says:

is it possible to use Sony A mount lens in canon rebel t6 if possible give me the description

Javin Lau says:

Hey. Having issues with the commlite. When I try to record, the aperture wont change unless I rack it all the way to 1.4 then back up to 8. Photos no issue though. What gives?

Stranger danger.

R Alexis says:

Will This Conmlite Speed-Booster Work For My Lumix GH4?

Yunie A says:

Hello Dave,

Which adapter can I use for my EF mount if I am to mount a Veydra lens on a Blackmagic Production 4k.

kirostar12 says:

Why do you need adaptor for Canon lenses ? And not using the fast
autofocus on your Sony a6000 with Sony lenses? And
why do you need Sony camera ? Use Canon SL1 if you wont small and light
camera. You think can make better photos with Sony ? I don’t think so.
Even if you got little more sharpness with the Sony camera it is not
noticeable for the human eye. And you are loosing all the specific nice
looking color coming from the Canon cameras 🙂 Or you may like the
fast shooting speed ? What about the buffer for JPEG ? Canon SL1 can do
that for unlimited 🙂 You like RAW may be ? You never will say the
deference between photos coming from RAW and the one coming from JPEG
and than working little bit with some Adobe Photo shop above this photo.
And I will make a video with the prof of that. And will stop the
euphoria using RAW photos and waste the people money every year for a
new cameras and terrible adapters. And hey with the adapters the
autofocus will be terrible slow on any camera i guarantee you. Good Luck

Aaron Palabyab says:

My Commlite is no good. I’ve used it with the A7S and A7RII. Autofocus is inconsistent or nonexistent, and there’s a pronounced tilt-shift resulting in loss of focus and sharpness especially on the left, but apparent in all the corners. Pretty bad flare too.

Brock Barnes says:

How does continuous shooting work with this adapter? I’ve heard that the Sigma MC-11 locks up on the second image of a continuous burst. Does the Commlite have the same problem?

Stewart Harvey-Wilson says:

I just tried the commlite on the a7r2 with a canon 24mm and a 8-16 mm and they both work fine, well for me it is . I noticed that when it doesn’t work I switch the camera on and off , remove and put back and who knows maybe if the commlite thinks your gonna get the metabones it starts working? But which ever thanks for this video it really helped…

intensity digital says:

anyone know about the commlite eos to micro 4/3 version?

Giacomo Pullano says:

Thank you so much! Very useful !

Florence MARY says:

Hello, can you really use canon lenses EF-S, (not EF) with this Commlite adapter ? Because with others adapters, you can’t. Thanks.

Sigma Octantis says:

Autofocus performance and lens compatibility is the most important issue between the two and wasn’t covered.


hey ,do they sell any for EF canon 300mm lens to the Samsung nx500 mirror less

Michel Montero says:

Felicidades Hola en sus vídeos Top10. Comprar un Metabone para una a7ii, en principio, parece que funciona bien. Pero lo que el modo de sistema de enfoque se debe seleccionar en el menú de a7ii.
menu 6 de configuracion.

Mr.Akhar Oo says:

Dear ,fri Can i used Sony A6000 and Canon 24-105 f/4l leans?

Lorenzo Botero says:

Sorry if this sounds very basic but does the commlite work with the 24-70 II because I checked “compatability” and it only showed that it worked with the mark i

Van Gelis says:

am i seeing serious aliasing on the window at the around 2 min mark? Is there an anti aliasing filter you can get for sony mirrorless?

BigBuddha says:

would I have connection issues using a sigma lens? I’m borrowing my friend’s third party adapter right now and it sucks. It’s viltrox. When I click the shutter for photos, the screen turns black most of the time. Then when I already have my ISO set for recording, and then click the record button, the screen is a lot brighter than it was when I first set it. I’m using a Sony a7s II with a sigma 18-35mm. I know I’ll get a little bit of vignetting, but I’m just wondering is wrong.

MeDallion Motion Pictures says:

Good day Dave
Not for sure if anyone asked. Regarding this lens adapter or any lens adapter for the matter. I have a first generation Canon XL1 lens it’s a Canon video zoom lens AF and M zoom lens with options for optical stabilization on /off also ND filter on / off. zoom range is 5.5-88mm 1.6-2.6

What would be the results if this adapter would mount to my GH4? I’m currently researching now and when I find an answer I’ll definitely post a how to hack a canon xl1 xl2 zoom lens to MFT cameras. Please advise. Atlanta GA USA

Nicholas Kinoshita says:

Does the commlite have a different crop factor than the metabones? Because the metabones is .71x crop factor for the mft adapter. Does the commlite do the same?

Fiona Wang says:

how to you change the focus mode to manual. I can only chose AF-S?

Scott Robertson says:

would you still recommend the commlite?

Howard Kahn says:

The commlite does not afford all the cameras auto focus abilities and other functions, the metabones does with restrictions, as all adopters ….Therefore, using adopters at this time in their developement is not recommended, save your money and invest in native lenses at this time….

delicioushotorcold says:

Hi Dave, appreciate the video. I recently bought a commlite adaptor for my A7s and a tamron SP 24-70 2.8. I’m noticing some pretty serious vignetting from 24 all the way to 70. I don’t have a canon body to try it on so I don’t know if it’s a fault of the adaptor or not. Have you tried this combination on an A7s? Thanks a lot.

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