Metabones III Lens Adapter Review

In this video I will review The Metabones III Electronic Lens Adapter for Canon EF lenses to the Sony Nex E-Mount Cameras. In this case my Sony Nex-6 and the Canon EF 24-105 f/4 L IS Lens.

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is there an adapter AF for canon lens to Samsung nx camara

B says:

Hello Jay, will this adapter in general increase the f-stops, i.e for example will my f/2.8 becomes a 3.2 for example ?

Does it effect the sharpness of the lens ?

Bow_Tie_ben says:

I don’t have any cannon glass but want a wide angle i know they have the new ziess should i get one or just stick with the fe

Jay Fires says:

I have Canon eos lenses would this work for my a6000???

Haggis305 says:

Is there anything similar for Nikon Lenses.

MrJLK7 says:

Hi Jay thanks for the video! Do you know if the metabones would be compatible with the A7S Full frame? Much appreciated!

Humberto Teski says:

I tested a metabones adapter and i am having a problem. When i use aps-c crop mode, everything is fine, but when i use full-frame mode, then apear a dark circle in corners. It isn’t a simple vignette, is more more darker (black).

Sam D'Cruz says:

Hey Jay. Can u review the newer a6000 with Metabones EF adapter / speedbooster using Canon lenses to see if autogocussing is much improved over the nex6.?

raredreamfootage says:

Compared to a Native E-Mount lens, how much slower is the focusing using this Metabones adapter?

Elreas Studio says:

Hi is the is work in that body?

William Dean says:

I have one of these adapters, but no canon lenses…… I’m not so sure why to even keep it….is this just for folks with lots of canon lenses already? or are they for people that want to get canon lenses for their sony cameras over sony lenses?

Andy Tu says:

Also, does the IS on canon lens look as smoothe as what you would get on the steadyshot in an A99?

Chendil Kumar says:

Nice review, A7 vs Nex with Metabobes – Do you know what is the difference in image quality and handling (apart from AF)?

BIG ROB says:

ok so the part that confuses me is the metabones adapter does it make the camera focus slower then it would normally with a just lens to camera like say a sony E mount lens? auto focus is important to me i like the canon glass but i want to do some sports stuff and weddings as well and if autofocus is slow to focus it wont work for me..

Adhyantoro Kusumo says:

Hey bro
Is a6000 a full frame camera?

wonderwall135 says:

why the fuck didn’t sony put a good focusing system in this camera? the sony a7camera would have been perfect if the focus was fast as a dslr like 5d iii and it had faster fps…

1650million says:

Hi Jay, thanks for the review.

Since the AF is so slow even in picture mode, I presume the Video AF in the NEX-6 will be terrible, right?

(I´d love to get a NEX-6/A6000+17-55mm f/2.8 combo if that were possible, but I´m not interested in manually focusing in video mode all the time).

Thanks mate.

Andoni Villarreal says:

Hey Jay, I have an A7r and I want to buy an adapter I was looking for metabones IV or Metabones speedbooster, do you know which one is better for my camera?, Can you make a video of that adapters?. Best Regards Andoni 

chewchew74 says:


Michael Keefe says:

Does manual focus enlargement work with this attached?

David Zimms says:

With the metabones adapter and canon lens, can i still use full frame sensor without vignetting?

Andy Tu says:

I just got the A7, can you test the A7 with the metabones?  I want to know how fast it is.

ForViewingOnly says:

Hi Jay, have you tried the Metabones Speedbooster for the NEX? (I like the idea of the 1 stop speed boost). I was also wondering if you’ve tried the SLR Magic hyperprime f0.95 lens for the NEX? As you can tell, I’m interested in low-light photography but have never had the chance to try anything faster than f1.8. The idea of an affordable stabilised f1.4 lens (if such a thing exists) on a Metabones Speedbooster is quite exciting. I’d be interested in your thoughts on fast lenses adapted for e-mount, and the most cost effective way to make the Sony NEX a low-light monster! Maybe that could be the subject of a future video? Thanks Jay.

James Tai says:

Will it work on Sony A7ii?

Kenneth Purdom says:

Thank you.

angelisone says:

Canon is pissed because EF is on Sony.

Jouni Ohtamaa says:

Does it work in sub zero temperatures? My adapter was useless already minus two degrees in Celsius!

Streets of Vancouver says:

You want the adaptor tight so you don’t have light leaks.

Bini Nandra says:

ello mate, good review. im looking to purchase this to use on my Sony A7s with Tamron 70-200mm only for the image stabalizer, manual focus. Would this work please?

ahmad al-sabbagh says:

pain in the ass

MixedCompany2020 says:

I was planning to get this adapter to use with a Sony A6000 and Canon ef-s 17-55mm lens on a steadicam. Do you think I will have any problems with autofocus when shooting video? Thanks!

Juan Carlos Medrano says:

I’ve spent nearly USD 500 in the Metabones Speedboster for my Olympus OMD EM10 and I have to say I could have saved that money. It works well only from f / 1: 4 to f/ 1:11.
At f / 1: 2 or less to f / 1: 1.4 only works well in the center of the image. At the sides and corners is very, very soft and sometimes provides chromatic aberrations.
Therefore the extra stop is useless and is better to spend that money on a good native lens.
I am outraged that Brian Caldwell told me that the problem is the lens Canon FD 50mm f / 1: 1.4. It is incredible …..
With Canon FD 50 mm at f/ 1:1.4 –
With Canon FD 50 mm at f/ 1:5.6 –
Please, click on the image for 100 pct. view

Jesper Pedersen says:

Sorry if asked, but can you tell if its support fullframe on the Sony A7, or does it work in cropped mode only???

Jeff Lombardo says:

For some reason I’m using the Metabones II and it’s cropping on my A7II. Any way to stop this?

WestHam66 says:

Excellent review- as always. Thanks Jay.

Ej Esguerra says:

Hi will it work in Sony a6000 with 
24-105 f4 canon lens ?

Thomas Loates says:

Thanks Jay for that. I just received mine and wondered where the instructions were. What is the point of the Keys and little black screws as I would not want to take the Metabones to bits?  Thanks also for the small button info.  Keep up up the reviews.

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